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Hello and welcome to November.   It is an exciting time of year as we think about closing 2011 and look forward to a great journey in 2012.  Hard to believe we are mid way through 4th quarter!


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In this issue I will discuss the importance How to Make the Effects of a Workshop Long Lasting, share my experience and coaching tips of navigating a crazy busy schedule, and showcase a business that can help pull all your gadgets together so they are talking to each other.


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How to Make the Effects of a Workshop Long Lasting!  


We have all been to a workshop or conference that left us pumped up and jazzed to get business moving at rocket speed. You know, the workshops where we have amazing ah-ha moments, get some great tools, and learn that one thing that will really change how effective we are in business.


The truth is, that is what a professional development workshop is for.  To provide tools and equip people to get things done better, faster, with more ease and less stress.


The trick is taking all that you learned from a workshop and infuse it into your existing systems and processes so that you can replicate the effects you got while in the workshop.


The following are recommendations, key things to consider, and some critical steps to take before the infusion begins.

First - write down all that you experienced at the workshop (motivation, master minding, critical thinking, excitement, etc.)
Second - write down all that you learned at the workshop (methods, insights, processes, procedures etc.)
Third - write down all that you accomplished in the workshop (created action or business plans, created scripts for effective communication, updated processes and procedures etc.)
Fourth - look at the first three items and identify the components necessary and critical for you to replicate what you accomplished but in other areas of your business.
Fifth - infuse the necessary components in the areas of your business that need to be energized (or re-energized) so that the success from the workshop can be replicated.

While the fourth and fifth items can be done independently, I highly recommend working through them with a coach, a trusted business partner or friend who can provide objectivity and take the "emotional high" out of the decision making.

Don't let your time, energy, and investment from the workshop be limited to the time you were in it.  Use the recommendations above to help you have sustainable effects from the workshops you attend.


Who is the outside and objective support that will help you complete the fourth and fifth steps?

Monthly Insights:

TargetThe last few weeks of October were jam packed with some great and some not so great stuff, both personally and professionally.  I found myself in a place of amazement of all that was going on.


A workshop with a partner I had not yet worked with, new business from people I have known for years, half day volunteering for classroom activities, facilitation of a webinar, a new business class, loss of my sweet cat Dusty, an aunt who is battling cancer, a visit from my mom, date night with the hubby and trick-or-treating and of course working with my wonderful clients. 


As I said I was somewhat amazed that all of these things were happening within a few weeks but even more amazed that I was able to be prepared, fully engaged, and fully present for each.


In hind sight I realized that the reason that it all worked well was because of the following:

  • I checked my values against each activity I chose to participate in and only chose those that satisfied at least 3 of my top values.
  • I had systems in place to handle the day to day "normal" activities so I could focus on those out of the norm. 
  • I had solid relationships with colleagues, clients, family and friends such that schedule changes were accepted graciously.
  • I had a support system in place that allowed me to celebrate the good, grieve over the bad, and mastermind the challenging. 
  • I prepared myself physically, mentally and emotionally for each endeavor by getting enough sleep, recharging my batteries when needed, journaling, exercising and eating better (although this is an area that I struggle with most - boy do I love a Whopper!!)   
  • I had support of my coach to ensure all the above were in place - Thank you Christine!!
All in all I look back on the last three weeks as highly engaging, successful, demanding and rewarding in so many ways.  As a coach, my goal is to support my clients in such times so that they live the life they truly desire with all things that come with life and business!

Coaching points
  1. Identified values allows for easy decision making.  
  2. Systems make things run smoothly.
  3. Good relationships make life and business better.
  4. Self care allows you to bask in the sunshine and weather storms.
  5. A good coach helps you pull it all together for greater fulfillment and navigation through this wonderful thing called life!  

How many of the 5 coaching points do you have covered? 

Issue: 6   
Kim L. Miles

Quote of the month

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give"~ Winston Churchill


Featured Business: 

Rivas Technology Coaching

Denise B. Rivas

(303) 946-1894

Denise Rivas is a member of the Women in Business Parker group that I belong to.

She recently gave a "Free Business Tools" talk which gave me access to free organization and technology tools that will improve my efficiency and effectiveness in my business.

Denise trains her clients on specific software programs to understanding how to get all your gadgets to talk to each other- the way they were intended!

Denise helped me with an upcoming client presentation with a little direction and some great advise!  I am grateful as will be my client when they see the fancy video in my presentation - THANK YOU!!

If you are needing to bone up on some specific software skills, need to connect your gadgets or need to find out what tools are out there that can help you with your business, Denise  is the person for you! 

Featured Book: 

Peaks & Valleys 

by Spencer Johnson  


Peaks and Valleys is a book that I read years ago and continue to review each year as I reflect back on my journey.

This book is a great story with life lessons of a young man who searching for joy and fulfillment.  It is about the ups and downs (Peaks and Valleys) of his journey and the value of each.  While the story is of a character, the lessons apply to all of us who are searching for joy, fulfillment, efficiency and effectiveness in all that we do.

Spencer Johnson dedicates pages in the book for key points and also provides a handy reminder card of all of the lessons.

This book is one that I consider a key tool in my tool box of business and life.  It is one that I will be passing down to my daughter for her journey for fulfillment. 


Peaks & Valleys be found in libraries and also purchased in bookstores and at 

Women in Business Parker 

Wednesday, November 16th 

10:00 - 11:00am

Guaranty Bank
18999 East Main St.
Parker, CO 80134


DTC CBW Luncheon

Wednesday, November 16th
11:00am - 1:00pm
7401 S. Clinton St
Englewood, CO 80112 

Women, Wine & Wellness - Castle Rock  

Wednesday November 16th 

3113 Soading Eagle LaneCastle Rock, CO  80109


Less Stress Living Workshop

Saturday, November 19th
8600 Park Meadows Dr. Suite 200 Lone Tree, Colorado 80124

DTC CBW Board Meeting  

Monday, November 21st


8101 E Belleview

Denver CO 80237 


CORE Values Workshops

Thursday, December 1st 

10:30am - 12:00 pm

Guaranty Bank
18999 East Main St.
Parker, CO 80134 




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