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Volume 32 Issue 1 November  2015
Holiday Budget Sheet

Have you started your holiday shopping? 
No matter where you are in your shopping, this little budget worksheet can help you track your spending and help you keep an eye on what is coming out of your wallet.

35 Great Tips for Holiday Spending
Not every spending/saving tip will work for everyone. We are all at different places in our budgets & lives. But with 35 tips to choose from, one or more of these can help you with your holiday spending. They can even help with "everyday" spending. Which of these will you be applying to your holiday spending budget?

Gifts That Don't Cost Money

Gifts don't have to cost money. Think outside the box for a way to give to someone that isn't monetary. Give a certificate redeemable for a home cooked meal, laundry/ironing done, yard raked, snow shoveled or some other skill you have to share. These things are especially great for those who can't or have trouble doing those things. Or how about a day spent with the recipient doing anything they might choose to do? Gifts aren't about the money spent; they are about the thought & heart behind them.

Upcoming CAB Webinar!

 November Webinar--Identity Theft
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Title: Identity Theft
Date: Thursday, November 19
Time: 3:30 to 4:00

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The next Financial Education Class will be Saturday January 16 in McAlester. If you would like to attend, please contact Dawn Hix at 800-522-6170 ext. 2614
or you can sign up at our website at 

Choctaw Housing Authority is offering Energy Management Services to those who qualify. 
 See how they may be able to help you with high energy costs!

Chahta Scholarship Links
New info for Chahta Scholarships!


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