Volume 15  |November 1, 2018
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Success with Riskalyze
The verdict is in, Riskalyze is a success!  We have had tremendous response from our clients using Riskalyze.  With Riskalyze we are able to help you:
  • Set portfolio return expectations using risk rather than average return.
  • Calculate the Risk NumberĀ® of each portfolio to match it with YOUR risk preference.
  • Calculate YOUR probability of success and build a map to YOUR success.
  • Stress test YOUR portfolio for a variety of stock and bond market scenarios

Are you interested in learning YOUR true risk tolerance? 

Here is the critical point. The MAJORITY of the returns from investing came in just 4 of the 8 major market cycles since 1871. Every other period yielded a return that actually lost out to inflation during that time frame.

So, yes, major events do matter.

If you were unlucky enough to start investing in 1929, given life expectancies during that period, it is likely you died long before getting back to even.

For those who were about to retire heading into the turn of the century, it is unlikely they are any closer to retiring today than they were 16-years ago. Maybe that is why the nu mber of individuals over the age of 65 still in the labor force is at its highest level on record

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