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November, 2015

Welcome to the Autumn 2015 Edition of the RemoteHamRadio Newsletter. November is here and we have a lot of good stuff coming your way this DX season!

W2/Summit sitting at 2200' in the Catskill Mountains!

Marty KC1CWF @ ARRL HQ Station
Youth of the Month 

Marty KC1CWF recipient of the November 2015 Youth of the Month!


My name is Marty Sullaway, KC1CWF. I was recently reading about your youth program, and was curious about it. I am 13 years old and was licensed a year ago. I love contesting and DXing, and just earned DXCC and WAS. I am on the board of the Clay Center Amateur Radio Club, a youth radio club at a local school, and love helping kids learn about ham radio. In fall, 2015 I founded the Eastern Massachusetts Contesting Club, KC1ENE. The club's goal is to get more youth involved and interested in contesting". 

RemoteHamRadio's Youth program is a one-year program that includes 300 minutes per month and is completely free to the  recipient.  RHR will announce a new recipient typically every month. If you are interested in supporting this program you can  contact us  for details.

 New Maine Site!


We are very excited to announce our newest addition to the RHR station lineup. With 63 beautiful flat and cleared acres, we have some pretty crazy plans for this QTH! We believe that this specific station is the closest U.S. amateur radio station to the European continent. Operating with virtually no man made noise floor is an absolute pleasure to experience. 


Logging on RHR is here!

   The DNA of RHR was to reinvent the way radio operators experience the hobby. We wanted to take an old hobby and make it new again. The first thing we delivered was a high quality service coupled with intuitive station control technology that did not require a software download. We then engineered the ability to operate both SSB and CW directly inside a web browser with no additional hardware or software, we called this WebDX. We are now proud to show you how we feel the world of logging is going to be changed from this point forward. 

   The initial integrated logging functionality may seem basic to the eye but under the covers, complex calculations are being performed. For starters, when you power on a station we handle all the station data for you in that log entry. For instance, If you log a QSO from W2/Summit, that log entry will be auto populated with the Frequency, Band, Mode, State, Grid Square, Country and zones, all automagically. How many hours or perhaps days have you lost attempting to setup LOTW with your favorite logging program? Have many times have you given up, some of you may have simply walked away and never finished the setup. Those days are all over now with the RHR integrated logger. You simply upload your .p12 certificate from within you account page and we take care of uploading every QSO correctly signed for you! Yes its that simple. 
   This is our first "beta" rollout of what we feel is going to change the future of logging. The features are very basic today but that won't be the case in the future. We will be adding amazing new features and functions from this point forward. 

W2RE Logbook - Notice each QSO is marked with the station operated.

GXP Duobander 30/40.

The RHR team built and installed new antennas @ W2/Quaker. RemoteDX Site.

New antennas are Duo-bander GXP 2EL 30/40M yagi @ 85' and a GXP 5B 4EL multiband yagi @ 75'. 

GXP 5B 4L Multiband Yagi

T he RHR Team installing the GXP 30/40


New 80M 4SQ Array

Wow! This site keeps getting better and better and we are not stopping here! A newly engineered and erected full size 80m four square is now in full operation. A user recently reported working a mobile user in central Europe with a simple whip antenna with Q5 copy in both directions on 80m with the new antenna! Stay tuned, we have a number of other additions in the works at this site as well.

W1/Calais Maine sitting 200' above the Bay of Fundy

QRO Power on 160M with 4SQ array at 2200' ASL

It's that time of year again, we have the dedicated top band station up and running. This 1.5KW connected to a 160m four square sitting at 2300'ASL is simply a flame thrower into the Europe. The QRO + the gain of the array produces approximetely 5KW of ERP that you can point in four directions. The leaves fall early in summit!

Contest Rentals

Few Examples of the 18 stations available on RHR for contesting!
W1/Eastport - Low Tide on the Bay of Fundy!

W1/Calais (Sitting 200' above Bay of Fundy)
Incredible takeoff over the sea toward Europe!

W2/Summit (2100' ASL on its own mountain) Very quiet QTH with incredible takeoff in all directions. Enjoy your very own mountaintop QTH on RHR!

Contest Rentals 
Now booking sites! Contact us for details!
RemoteHamRadio is now accepting bookings for contest rentals. With the large number of world-class stations on the network, we can now start taking bookings for any contest on the calendar. If you would like to book a contest here is a list of what to expect.
  • $99/Yr membership to apply.
  • RHR PremiumDX members receive a discounted rate.
  • You must book the site for the entire contest period.
  • You will only have access to the site during the contest period.
  • Operate CW, SSB and Digital modes.
  • We can optionally ship a complete K3/0 setup for lease during the contest.
  • Operate a world class station from the comfort of your own home.
  • RHR-Helper allows contesting via WebDX!
  • Contact us for details

                         Video of the Month
                Description of the W2/Monticello site taken with DJI Phantom 3 Pro.

is easy!

Just fill out the signup form and you will be on the air today.

The only requirement is that you hold a valid (USA) FCC amateur radio callsign. Must be General class or above. 

Sign up and send us a copy of your valid FCC  licence  today and the RHR team will send the login credentials to you within 30 minutes. 

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