"Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and gratitude." 
Nigel Hamilton

November 2016

In this issue:  

Eastside Pathways has been working on amplifying each organization's individual effect through collective impact and now it is extends into a new model for the Eastside: working with community "promotores ."

Stephanie Cherrington expresses how thankful she is for the passion, dedication, and drive that the Partnership brings to our community through the collective work we do together.

EastsidePathwaysNewsEastside Pathways News

In the past, the Backbone staff scheduled one-on-one meetings each time a new organization was interested in learning more about the partnership. The meetings were fruitful but became unsustainable as the partnership grew. So in September 2015, Eastside Pathways 101 events arose out of necessity. 

New Partner Profile: 

Seattle Education Access provides higher education advocacy and opportunity to young people struggling to overcome poverty and adversity throughout King County. They hope to connect with non-traditional students, provide financial support and personal attention and empower young people living in poverty. 

Eastside Pat hways collaboratives meet monthly.  Find out  what  happened at the last meeting and when the next one is!  If you  would like to attend a collaborative meeting and are new  to the group,  please email the facilitator to let them know you  will be attending to receive information in advance.

CommunityHappeningsCommunity Happenings

The Bellevue School District Board is looking for a new superintendent! They want to  hear your feedback on what characteristics he or she should have. 

Join them at one of their community forums to share your perspective: 
November 29th - Newport High School 
8-9am at the Lecture Hall, 7-8pm at the Performing Arts Center
November 30th - WISC (12241 Main Street) 
8-9am, 7-8pm at the Rainier Room 

If you can't join them at a community forum, please take their survey here.

More info here.
Monday 11/28
Kristin Leong, Bellevue teacher and TED-Ed Innovative Educator, talks about creativity in the classroom and how teachers can inspire students.
Location:  WISC - Rainier 
Time:  12-1pm
Tuesday 12/6
Join the City of Bellevue through an observation of "Redefining We", a photography exhibit documenting black and white photos of Muslim and non-Muslim females. 
Location: Crossroads Center
Time: 1-2:30pm
Saturday 12/10
Interested in attending the  University of Washington Bothell ? High school studens are invited to Preview Day to experience what it's like to be a student at UW-Bothell.
Location: UW Bothell
Time: 8:15-1pm
Sunday 12/11
Join Camp Kindness Counts to help make meals, snack packs, and cards of encouragement for the homeless. Kids of all ages are welcome to participate!
Location:  Crossroads Mall Community Room
Time:  9-10:15am
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