November 2016 Newsletter

Dear Members, 

Many League members, here and across the nation, worked very hard during this past election cycle. The turnout in Falls Church was an impressive 85.3%. Whatever your views are about the outcome, the League made a difference, and remains an institution vital to our democracy. Much work remains to be done in our community, our state, and our country. As we put the election behind us, let's also celebrate the strength of our institutions, including our local League, and dedicate ourselves once again to their preservation and continued success.

The Management Team is still refining and documenting our new structure and process. We meet every Friday by teleconference to continue this important work. By next summer, we will have artifacts and templates to turn over to the next team, and we will be poised to have an even more productive year. Some of the work going on in the background includes establishing a board orientation program and package; clarification of how we communicate with the board, as well as with the members and the community; and an upgrading of our signage and other LWV products (pins, mousepads, sticky notes, etc.). As we proceed, we encourage and welcome your comments on how to be more effective and efficient. One thing is certain: no one League member has all the answers!

With gratitude for all the hard work LWV FC members have done the past few months, we look forward to seeing everyone at the Holiday Party on December 11, and wish all of you a safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday. 

The Management Team


4:00 - 7:00 PM

This year's Holiday Party and Fundraiser will be held on December 11th from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. Bob Young has graciously offered his house as the site of the party. Bob lives at 608 Timber Lane in Falls Church. 

We will be raffling baskets of merchandise and services donated by Falls Church merchants and individuals as our primary fundraising activity at the party. These baskets will be full of quality items that you and your family and friends can enjoy. We also welcome donations by check or cash from those who would like to support the League, but do not want to participate in the basket raffle. We are no longer including the smaller silent auction items at the party. 

If you have empty baskets or big trays that you are willing to donate to the committee constructing the baskets, please contact Ellen Salsbury via email or call 703 534-2159.

An invitation to the Holiday Party will be sent to you by mail. Additional invitations will be enclosed for you to use to invite friends to attend the party. We would like to draw from the community outside of our League to maximize the amount of funds we are able to raise and to have a big crowd to enjoy the party. 

Plan to come to the Holiday Party and enjoy time with League members in a beautiful setting. Invite your friends. The more the merrier!

Bunny Jarrett, Chair
Holiday Party & Fundraiser


For those who already volunteered to work on the Local Affairs Committee, thank you and stay tuned. We have two exciting events planned for 2017: one in January and one in April. Both will require research, writing, coordination, and planning. If you have an interest in what is happening in our city and in neighboring jurisdictions, please consider volunteering. Much of the work can be done on a flexible schedule if we have enough people participating. Just send an email to me indicating your interest and you will hear back from us (please put LWV FC Local Affairs Volunteer in the subject line).

Wendy Frieman, Local Affairs


Please consider attending the 2016 Pre-Session event scheduled for December 7 in the Capitol's Senate Room 3. Ric Brown, Secretary of the Virginia Department of Finance and Molly Ward, Secretary of the Virginia Department of Natural Resources as well as representatives from 15 organizations we collaborate with are planning to participate. Find out what is planned for the 2017 Legislative session and what areas of concern various organizations will be pushing.

The LWVFC can reimburse a certain number of registration fees. Additional details are on the registration form. Once registered, please let   Wendy and Linda Garvelink know that you plan to attend. 

The day begins with The Pre-Session Women's Round Table (free) in Senate Room 3 followed by a luncheon meeting and a speaker. As always, speakers from widely diverse sectors are being invited. Speakers include non-profit advocates and members of the Governor's cabinet.

Networking with activists and many advocacy groups is one of the top reasons given for attending. A full morning of five-minute power speeches from issue experts who have been on the front lines during General Assembly sessions will preview, predict, and prepare us for action in January. These experts have vast diverse experiences in witnessing and influencing a wide range of legislation - governance, education, health care, juvenile justice, women's rights, voters' rights, election laws, open government, ethics, safety, environment and conservation, etc. Representatives from the Governor's Cabinet enlighten us on their priorities.

League members and guests who have attended the Round Table say this:

"I was just curious the first time I attended but now it is a "must do!"

"I can see how important our voice in the League is."

"I'm new to legislative awareness and advocacy, so I think it was awesome...."

"It gives an idea of what might actually be priorities and likely to get signed if passed by the GA."

"...nice to find information on issues and partner with like-minded groups to support  their legislative efforts."

"I was impressed with how much was accomplished in so little time."

"The comments of the agencies and directors gave me a clearer picture of how difficult  the work of legislators is..."

Linda Garvelink, Management Team

In This Issue:


2016-2017 LWVFC Board and Off-Board Members 


Management Team

 Martha Cooper

Wendy Frieman

Linda Garvelink

Judy Parente



Programs Co-Chairs

Robert Crowe

 Johannah Barry


Local Affairs Chair

Wendy Frieman



 Jody Acosta



Ruth Rodgers


Voter Service Co-Chairs 

Membership Co-Chairs


Liaison to NCA 

Ellen Gross


Administrative Team

Ellen Salsbury

Edith Holmes Snyder

Edith Snyder 

Special Projects

Madalyn Cafruny

Genie Flahie

Bunny Jarrett

Marty Meserve

Jane Scully









December 7
Legislative Round Table in Richmond

December 11
Holiday Party and Fundraiser

January 14 
Program Planning Meeting in the Community Room at The Broadway

This important meeting establishes our agenda for the next League year. Please plan on attending.

February 14 
Board Meeting  All LWV FC members are welcome

Volunteers Needed for MEHMS Mock Elections

Just in case you haven't had your fill of elections this year, you are invited to participate in the Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School 7th grade Election Campaign.

Seventh grade students will be learning about the US election process by developing their own parties, platforms and selecting candidates. Their challenge is to improve their school.

If you've done this in the past you know it is an antidote to national politics, and will leave you feeling good about the next generation's ideas, energy and creativity.

Elections will take place the following days & times. If you would like to participate, please let me know your preference! You can do it more than once, and  

Thursday, December 8th
8:25-9:40  am
1:45-3:00 pm

Friday, December 9th
8:25-9:40 am
10:00-11:19 am
1:45-3:00 pm

Thank you!
Business and Community Partnerships - Falls Church City Public Schools

The first study to appear on the new LWV-VA Natural Resource s webpage, compiled and formatted by Carol Lindstrom of LWVRMA is now available for viewing. 

The new webpage has been developed to provide a home for League studies pertaining to the subject. To access the fracking material click on the headline above.

The study itself was edited by Rona Ackerman, LWVFA , who also created a set of slides available to all.  Also included are consensus questions and a discussion guide,  everything a local League would need to inform fully its members as they try to reach consensus on this important state issue. .
The deadline for local Leagues to  report is March 31, 2017.   At that point the committee and the state board will work to compile the responses and approve the wording of a possible new position  to be voted on at the June state convention

Other committee members are Sue Delos, LWVWB, and Megan Dorsett, LWVRMA. The state program director is Frances Schutz, LWVCA.


You can always view (or share) our programs from the videos housed on our website:

Either use the link above or, from the Home Page, select "Positions, News, Videos" from the left side menu, then select "Past Program Videos."   

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