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 November 2014 

Boardroom Art  

Throughout the school year, the normally stodgy boardroom at the Educational Service Center is transformed into an art gallery where Southeast Delco students can showcase their talent and imagination.

uided by their art teachers, students are able to explore various concepts and techniques and use the skills they develop to create their own "works of art."

In the lower grades, students are introduced to colors, shapes, scissors, and glue; creating fun and whimsical cotton ball snowmen and folded paper plate owls. Students in the middle grades use more complex methods and materials in their art. Projects vary from boxes filled with monochromaticly painted recyclable materials, black silhouettes on backgrounds of warm autumn colors, and trees fashioned from sponge painted puzzle pieces.

Art education at the high school level focuses on the refinement of each student's talent and the application of skills. Students can choose from various courses, including traditional 2D art, digital / media art, ceramics, 3D, and computer assisted art. Students can enroll in senior art seminar if they wish to pursue art as a serious course of study and career. Guidance is provided for college application and portfolio preparation.

The artwork created by students at Academy Park is interesting and well planned and executed. It is as individual as they are and it can sometimes be a little shocking. But their work is always amazing.

Darby Township, Delcroft, Harris, and Sharon Hill Schools display their boardroom artwork together in October and November and again in March and April. The Kindergarten Center shows their work in December and May and Academy Park  exhibits in January and February. Parents and community members can visit the various displays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Monday through Friday provided the boardroom is not being used by staff or board members.

Alumni News

As part of this year's Homecoming celebration, 50 former Academy Park field hockey players took the field to compete in an inaugural alumni game. The players graduated from Academy Park between the years of 1987 through 2014. Odd year graduates played against even year graduates (with a few exceptions to even out the teams.) The even year graduates (wearing gray in the picture below) won the contest with a score of 2-1 and everyone had a great time.



In other alumni news, two Academy Park alumni have been extremely successful in their collegiate careers. Mercedes Vaughn (2010) is a starter on the number 2 ranked, undefeated Florida State volleyball team and Ashley O'Donnell (2011) finished her senior season of field hockey at Immaculata University setting a school record of 100 points and 41 goals.


Academy Park High School
Art Teachers Win Learning By Design Contest 

Recently, the teachers of the Art Department at Academy Park High School left the school to attend what they thought would be a typical professional development session at the Phoenixville Art Center. They returned from the session as winners of the grand prize in the Learning By Design contest. The session was presented by members of the Pennsylvania Art Education Association (P.A.E.A.) Learning By Design team.  



The training was an enriching and authentic experience that the teachers hope to bring to the students at Academy Park.The trophy, which rivals the Heisman and statues used at the Grammy and Emmy Awards, was made by one of the students associated with the PAEA. It has its own character and perfectly reflects the contest and its foundations.   


Congratulations to Mrs. Sorton, Mr. Eichelberger, and Mr. Sweeney, our talented high school art teachers!


Darby Township School
Darby Township School Celebrates Fall
Fall is in the air at Darby Township School and several activities were held in the month of October to celebrate the season. The DTS Home and School Association, in collaboration with staff and administration, hosted the annual Ghostly Get Together, which featured a haunted hallway and several games. The haunted hallway is a favorite attraction for our students and their families.

On October 30th, students in Grades 1 through 5 dressed in their favorite costumes and paraded in and around the school to celebrate the Fall Festival in the Kingdom. Our students also participated in the annual district parade that is part of the many activities held prior to the Homecoming game between Academy Park and Penn Wood High Schools. We were proud to represent our school and to carry our banner.

During the week of October 20th, students and staff participated in several activities to increase awareness about drug abuse during Red Ribbon Week. Throughout the week students dressed in different outfits to express their support of the program. On Monday students and staff wore red shirts and jeans to kick off the week-long celebration. Bright neon colored shirts were the uniform of the day for Tuesday's theme of a Bright Future Without Drugs.

Don't Sweat Drugs on Wednesday had students dressed in sweatshirts and pants. Retro and western style clothing supported the Drug Free Yesterday and Tomorrow and
Round Up Against Drugs themes on Thursday and Friday.

Delcroft School
Red Ribbon Week at Delcroft School
Delcroft School celebrated Red Ribbon Week in October. Every student and staff member created a red ribbon pledge demonstrating their choice to live a healthy and drug-free life. These ribbon pledges are proudly displayed throughout the building for all to see.

Delcroft students and staff also participated in a school-wide celebration with a unique theme assigned to each day of the week-long celebration. Monday was Red Ribbon Day and students wore red shirts with their uniform pants. The red-shirted students then formed a giant ribbon on the back field of Delcroft School.

Tuesday's theme was Looking Towards a Bright Future and students wore neon or bright colored clothing. On Wednesday, students wore shirts of their favorite sports team to promote the theme Stay in the Game and Away From Drugs. Thursday was Believe, Achieve, Succeed Drugs Free. Students showed their pride for their future by wearing their favorite college / university, trade school, military shirt, or their homeroom teachers' college colors. On Friday, the final day of the celebration the theme was Switch Gears and Pick a Career and students wore an outfit that represented a career of their choice.

Students were treated to a variety of presentations encouraging good life choices. Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital presented an assembly entitled Crusin Smart for students in Grades 7 and 8. Formally called Crusin' not Boozin' this program provided students with real life lessons from those who have been effected by drinking and driving or distracted driving. Holcombe Behavioral Health presented lessons to students in Grades 4, 5, and 6. Delaware County's Highway Traffic Safety Project, Street Smarts, presented an assembly about pedestrian safety to students in Grades 1 through 3.

Various activities were held throughout the week to celebrate Red Ribbon Week. Each grade level created a hallway display focusing on making healthy life choices. Students in all grades were randomly selected for Red Ribbon Week drawings every afternoon. The winners of the drawing received Red Ribbon Week items including water bottles, bracelets, book bags, pencils, and notebooks. Students also submitted drawings for the Holcombe Behavioral Health Calendar Contest.

Every student and staff member received a red bracelet symbolizing Delcroft School's Red Ribbon Week pledge. On the back fence of the school each student was given a red ribbon to tie onto the fence as a pledge to live a healthy lifestyle and make good choices for their future.

Many thanks go out to the Delcroft Student Assistance Program team for coordinating all of the Red Ribbon Week activities.


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Harris School

October Happenings at Harris School 

October is typically a busy month at Harris School and this year was no exception. The month began with Fire Prevention Week.

Collingdale Fire Companies #1 and #2 presented a fun and informative fire safety assembly for students in Grades 1 through 5. The students look forward to this assembly every year, and they are always well behaved and attentive.  


This year, students were treated to a walk around a fire truck and were instructed on how the equipment works. Students were shown how different pieces of equipment are operated and techniques that firefighters employ when dealing with a fire or an emergency were demonstrated.  


Harris School is fortunate to have such a committed and skilled group of firefighters, some of whom are former Harris students, come each year to help education our students on fire safety. 


The annual Word Parade was held on October 24th for students in first through fourth grades. The parade is a celebration of words and creativity for our students. The students are given a list of words from their grade level curriculum and are allowed to choose a word to "be" for the parade. The students have to "wear" the word and are encouraged to be creative in creating a costume that represents their word. Their ideas ranged from a hat decorated to represent the word tornado to a student wrapped in cotton to represent clouds. The majority of our students wrote their word on an appropriately decorated t-shirt. 



The parade wound through the building with the older students lining the halls supporting the younger students as they marched. The parade eventually went out of the building so that the parents, families, and neighbors could see the students and how hard they worked on their costumes. Every year the students impress with their interpretations of words and the creativity they display is awesome. The best part of the parade is the support the students receive from the Harris community. 


The last week of October, Harris students and staff celebrated Red Ribbon Week, which is an alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and violence prevention awareness campaign. Red Ribbon Week is a big event for Harris, with a different clothing theme for each day of the week. Students wore red to celebrate Monday's theme, Our School Has Swag: Students Who Achieve Goals! Tuesday was Friends Don't let Friends Do Drugs and students dressed like twins. Students wore team jerseys for Wednesday's  theme of Team Up Against Drugs. Sweat pants and shirts supported Thursday's Being Drug-Free is No Sweat theme and Friday was Put Down Drugs day and students simply dressed down.  


Red Ribbon Week is organized and led by the Harris Student Council. The student council decorated the building and gave out Red Ribbon Week wristbands to all students.


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Sharon Hill School

Sharon Hill School Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

During the last week of October, many schools nationwide celebrate Red Ribbon Week. Throughout the week schools focus on activities and lessons that are crafted to influence students to make healthy life choices and prevent drug use. This year's activities included presentations about making good choices, a poster contest, and students taking an anti-drug pledge. The festivities also included daily themes such as,
Team Up Against Drugs, in which students wore their favorite team's jersey.

Summer Reading Ice Cream Social 
Every summer we encourage all Southeast Delco students to keep their brains active by flexing their reading muscles and completing a summer reading assignment. Students that complete their summer reading assignment are rewarded with an ice cream social. This year, a total of 120 students in Grades 1 through 3 attended this year's social.

Sharon Hill Student Government 
Sharon Hill's student government has helped to start the school year on a positive note. Students interested in being a part of student government campaigned during the month of September for the building-wide elections that were held in October. So far, the student government members have participated in Back to School Night and Red Ribbon Week and held a fundraiser for Alex's Lemonade.

School Spirit
Sharon Hill School students, staff, and parents showed their school spirit by participating in the Academy Park Homecoming game parade. Everyone was so excited to participate and students were proud to carry the Sharon Hill banner!


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Kindergarten Center

Chuck E Cheese Night

Over a hundred and twenty families came to Chuck E Cheese in Springfield for a fun-filled night of games, pizza, and prizes. The Kindergarten staff greatly appreciated the support of this fund raiser. It was such a huge success that the staff is planning another one in the spring.

Kindergarten Center Sign
In the beginning of October, a new sign was installed at the Kindergarten Center. The teachers and staff were happy to see the sign, which was purchased with funds raised during the 2013 / 2014 school year. The sign now displays important dates and events for the Kindergarten Center.

Fire Safety Session  
The Kindergarten Center hosted a fire safety presentation with "Fire Fighter Andrew". The students learned all about his gear and important fire safety procedures in their home and at school. Each student received a fire prevention training certificate. We appreciated Mrs. Hunger's husband, Andrew, for providing this valuable fire safety information to our students.

Field Trip
On October 30th and 31st, the Kindergarten students enjoyed their first field trip to Highland Orchards in West Chester. The students picked apples, made apple cider in a barn, and went on a hayride through the farm. Also, the students made their own class scarecrow that they brought back to school. Everyone had a great time on their first class adventure!


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