Ryan & Ryan Philosophy of Sales

"Some of the best advice I was given when I started my own business is to think about sales as service.

Not 'how can I sell to this person?' but 'how can I service this person?'  When I approach my sales conversations now, it's all about asking specific questions, then listening and seeing if there's a good fit 

between what they need/want and what I can provide.  If so, then I share with the person how I can do

that.  If not, I'll do my best to refer them to something/someone that seems like a better fit.  Then I'm truly serving that person and not selling them.  Even if I lose the sale by referring elsewhere, they remember 

that and often refer others to me or at least talk well of me.  So, it's always a win-win."

                                                                                                                              ~ Taken from Manta.com 

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November Newsletter


There is nothing like fall in the Hudson Valley...change is in the air, leaves are falling, our days are shorter, and for one day we gain a much-deserved extra hour of sleep!   With all of these changes upon us, Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers Inc. provides you with helpful links, tips and articles for keeping up with your home, auto & business insurance needs.

We are excited to introduce Stavo Industries Inc. DBA ErtelAlsop, our 
Client of the Month, which is located on Flatbush Ave. in Kingston, NY.  They are a leading manufacturer of liquid filtration equipment and filter media for pharmaceutical, food & beverage, chemical, mining and wastewater industries.

We are happy to have Mid-Hudson Co-Operative Insurance Company as our November Insurance Partner of the Month. 

MHC brings its clients over 100 years of knowledge and experience in evaluation of insurance needs.

When you open the door to Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers, Inc. our Employee of the Month, Kerry Letersky, is the welcoming face that greets you and directs you to the appropriate associate that will handle all of your insurance needs.   

We round out this month with our Coverage of the Month, the Business Owners Policy.  A BOP is the one package policy purchased by small and mid-sized businesses that combines protection for major property and liability risks.


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 Client of the Month: 

Insurance Partner of the Month

MHC brings more than 100 years of knowledge and experience in evaluation of your insurance needs.


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Employee of the Month is...
Kerri Letersky!

about Kerri, 
Our Associate 
    Ryan & Ryan 
Insurance Brokers, Inc.

Coverage of the Month: 


What does a 
Business Owners Policy cover?

  Bob Ryan
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