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What Are My Strengths? II

Nov, 2015

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"Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for a 
boy to fall in 
love with you. Happiness is achieved when 
you stop waiting for it and make something of the moment you're in right now." 
by unknown.

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Here is part two of the newsletter started last month on looking at the strengths we have at any age.  If we are aware of our strengths, we are more likely to use them.  I discussed strengths from infancy through our twenties in the first newsletter.  See below for a continuation.  

Keep in mind that my suggestions are general and will not apply to everyone.  My information is based on my life experience, professional observations and education, and is meant to be a guideline.  As always, any feedback is welcomed.  I look forward to hearing how you are using your strengths in your everyday life.
As always, please pass along this newsletter to anyone you feel may benefit from it's content.
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From The Positive Perspective......

Thirties through Forties: 
In this stage of life we are most likely getting a better handle on being independent and also learning how to be responsible for others, whether that be a spouse, children, pets or our parents. If we have settled in a career (within the home or outside of the home) that satisfies us and we have begun to think about our future and retirement, our strength of planning and forecasting can be put to good use here.  Whether we use the consultations from other experts or we, ourselves possess this skill, we can begin to see that we are responsible for what life looks like when we get older.  We are past the idea of "live only for today" and change to "live some for today and some for tomorrow".  Those who get stuck in the first phase will most likely have some challenging issues in the later years, unless they know for sure there is someone who will care, plan for and financially support them in a quality way.  Balancing our fun with our responsibility can be a great strength at this age, if we take the time to think about it and communicate with any significant other that may be in the picture.

Fifties through Sixties: 
Focus and a sense of accomplishment are a strength of this phase of life. We have provided well for those we care about.  We have nurtured those of the next generation in a way that we saw as appropriate and they are hopefully beginning to have their own lives.  We can begin using our strengths of adventure and groundedness to strike a balance between the responsibilities that we still have and the ability to be healthy enough to enjoy life in a new way.  With no longer having small children at home, it's time to further nurture our relationship with our significant other through new adventures and hobbies that involve both of you.  Whether or not you have a significant other, what is still on your bucket list?  Now is the time to cross off some of those things as you rediscover each other and/or yourself without the distraction of others.  Take time to do this please, as you do not want any regrets in later years for things you are very much interested in experiencing and chose not to do.  Balancing this desire with the strength of being grounded can help you to understand what is achievable here mentally, physically and financially..... and what is not. 

Seventies through Infinity:  
Here we need to rely on the strength of our mind as well as our bodies. While many individuals are still very active in this phase, some are not.  Keeping your mind active through technology and interactions with others of all ages can keep you sharp and excited about life. Use your strengths of wisdom and life experience and share these gifts with others.  Those grandchildren want to know you and be a part of your life.  Take time to be a part of theirs. If physical issues keep you from those you love, get on the phone, learn to use the basics of a computer so they can share their life with you as well.  As the patriarch/matriarch of your family, be an example of what a good life means.   Now is the time to enjoy what you have built in your life and live every day to the fullest.  Create memories with those around you.  Celebrate the lives of those still here on this earth and also those who are no longer here.  Their memory stays alive by your continuing to enjoy your life.  If you have life challenges, reach out to others for help, but only for things you cannot do for yourself.  Give things a try first, then seek assistance.  Keeping your sense of independence can keep your satisfaction for life going a lot longer. Continue to build confidence in what you can do.  Focus on what you can do....not what you can no longer do.  Contribute every day to something or the wellbeing of someone.  You will be glad you did.

Thank you for taking the time to look at the topic of strengths that we have once again ...From The Positive Perspective.

Stay well.
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I wish you well...