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Knowing Where You Stand
Divine December
Programs for 2016
Honouring Universal Being
If Only I Was As Smart As My Six Month Old Grandson
Welcome to Riverdell Rachael
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Knowing Where You Stand....

Over the past few months at Riverdell, we have been re-creating statements related to where we stand.   Things like what's our Philosophy; what would people see in us that's different because we embrace that Philosophy and what do we want people to learn from our spiritual programs.  It's taking a lot of work by many people to get clear on these matters and now we stand on solid ground.   We know where we stand.

There's an important spiritual principle that's at work here.  It's this - "except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it".   When the foundations of our endeavours are based in Spirit, they are strong and what's built on top is likewise strong and can withstand the buffeting that happens as part of Life.   Without that strength, that foundational spiritual strength underpinning what a person or group does, cracks start to appear when the first challenge occurs.  "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea in the first place"; "It shouldn't be happening like this - something's wrong"; "Who's to blame for this going wrong?" etc.   

Living a life with ease and artfulness requires knowing where you stand - knowing your spiritual foundations.

In this issue, we'd like to start sharing with you what we've created.   We invite you to let go into the spirit of the words and feel how they land with you.  And we're delighted to share with you how we're translating this into practical spiritual programs for 2016. 

As 2015 draws to a close, here are some questions to ponder.  Do you know where you stand?   Upon what will you build your life in 2016? 

Here's to the ease in Life, 

Andrew Horwood   
Love and blessings
Andrew Horwood | Program Director

As December dashes on by and we race towards Christmas, why not join us for the last of our programs in 2015 - a great way to stay connected to the divine peace, stillness and calm that is always available within.  Access our online calendar  here 
Final Wednesday for 2015 - December 2nd, from 11.30am
Free  (donations accepted)
Come and experience an Attunement, a non touch energy support technique.
Click here to learn more about Attunement

Sunday Mornings
Last Sundays in 2015 -  December 6th & 13th.   Chanting at 9.30am, Presentation & Morning tea 10am-12 noon
A time of inspiring presentations, performances, creative expression and group attunement, followed by a refreshing morning tea.  All welcome.  Find out more  here
Stillpoint Meditation
Final dates for 2015 - Wednesday December 2nd & 9th.  9.30-11.00am  Fee: $7.00 per session
Deepen your experience of meditation, and discover inner peace, assurance and serenity.  
All welcome and no prior experience necessary.   Click here for more information.

Riverdell Office Closure
Friday December 11th at 12 noon.
The office will close for the Christmas break and reopen again in 2016 on Tuesday January 5th at 9.00am

Programs for 2016
By Jenni Douglas, Program Co-ordinator

A lot has been unfolding in our preparations for next year's programs. And we're EXCITED!!

We're delighted to let you know that we will be continuing the strong focus on meditation.   Stillpoint meditation will continue on Wednesdays  9.30-11am during school terms.  Fee $7 per session.

To cater for those who are unable to attend programs during the day and are looking to 'create a mindful conscious life with meditation as a tool' we'll have a 4 week evening Meditation Series starting on Wednesday March 2nd at 7pm.  This will only be $40 for the series.

We're again offering opportunities to celebrate, and align with, three of the most important cosmic cycles in 2016. The two equinoxes will be explored as a part of our Just Be meditation afternoons, to be held on Saturday March 19th & September 24th. 1 -5pm.  The winter solstice will be a focus for the Miracle of Silence afternoon on Saturday June 18th. These sessions will expand into an evening of symbolism and ritual in Celebrating Earth's Sacred Cycles.

Keep an eye out for some of our other exciting programs - Cosmos & Cycles Insights from the Stars, Daytime Yin Yoga & more!!

Where We Stand - Honouring Universal Being
Currently we are creating and/or updating statements about the philosophy of the Emissaries. We particularly wished to create a single statement that captured both the universal nature and the majesty of this philosophy.   When David Karchere visited in July this year, he suggested we modify a document he'd prepared for Sunrise Ranch.   Thanks, David - that was a brilliant idea!   We've done so now, and are delighted to present  .....

" Honouring Universal Being - The Philosophy Of The Emissaries":

We honour Universal Being in all its forms and names - through people, through nature and through all creation.  We see this attitude of honour for Universal Being as the pivotal factor for the future of humanity.
We especially honour and welcome the expression of Universal Being through ourselves.  We believe that this honouring opens us to a full knowing of the wisdom and love within us.  It allows us to give our greatest gift to the world and know the greatest fulfilment that is possible for a human being. As we each do that, we become whole and create wholeness around us - we become an emissary of the light of Universal Being.  Whole people - whole world. 

If Only I Was As Smart As My Six Month Old Grandson...
by Dr Andrew Horwood

I'm amazed at babies - they seem so gifted!

We have a 6 month old grandson.   Watching him has made me aware of how capable babies are without realising it.   They know the secrets of living a happy and fulfilling life.  It just oozes out of them because it's built into them.  Babies remind us of what our lives could be like - I think that's why adults love looking at them!

Here's what I notice:
  • Babies are naturally radiant.  They let us know their feelings ALL THE TIME.  Much of it is smiling, laughing, beaming with joy.   Sure, some of it is crying too - when something is upsetting them.   But their natural disposition is to be happy and to show that to the world.
  • Babies welcome whatever comes their way.   It's like they have their arms wide open, saying "come on world, here I am - bring it on!"   They are curious and explore things all the time.  Sure, sometimes they fall over and hurt themselves.  But their natural disposition is to welcome the world in all it's fullness.  
Welcome to Riverdell Rachael
We are delighted to welcome Rachel Anderson to our team of staff at Riverdell.  Rachel will be working in programs as personal assistant to Jenni Douglas.  However, she is also an accomplished woman in her own right, particularly as a teacher of Yin Yoga, which will again be on offer at Riverdell in 2016.  

Below Rachael shares a charming and insightful cameo of her personal story for 2015.

The Happy Year
2015 has been quite the year for me. In fact, on New Year's Eve I was skyping with friends in America and I made (after a few champagnes!) the sweeping declaration that 2015 would be "the year of Happy"!

Now, maybe it was the streamers, balloons and overall festive atmosphere contributing to my certainty about the year but at the time I felt pretty darn confident that things were swinging my way.
#Reality Check........ they weren't.
I spent the better half of the year nursing my wounded heart after walking away from my job and the person who gave it to me. I wrestled with self-doubt, anger, failure and my obsessive need to please other people before myself.
#Reality Check........ this year sucked. A lot. I blame the champagne.

Poem of the Month - Here We Stand, Angels of Light
by  Yujin Pak
Here we stand, angels of light,
Unashamed, unafraid, resilient, strong and still,
Holding a world in transition in Love's firmest embrace.
Here we stand, awake at the crossover of eternity,
Love's angels entrusted with the task
Of bringing heaven into this our beloved world.
An old heaven and an old earth are passing away,
And a new heaven and a new earth are being born.
Whatever comes--summer's delight or harshest winter--
We stand together with each man and woman of integrity on earth,
to give birth to Love's true way.
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