Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church, Los Alamos, New Mexico
Issue #354-- November 1, 2017    

Remember to "Fall Back" before Sunday morning...  
set your clocks back one hour before you go to sleep Saturday night.
(Otherwise you will be early to church!)

The 22nd Sunday after Pentecost
Proper 26    
November 5, 2017
Childcare provided all morning in the Nursery for ages 0-5

8:00am  Rite I Holy Eucharist

Coffee Hour and  
Beacon Groups (Chapel/Room 6)

Inquirer's Class  
(Sherrill Hall) and Sunday School  
(Room 4/5 & Library)
10:30am Rite II Holy Eucharist   
8pm Compline  
is this Sunday, Nov. 5th. Please bring non-perishable food, cleaning supplies, paper products, etc for LA Cares. Thank you for your generosity and helping people in need!
Read Ahead Lessons
All Saints Sunday 
November 5, 2017

  Revelation 7:9-17 
For our next Young Adult Event, we're going bowling on November 4th at Cities of Gold Bowling Center from 5:30 to 7:30. We're getting pizza. Kids bowl free and adults $5 each. We're trying to get a head count, so there is an evite that is available for viewing on our TOTH Facebook page where you can RSVP. Please do! 
Trinity Tidbits-Week of Pentecost 22
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1. Where do you see God working in our parish? In our community?
2. When our parish is at its best, what does is it look like?
3. How is Trinity on the Hill a beacon of light for you?
4. Imagine a fully-engaged Trinity on the Hill congregation ~ what does it look like? (i.e., What would we be doing, who would we be serving?)
5. Describe what our parish will look like when all of us experience the daily transformational power of Jesus Christ.
     As a parishioner of Trinity on the Hill, think about these questions and sign up for a "Beacon Group" on a Sunday after the 8 or 10:30 service. This is a one time group meeting, to share our vision for the parish.  
     As the chairperson of the Discernment Committee, I am asking EVERYONE to participate in one of these sessions. We need input from YOU.
     Why do this? What will be the results of this listening exercise? We will have ongoing communication to the congregation on the listening process and it's outcome. We will identify our key core values, determine our strategic goals for the future, and identify the resources necessary to live fully into our mission.
What is a Strategic Visioning Process?
     One part of Strategic Visioning is a listening process that ends with the parish creating
measurable annual goals, a strategic filter, and proposed strategies for meeting annual goals. This becomes the framework that can be adapted as our parish changes over time. Strategic Visioning is based in core values (what brings life to the parish) and provides actionable, measurable goals on an annual basis. 
     You will find a signup sheet in the Narthex with times and places for the group sessions. They are led by a facilitator from the Discernment Committee and recorded by a scribe. Between now and Sunday you may call or email the church office to get signed up.
You may also call or email me if you have questions or comments about this discernment process.
Joe Cox
On Wednesday, November 1, we will be welcoming those who use laundromats to come to Film Festival (where they have installed coin-operated machines for the public) and we will fund their laundry, and at the same time perhaps tell them a little about our church family and of course invite them to services.  This is more outreach with no strings attached than obvious evangelism, but you never know how the Spirit works!  We'd love to have anyone show up to help us greet the customers!!   Come by anytime between 4 and 8 pm and have a cup of coffee, chat and browse what the store has to offer.  Any questions, please call Mandie or Cathy.   Thanks for considering!
Trinity on the Hill has a team and all parishioners and families are most welcome to join!  The event will be held on Sunday, November 19, at the Middle School.  Check in is at 1 pm and the walk begins at 2 pm.  You may either walk or run and choose from the 1.7 mile of 2.5 miles courses.  Mark your calendars now!  More information will be in the upcoming November issue of Trinity Tidings.  This annual event is one of over a thousand across the country and is sponsored by Church World Service (an interdenominational organization) which partners with Episcopal Relief & Development  and other relief agencies. Their mission is to overcome hunger both in our own country and throughout the world, partnering with Episcopal Relief & Development and other relief agencies.  Cathy Walters will be soliciting donations and/or walkers this Sunday after both services.  This is the last Sunday to get in a special order for t-shirts, although there should be plenty available for anyone who registers later.  PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING OUR TEAM AND HELPING US REACH OUR GOAL!!!       
Winter Coats / Hats / Mittens (or Gloves) / Scarves Needed for Refugee Youth:    Lutheran Family Services, a U.S. State Dept. approved refugee resettlement agency in Albuquerque, has indicated a need for winter coats, hats, mittens (or gloves), and scarves for newly arrived refugee families and for some refugee youth who have outgrown last year's coats.  The greatest need is for new or gently used (but clean!) items for youth of all ages, toddler to adult sizes - they could easily use 35+ coats and accessories. Collected items need to be gathered no later than Sunday, Nov. 26th to enable delivery to Lutheran Family Services in Albuquerque on Monday, Nov 27th. 
Things that a kid might buy for their parent or sibling for Christmas?
Donations are being accepted for the Christmas Children's Bazaar! There is a box outside of the church office to collect items. Thank you to everyone who supports this wonderful event. Our next pricing/sorting will take place November 5 after the 10:30 service in the Old Parish Hall. Anyone who would like to help is welcome to join us!
The Inquirer's Class:  
  • Are you curious about Trinity on the Hill and the Episcopal Church?
  • Have you attended Trinity on the Hill for a while and want to learn more about the Church?  
  • Have you attended the Episcopal Church for a while and now want to "make it official?"  
  • Were you never confirmed in the Church and now want to take that step?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, please join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30am in Sherrill Hall. There is no requirement to be confirmed or received after attending classes, but if you have any desire to be confirmed or received, you must attend these classes first.   Confirmation and Reception into the Episcopal Church will be celebrated by The Rt. Rev. Michael Vono during his visitation on Nov. 12th. Please email Fr. Chris with any questions at 
The Next Smith's Bucks order is due Tuesday Nov. 14 
     Kroger, the parent company for Smith's gives TOTH a percentage of your dollars when you load up cash value one of their gift cards ordered through TOTH. And you get your full value on your card! Also a plus is the fact that Smith's Bucks card users have noticed that these cards work easier at the register than any other payment method.  
     If you don't have a card yet, just put a check in the plate on Sunday and write "Smith's Bucks new card" on the memo line. We'll order you a card and let you know when it arrives (usually by Friday). When you reload your card, the funds usually appear Thursday of the same week.  
     The next deadlines for Smith's orders are on the Tuesdays during the week immediately after LANL paydays: Nov. 14 & 28, Dec. 12 & 26. Mark your calendars! Thank you for your participation!  
TOTH Elders in November...   
For our program on November 27, Carol Gabaldon has arranged for speakers from Home Instead, Aspen Ridge, and the Senior Center to talk about dementia.  It's a topic we're all concerned about.  Here's a chance to get some professional answers from people with a lot of experience.
Clean, Used Pill Bottles Wanted!
Tired of throwing away perfectly useful old pill bottles? Clean them up, carefully remove the labels, and bring them to the TOTH Office so we can take them to dispensing clinics in Juarez, run by Missions Ministries, our host on our house-building trips. Thanks! 
From "In the Loop"  
If you would like to receive complete issues of "In the Loop" each week, let Cynthia know and she'll send your email address to the Diocesan Office for inclusion in their distribution list. Below are some excerpts: 

A lmighty God, you have knit together your elect in one communion and fellowship in the mystical body of your Son Christ our Lord: Give us grace so to follow your blessed saints in all virtuous and godly living, that we may come to those ineffable joys that you have prepared for those who truly love you; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, in glory everlasting. Amen. 
Diocesan Offices Elected at Convention 2017
(details of elections will be in the November-December issue of Together)

Cathedral Chapter
One Lay Person or Clergy for a three-year term - Mr. David Martinez
Commission on Ministry of the Baptized (COMB)
One Clergy Person for a four-year term - the Rev. Jeremiah Griffin

Standing Committee
One Lay Person for a three-year term - Dr. Kathleen Pittman
One Clergy for a three-year term - the Rev. Daniel Tuton
One Clergy for a two-year term - the Rev. Jan Hosea 

Diocesan Council
One Lay Person for a two-year term - Mr. Tim Kruse
One Clergy for a two-year term - the Rev. Dale Plummer  
One Lay Person for a one-year term - Ms. Marilyn Farrow

Disciplinary Board
One Lay Person for a four-year term - Ms. Susan Pine  
One Clergy for a four-year term - No candidates

Safeguarding Our Children--the online training 
Due to upgrades in the Online Training, the enrollment process for Safeguarding Our Children has changed. 
will take you there, or... to enroll, click here 
Once an individual has registered, they can access the new system by going to 
and clicking the link at the bottom of the page.
Please also check to see which modules the Diocese recommends for which role with children. The chart is available in the office and on the diocesan website. One must renew their training every three years
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Celtic Program to be performed by Coro de Cámara
Contact Information
Please email Cynthia Biddlecomb to have an event or notice sent to the Parish. Deadline is Wednesday at noon., 662-5107