PTA Newsletter                                                         November 2016
NO SCHOOL - Election Day
Board of Education Meeting

Picture Day

12/5/16 - 12/9/16
Holiday Bazaar 
THANK YOU to everyone who helped at our Book Fair and to all of our families who made donations to our Conference Week teacher dinner and breakfast cart. You all help make Hawley the special place that it is!
The Hawley Directory is almost complete. We should have it distributed before the Thanksgiving holiday.
We finalizing our delivery date to the school now and will send the pickup information as soon as we have that information. Thank you for your patience.
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November 15th
December 6th
December 20th
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NPS Reunification Exercise

Dear Hawley Families, 

We have been asked by Dr. Eradi, to help find volunteers for the upcoming Reunification exercise. We have been provided with the following information to explain the reunification exercise and what the volunteer role would be.

Dear Parents/Guardians:

On  Wednesday, November 16, 2016, between the hours of  9:45 am - 11:45 am, the Newtown Public Schools, in conjunction with Newtown High School (NHS), the Newtown Police Department, the Newtown Youth Academy (NYA) and All-Star Transportation, will conduct a controlled-practical emergency response exercise pertaining to parent-student reunification procedures. NHS administration will select, with parent/guardian approval, 50 student volunteers to serve as the representative sample in testing the timeliness of our reunification procedures. These students, along with participating staff, will be bused to the NYA facility on the Fairfield Hills Campus.      

Reunification Overview

The district's reunification procedures are activated when events at a Newtown Public School or in the adjacent neighborhood necessitate that students be physically returned to parents outside routine student dismissal practices and school location. Reunification is the difference between daily school release (routine dismissal practices) and controlled release (reunification). The core concept behind our reunification procedures is accountability, which will be achieved through a process based on managing the physical location of students, staff, and the retrieving parents and guardians. Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure a seamless transition for students and staff from the initial evacuation staging area to the relocation site.

It is the goal of the Newtown Public Schools to provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff, parents, guardians, and visitors as is feasible. To ensure this in the reunification setting, we have established procedures that will safe guard the reunification location and appropriately identify parents or guardians that have the legal right to take custody of a student. We will utilize best practices and available technology to safely and swiftly reunite students with their parents or guardians.    

Request for Parent Volunteers

To assist the district and our stakeholders in assessing the quality of our reunification procedures, we are seeking the assistance of 4 parent volunteers from Hawley to serve as the "parents/guardians" of the NHS student volunteers. The participating parent volunteers will be summoned to NYA and will walk-through the reunification procedure with staff and students. It is our goal that each parent-student reunification takes no more than 30-45 seconds to accomplish.  

If you are interested in volunteering for this worthwhile emergency response exercise, please email
Class Picture Retakes
ALL classes will have their group photo retaken on November 9th. 
Please dress your children appropriately, 
keeping in mind the photos may be taken outside.
Retakes and photos of new students will also be taken on November 9th.
The Hawley Kids Care Club organized an October Shoe Donation Drive to help 2 organizations; Companion Pet Rescue (CPR) and Shoes with Heart. 
We received 146 pairs of shoes from our Hawley families. 
Thank you for caring!


The Fall contest is here! Please submit all labels by
Friday - November 18th, 2016.

Be sure to include your name, teacher and # of labels.
The student that submits the most unexpired labels will win
their own:  Magic Slushy Maker
Theresa Diaspro and Jen Kelly
Mission of the Month

Tyson Chicken Labels
YOUR MISSION:  We are asking every family to send in just FIVE labels. Each label is worth $0.24 for our school!

Don't forget to include your student's name & teacher.

Thank you -
Theresa Diaspro