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 November General Membership Meeting
Tuesday, Nov. 15 7pm-9pm
ASH Clubhouse (Rose Market)
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ASH Holiday Party
Saturday, December 3, 2011
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Contest Standings  

2011 Homebrewer of the Year


1 - Dennis Tsonis - 5 pts.

1 - Ken Saxe - 5 pts.

3 - Chris Sprague - 4 pt.

4 - Mik Heerbrandt - 3 pts.

5 - Jon Badalamenti - 2 pts.

6 - Mike Tinker - 1 pt.

6 - Kevin Masaryk - 1 pt.


2011 Club Only Competition Standings  

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Welcome to the November installment of Hot Break. We're getting into the time of year where we can reflect on what we've done and look to what we'll do in the next year. So it's a good time to do the same with the club. And for that, I'll give it to ASH President Rob....
From the President
By Rob Fullmer
Rob Fullmer with Hops
Last month began with an amazing turnout at Four Peaks Peaktoberfest. Thanks to Dustin for leading some great tours and giving us an insider's tour. We had a spectacular Oktoberfest and once again we have no one to thank but the committees, the bands, the BBQ clubs, our sponsors and your wonderful beers. We followed that up with a Brewout and a strong contingent of ASHers at the Beer For Brains RareAffair. As we look back it's fun to look at some numbers.
  • $417.73 donated from your purchases at Brewer's Connection in August and September.
  • 318 Oktoberfest Competition Entries
  • 427 Official Gate number at Oktoberfest
  • I intended to count kegs at Oktoberfest but lost count around 85. I'm sure it was closer to 100.
  • 404 Paid ASH Members in 2011
  • 20% Female Members
  • 131 Members signed up in October
If my Foursquare is to be believed, I have been in a bar or a brewery for 32 straight weeks and I have been at 25 different bars or breweries in the last 6 months. Lots of Pomp and Circumstance for this President.

We hit 82% of our ASH 100 Goal. Not quite 100, but I know in talking to Louis, our presence was felt. There are two other numbers that are relevant to that day. Though there were beers had in the AM at the Learn to Brew Day, 0 people were able to drink with me starting at 9AM all the way through Midnight, 0. Another number? I made 10 gallons of wort on brewday that didn't get fermented, they went toward Hot Scotchies at the Rare Affair. I won $180 after a 5 minute sitdown at slot machine at Talking Stick, but I feel Dale Roth made more money at Poker. In any case, the number that the ASH 100 are most interested in is this one:
This is the winning ASH 100 ticket. If it goes unclaimed I will draw another at the November 15, General Meeting. The winner will get their money back from me.

We are opening up 2012 online renewals... right now. It's $25 If you were a 2011 member (Renewal) and it's $30 If you were NOT a paid member last year or missed last year (New). If all goes to plan, you will have your New ASH card at the Holiday Party if you pay online before Dec 3. 

We are reaching the finish line for the 2011 Board and I'd like to thank those that served with me for their time, dedication and hard work. For every Board member, there were a handful of folks working behind the scenes that don't always get the credit they deserve. We have some members that have been on the board for several terms and are ready to step aside for some new blood. I truly value the experience they brought to the organization. Things change in our lives and we were fortunate to get unbelievable efforts from Maureen, David and Ben.

Others on the Board are willing to serve again, but all of the positions (except 1 At-Large) are open for challenge.

I think that anyone that has filled that role in the past or has attended 5 or 6 meetings or events should strongly consider running for a Board Position or a Committee position in 2012. If you value what the organization has brought you over the last few years, you owe it to ASH to nominate, participate and vote. We have a discussion on nominations and the election process here, please go check it out.




From the Judges Table
by Barry Weeg 

2011 Arizona Society of Homebrewers Oktoberfest Competition

It's over! Wow, what a ride. We had easily twice as many entries as we expected: 319, by far a new record. I guess Doug Odell's offer had quite an impact. And thank you to all the judges and stewards who responded to my last minute pleads for help. We were taken off guard by the number of entries and had to scramble to add an additional day of judging. And I have learned my lesson: THREE bottles from now on instead of two. Requiring only two bottles forced us to judge some categories over both days instead of breaking them up into flights. And even that was a stretch in cases like the American Ale category which had 36 entries alone. 18 entries a day was a lot to ask, and a big thank you to those judges for sticking with it.


Congratulations to Scott Brady for his Best of Show California Common and good luck in Ft. Collins. Also congratulations to Ken Forrey for his Best of Show Mead. And a final congratulations to Ken Saxe for taking home the Ninkasi award with 6 golds, 2 silvers, and 2 bronzes. The medal winners were announced at Ofest and have been posted online. Most of the medals were picked up at Ofest as well, but those that were not will be available at the next general meeting along with all score sheets. The out of town medals will be shipped off shortly. There has been a slight delay due to a medal shortage; they are backordered, but should arrive any day now. Thanks for everyone's patience.


Homebrewer of the Year

Homebrewer of the Year has been decided, but we aren't going to officially announce it until the Holiday Party. But I would like to play poker with anybody who can't figure it out.


1 - Dennis Tsonis - 5 pts.

1 - Ken Saxe - 5 pts.

3 - Chris Sprague - 4 pt.

4 - Mik Heerbrandt - 3 pts.

5 - Jon Badalamenti - 2 pts.

6 - Mike Tinker - 1 pt.

6 - Kevin Masaryk - 1 pt.


AHA Club Only

We have one more Club Only competition to go before the end of the year. Be sure to bring out your German Wheat and Rye beers to this month's general meeting on November 15th. We will need THREE bottles for this, one for us to judge, and two to send off to the AHA. Make sure the bottles are labelled appropriately and you fill out a registration sheet and attach it to one of the bottles. This competition is for ALL of category 15, a-d. So bring out your Dunkelweizens, Weizenbocks, and Roggenbiers as well.

2012 ASH Board Elections

uncle sam with beer mug, board elections

The 2012 Board Elections process has begun.


ASH Board Positions are (via the bylaws)

  • President
    • Oversees all club events
    • Delegates jobs where he sees fit
    • Keeps the general meetings running
    • Writes a brief introduction in the newsletters
  • Vice President
    • Does everything the President can't
    • Makes sure there is a meeting place each month
    • Responsible for gathering raffle prizes
  • Secretary
    • Maintains the membership list
    • Distributes the membership cards
    • Takes meeting minutes
  • Treasurer
    • Is the primary owner and signature holder on the club bank accounts and debit card.
    • Manages and maintains the club bank accounts in good standing, including making deposits and payments.
    • Collects and disperses all club monies (cash/checks).
    • Keeps records of all club income and expenditures, including receipts.
    • Maintains limited cash-on-hand to make change for club meetings (raffle, t-shirt sales, etc.) and activities (Oktoberfest, beer festivals, etc.).
  • Communications Officer
    • Assembles the monthly newsletter and emails it to the distribution list
    • Designs and prints event fliers and posters
    • Maintains the website content
  • 2 At-Large Officer(s)
    • The duties of the At-Large Board member are assigned by the President and voted on by the board.

The board meets on the first Tuesday of each month to discuss club issues, plan the month's meeting agenda plan events, get the newsletter ready and to drink a few brews.


All 2011 board positions expire at the end of 2011 except for the 2 year At-large position held by Dennis Tsonis.


Election procedure and other links are here.


Nominations for the 2012 Board will be accepted at the Nov 15 General meeting at the clubhouse [Rose Market] and online until NOV 22.


Use this thread to nominate officers and ask questions.

A member in good standing (paid for 2011) can nominate themselves or another member in good standing.


Oktoberfest Recap
by Thomas Boggan 

The ASH Oktoberfest this year was, in a word, huge! The head count at the gate was 427. We had an unbelievable amount of homebrew and BBQ to share. In addition to the event, the competition was off the scale this year. We had more entries than ever and our own Scott Brady came out on top with his California Common. Scott will be brewing his beer with Doug Odell in Colorado.

"This whole experience has been absolutely ecstatic," said Scott. "Going to Odell to brew a beer I created on a much larger scale seems like a dream and still feels like it. I was in complete disbelief when I heard the announcement at Oktoberfest. I remember at one meeting Rob said it best, 'When you win a pro-am you can't wipe that smile off your face.'"


"The beer was a California Common aka 'Steam' beer. The style intrigued me because not many breweries actually made one. I liked the style because it had a strong hop character that was dissimilar to most other hoppy styles. The recipe was based off a California common I brewed last year for Oktoberfest that took silver.  That was our first BJCP medal and silver felt damn good at the time. I tweaked the recipe, based of our judging sheets, for this year and it's exciting to realize that worked so well.  I would have to give a shout-out to my co-brewers Marco Hernandez and Victor Hernandez and thank all of ASH. I've been a member now for three years and I wouldn't be at the level I'm at without that motivation and inspiration. We brewed another batch that we will be bringing to the holiday party for interested drinkers."

There was also stiff competition for the Ninkasi title, which was announced at the Oktoberfest. Ken Saxe ended up in the lead and was awarded the Ninkasi title.

"I'm a bit of a competitive person and thought it would be fun to try for Homebrewer of the year.  Entering competitions gives you an indication of how your beer stacks up to other Brewer's.  I want to make the best beer, so I am constantly trying to figure out how to make better beer.  I never intended to make as much beer as I did this year; I lost control and couldn't stop brewing!  You have to really have a love and passion for brewing to spend 12 hours in 100 degree plus temperatures!  I was brewing two batches per night and a few times one night after the other. The Lagers came first 15 weeks or more before the competition, then Belgian and other Ales, Hefeweizen was last just 3-1/2 weeks before the competition.  Time had run out and space as well, I picked up a used chest freezer to store the 5-gallon Corny kegs. 23 different beers in all which were entered in 17 of the 23 BJCP beer categories.  Not one beer was entered in multiple categories, I brewed a separate recipe for 3A Vienna and 3B Oktoberfest. The easiest beers towards the end were the English Pale, Brown, Porter, and Stout.


"I thought with how crazy I went with brewing and entering 23 beers there would be no way I could lose the Homebrewer of the Year competition and Ninkasi award. Well, come to find out the day I dropped off my entries, fellow ASH members Ken Forrey submitted 28 entries and Dennis Tsonis submitted 15.  These guys haven proven to brew some very good beer and could give me some competition.  It was all in the hands of the judges now.  It was not until Oktoberfest when I was wearing 10 medals around my neck and 6 of them Gold, that I was fairly sure that I had won the Ninkasi award and Homebrewer of the year. Forrey had 8 medals and Tsonis 6.  Once the winners were posted all the points could be tallied up, Yes! All the hard work was worth it! I can't wait to see the award!
In the 10 years I have been brewing this will be my 2nd Ninkasi award.  I have won Best of Show two times in the past, this year I was runner up.  I enjoy helping people with their brewing advancement as well as trying to get the secrets from the Masters."

Homebrew and Craftbrew News


Mother Road tent at Telluride Blues and Brews Festival
Mother Road Brewing Company in Flagstaff, Ariz., will be opening their Tap Room this month and will have three to five beers available.  They will be open from 3-7pm daily.  As promised during ASH's tour of the brewery, Michael will honor half pint prices for their imperial pints at $3.  Michael said this mirrors their AHA discounting, so no need to run about in socks or bare feet as you did during the tour.


The Phoenix Area is getting a few more craft beer centric locations this month. The Thirsty Lion opened in the Tempe Market Place earlier November. The place is big, occupying the former Maria Maria location. Square footage isn't the only sizable thing about this place as they boast 52 "craft and import beers on tap." Should make for some good craft beer options to enjoy right before walking to the movie theater.


Also opening this month, though on a much smaller scale (in the neighborhood of nano, in fact) is O.H.S.O. Eatery and Nanobrewery. Their opening on November 15 only includes the dinning and tap room as fellow ASHer and O.H.S.O. co-owner Jonathan Lane works through the paperwork to get the nanobrewing aspect up and running. In an email, Lane explained that the tap room will have about 30 craft beers available with a big Arizona representation. O.H.S.O. is nestled in the Arcadia neighborhood next door to the German Sausage Company, 4900 E Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ.

For the Love of Bikes and Beer

By Angela Muniz   



Last month, the Tour de Fat made its annual roll through Tempe. Even though the temps were nearly 100 degrees this year, this event has always been an unofficial start of fall for me. It's the time with both beer and bike lovers can enjoy the outdoors together after hiding out during early morning rides and air-conditioned pubs. It's also a symbol of that unexplainable connection between beer and bicycles.

New Belgium hardly has a corner on this market. While the Tour de Fat raised funds for our loc
al bike non-profits T.B.A.G (Tempe Bike Action Group) and the Bike Saviours, beer festivals around the country also support groups that urge and keep people on two wheels. CANFEST in Reno is supporting the Reno Bike Project that (among other things) gifts bikes to those who cannot afford them. Biketoberfest in Fairfax, Calif. - the
declared home of the mountain
bike - is just as it sounds.

While I'm not a "serious" cyclist, when I travel I like to see a city by bike. I also like to taste the local brews. It makes for a good combination and there are many organizations that help you do both. Beercycling, based in Portland, Oreg., takes riders through Belgium. Amsterdam isn't really a beer city, but it has that crazy BeerBike where up to 17 people can pedal while drinking Heinekin. And my favorite beer and bike city - Austin, Texas - has a series of Urban Living Rides. These don't always include beer, though. Sometimes they go for cupcakes.

But what about closer to home? As more Phoenix bars start serving craft beers, we're seeing more and more organized bike pub crawls. The Tempe Bike Action Group and Bike Saviours coordinate neighborhood rides and recently San Tan Brewing and even Cruz Tequila have set up events that attract hundreds despite the heat. And these are just some of the "official" calls for pints and pedals.

Maybe the ultimate attraction to both these activities is the impromptu nature they bring out in all of us. Now that the weather is well below the century mark, jumping on your bike with a group of friends to ride to the neighborhood bar is like being a kid again - only with a grown up reward. And like a pint at the pub, bikes seem to make everyone friendlier and conversational. When you travel - even just down the street - this is always
a good thing.


Also known as the Girl From Arizona, Angela Muniz writes about the cities she visits and beers she encounters on her blog
October General Meeting Recap

We took time off from the usual clubhouse hangout and enjoyed the hospitality of Four Peaks Brewing for our October Peaktoberfest meeting. 


Four Peaks Co-Owner Jim Scussel and brewer Dustin Hazer led groups on informal but enlightening tours of the Four Peaks brewery (or should we say compound? That place is huge!). Not much business was conducted, but good times were had. 


November General Meeting 
Tuesday, Nov 15, 7pm-9pm

The ASH General meeting will be at the Clubhouse (Rose Market in Wilshire Plaza, 2515 N. Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ).


We will disucss 2012 Board Elections and the upcoming Holiday Party.  


Bring your entries for AHA Club Only competition (German Wheat and Rye beers).  


As always, bring some homebrew to share!  

Always keep in mind, if you visit a new brewery, find a cool beer spot, had a life-changing brewing epiphany, have a great project you're working on, or anything else you'd like to mention on Hot Break, email me; We want to see stories and photos from our members.


We'll see you at the General Meeting. Till then brew on and RDWHAHB






Your Club Board Members

Rob Fullmer with Hops
 - Rob Fullmer

Vice President - Ben Conner

 - Maureen Basenberg

Treas Profile Pic
Treasurer - David Schollmeyer

Communications - Tom Boggan

Dennis Tsonis

Operations Officer
- Dennis Tsonis

Mark Haugan
Projects Officer - Mark Haugan

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