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Candice's Story
Candice Ennis uses an i-limb revolution prosthetic hand. The i-limb revolution is a microprocessor, myoelectric prosthetic hand that allows for independent digital movements and up to 24 different grip patterns.
Candice and her clinician Paul Harrington, CPO, were hosted by Ossur/Touch Bionics ambassadors at a multi-day training seminar at the Ossur Corporate Headquarters at Foothill Ranch, CA.During the training sessions, experienced i-limb users called "ambassadors" worked directly with Candice and Paul to fine tune Candice's use of the prosthetic device.
Candice said that the training sessions were extremely beneficial. "I was able to learn so much more about my prosthetic [hand] and how the programming worked." Prior to the training sessions, Candice said she was often hesitant to use the prosthesis because she just didn't know how it worked. "Not knowing how to properly operate the arm was frustrating, but now that I know the ins and outs, it's working great."
Paul said that the training was beneficial for him as well. "I've learned a lot more about how to teach my patients. The training for both Candice and me was very intensive, but the ambassadors made it fun and exciting. They are a great support team."
Candice is pictured with the Ossur/Touch Bionics i-limb ambassadors who acted as her instructors.
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Chi Chi: the Quadrilateral Amputee Dog

No one knew if this golden retriever would ever walk again,
but when one family refused to give up on her, she surprised everyone.
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