November 16, 2016
Not One But Three Campus Visits
Dear Friends of JOYA,

We believe campus visits can be life changing. When a student from the Garnet neighborhood takes a tour of a college campus, they begin to see their dreams of being the first in their family to go college take shape. 

Since the start of the school year, our students have visited three college campuses: Cal State Fullerton, Biola University, and Cerritos College. Next stop, UCLA. 

Although Cal State is one mile from where the students live, the large campus size appeared as if the university was a city within a city. Its excellent reputation and affordability made the school a top choice. A memorable note of the tour was learning CSUF ranks first in California and fifth in the nation awarding the most bachelor's degrees to Hispanics.

What a great option for our students!

One of the leading top colleges just a mile from our neighborhood.

The Biola Ethnic Advancement Team (BEAT) at Biola University invited our juniors and seniors to not only visit the campus but also to stay over night at their residence halls. This special college experience allowed our students to imagine what campus life would be like away from their family and neighborhood friends. Of particular interest to the students was learning more about the FirstGen Scholars Program and scholarship opportunities unique to under-served communities. 

Thank you BEAT volunteers for an unforgettable and incredible opportunity. 

Resident Assistants (RAs) helping our students feel at home.

Fun filled over night stay courtesy of Biola University's BEAT.

The Auto Technology Program at Cerritos College allowed our middle and high school students to consider the automotive industry as a field of study. The community college's corporate program with General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler is among the most popular in the automotive industry. A highlight to many of our students was the wide array of technical options which include alternative fuels and electrical vehicles. 

We are especially grateful to Marty Supple, Cerritos College auto-tech instructor, for letting us tour the state-of-the-art facility last Saturday morning.  

The brand new Cerritos College Automotive Partners Building also houses Northwood University, a final destination for those who want to earn their bachelor's degree in automotive marketing and management. 

All three campus visits were made possible by caring partners like you. Thank you for partnering with our students and families. 

Lastly, as you prepare to make plans for 2017, please mark Sunday, April 2nd on your calendars. Our Spring Celebration and Fundraising Banquet will be held at Coyote Hills Golf Course in Fullerton. 

We would like to wish everyone a marvelous Thanksgiving season. Our hearts are grateful for each and everyone of you. Thank you again for supporting our efforts in the Garnet community. 

With much appreciation,

Laura Macias
Executive Director
JOYA Scholars
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