October 3, 2016
Not Just One But Two 
Dear Friends of JOYA,

When Maria Guzman stepped into the role of mentoring several years ago, little did she realize just what a huge difference she would make in the life of not just one student...but two. 

In 2011, Aidee Rosales was a sophomore in high school when she joined JOYA Scholars. Maria became her mentor from the start and the two often spent time together talking about what life would look like for Aidee after graduation. Not missing a beat, Aidee enrolled in Fullerton College with Maria's encouragement. Although she had been accepted to other colleges, cost was one of the driving forces behind her decision. Maria was not only Aidee's cheerleader throughout her two years at junior college but also an advisor as she leaped from Fullerton College to California State University, Fullerton as a junior majoring in Human Services. Her dream of becoming a school guidance counselor is within reach. Next May, Aidee will be the first in her family to graduate from college and it all started when one person, Maria, walked alongside her every step of the way. 

Even though it takes time and effort to mentor one first-generation college bound student, Maria branched into another mentoring opportunity when Stephanie stepped into the picture as a middle school student in 2015. The connection between Stephanie and Maria was instant. During mentoring meetings, the two go over school assignments and discuss Stephanie's plans for high school and beyond. As a freshman, Stephanie is now a member of her high school's mock trial team  with aspirations to go to law school and become a successful attorney one day. 

When Maria celebrated her birthday this summer, she invited both Aidee and Stephanie for the festivities. "There's no other way I would spend this day without the two of them. I've received much more than they've given me," commented Maria. 

Maria personifies much of what happens when mentors jump into a supporting role. Not only do students' lives change but they, too, change. 

Aidee, Maria (with birthday hat), Stephanie and best friend, Gabriella.
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With much appreciation,

Laura Macias
Executive Director
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