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COCHRANE, A.F (Midshipman)
6 volumes consisting of logbooks and diaries with many illustrations and b&w photos. 1904-1912.
More than a ship's log, Cochrane's work is an entertaining and beautiful work of private literature.
Midshipman Cochrane's logbooks, with concise daily entries in exquisite handwriting, depict routine naval duties and ship activities, including cleaning, navigating, firing, landing and sailing. Detailed descriptions of shore leave activities are also included; we learn about the writer's adventures hunting, fishing, driving automobiles, reading (especially Kipling) and golfing. The author disliked the H.M.S. Liverpool, both ship and crew; he describes it as having "the vilest transmitting room" and continues "the skipper is a mass of nerves and won't trust himself or anyone else." Cochrane also describes hearing word of the Titanic disaster: "I got a paper and heard the first news of the loss of the Titanic at 11 :30 pm on Sunday Night. Having been in Collision with an iceberg and about 1300 people drowned. This is her maiden voyage.

Although Cochrane paints a detailed picture of daily life on a British ship in early 20th century, it is the illustrations that make these volumes unique. For the first two volumes, Cochrane drew many maps, diagrams and drawings showing the ships and voyages in great detail. Highlights include vol. l's drawing of Esquimalt Harbour and fold-out maps of Suez Canal and the ship's route. Vol. 2 has four magnificent ship drawings on its title page. In the latter volumes, Cochrane takes on photography as a hobby, capturing ships, skiing in Switzerland, a cat in a cannon, picturesque landscapes, etc... "
This collection is on consignment.
Price: $ 12,000 USD OR $ 15,265 CDN        #7388

HERSEY, John Richard [1914-1993]

John Hersey collection of 7 Autographed Letters Signed, 2 Typed Letters Signed, 15 Ephemera and 2 books. Dates of 26 items from this collection from 1944 to 1992.

John Richard Hersey was a Pulitzer Prize-winning American writer and journalist considered one of the earliest practitioners of the so-called New Journalism, in which storytelling techniques of fiction are adapted to non-fiction reportage. Before his death in 1993, Hersey was recognized by Yale University for his contributions to journalism and literature.

Some content...
7 Autographed Letters Signed;
* 2 ALS to Mrs. Walter, 15 March 1944 and 27 March 1944, on Life letterhead, re meeting Col. Pacciardi and Mrs. Walter, mentions a cousin being married in Philadelphia, and accepting an invitation although his wife can't attend because she has the measles.
* ALS to George Field, 18 December 1946, re his regrets at making a speech honoring Wendell Wilkie. Signed envelope (first day issue of the United Nations Coffee Agreement), post-marked 19 September 1966, "For a grandson of Vivienne Arcus John Hersey"
* ALS to Mrs. Annie K. Lubin, 10 May 1974, with envelope, discussing his lineage. "We assume we are all descended from a William Hersey, who came to Hingham, Massachusetts, from England in, I believe, 1635."
* ALS to Bernard Roth, 9 July 1978, re his favorite book ("I have five children, and if you asked me which was the greatest source of pride and satisfaction, what would my answer be? I love them all; I have no favorites. I know each has faults, but in my love I forgive them!"  ...  Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 1,600 USD OR $ 2,060 CDN        #7522

BESANT, Sir Walter [1836-1901]

Sir Walter Besant collection of 6 Autographed Letter Signed and 2 Ephemera. Dates of ALS from 1871 to 1897.

Walter Besant was one of the most prolific and widely-read novelists, popular historians and social critics of the late Victorian era. He was also a philanthropist, antiquary, secretary of the Palestine Exploration Fund, originator of the People's Palace in East London, and a vigorous campaigner for authors' rights. He helped to found the Society of Authors in 1884 and edited its journal until his death. Besant was knighted in 1895.

Some content;
6 Autographed Letters Signed (two ALS inside books);
* ALS to Richard Bullen?, 8 May 1871, enclosing a note from E.H. Palmer with names and asking for addresses.
* ALS addressed "Dear Sir" (written from the Reform Club), 10 October 1882, thanking the correspondent (an MP) for the cheques.
* ALS to Cole?, 19 September 1891, encloses a note of explanation (not present) with regard to a mistake in his book, London, and inquires whether Cole will be at the Authors' Club (which Besant founded) to dine with Émile Zola; the letter is attached to the front pastedown of Besant's London (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1892).
* ALS addressed "Dear Sir" (Howell Rogers), 22 December 1892, in Rogers's annotated copy of Besant's book, Reading in Rabelais (Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons, 1883), thanking Rogers for the two ballads and letter, reference to the Society of Authors one of the verses in the book ("merry monks of Thelema")...  Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 1,500 USD OR $ 1,930 CDN        #7517

BOWRING, Sir John (1792-1872) (provenance)
Collection of  22 Autographed Signed Letters (ASL) addressed to Bowring and an invitation from Bowring.
22 Letters to Sir John Bowring, who was an English political economist, traveller, miscellaneous writer, polyglot, politician, British consul at Canton, and the 4th Governor of Hong Kong. He was the first editor of the Westminster Review and the author of many books.  Some letter were also addressed to Jeremy Bentham. Bowring was appointed Jeremy Bentham's literary executor, and prepared a collected edition of his works in eleven volumes in 1843.
A must for any Sir John Bowring collection adding depth for research material giving greater insight to his life.
...   Click for more information and photos

Price: $ 1,000 USD OR $ 1,290 CDN        #7446

BENY, Roloff [1924-1984] & MCKEOWN, Cecil Garland Stewart (1943-1972) (provenance)
Roloff Beny Collection consists of an Aegean Note-book Published and signed by Roloff Beny the author, in 1950 and 12 letters and ephemera including correspondence between Roloff Beny Canadian artist and photographer and his friend, "Mac" ("my boy") Cecil Garland Stewart McKeown. 1943-1972.

This correspondence is detailed and entertaining. It begins with a letter from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Beny's birthplace, in which Beny says that he is about to go to work ("my shift at the garage")

Some content;
#1) To McKeown: TLS, 19 July 1943, 3 pp.; #2) ALS (card with envelope), 8 February 1946; #3) TLS, 13 March 1946, 1 p.; #4) ALS, 8 December 1946, 2 pp. with envelope; #5) ALS with envelop, 2 pp, 6 May 1947...
An Aegean Note-book; Comments on a Mid-Century Odyssey in Greece (Lethbridge: Published by the author, 1950). Limited First edition. 150/250. Signed by Beny....   Click for more information and photos

Price: $ 900 USD OR $ 1,250 CDN        #7445

COCKSHUTT, Henry [1868-1944]
Cockshutt, Henry and family (his wife, Isabelle, and their daughters). An archive of social correspondence mainly to Isabelle Cockshutt but also to her husband, Henry Cockshutt (1868 - 1944), who was the 13th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

This collection is comprised of approximately 25 letters, 10 Christmas cards, a pamphlet, 7 photos, and 10 other kinds of documents or cards relating to . Although there is an early letter dated 1896, most of the archive was created in the 1920s when Cockshutt was lieutenant-governor at Government House in Toronto.

Some collection contents:
* Allenby, Edmund Henry Hynman, 1st Viscount Allenby, ALS, n.d. Also ALS from Mabel, his wife, 1926.
* 42nd battalion the Royal Highlanders of Canada, Canadian Army Corps B.E.F. France (allied with the Black Watch), Christmas card, 1915-6, from Henry or Hank.
* 125th Branshott Camp, England, A.W.E. Van Someron, Christmas card, 1916...  Click for more information and photos  

Price: $ 900 USD OR $ 1,155 CDN        #7448

ABBE, Patience (1924-2012)
This Patience Abbe collection includes three signed association copies of first editions books, ASL and B&W photo covering a time period from 1936 to 1969.

Three signed association copies of first editions, all in in slightly chipped jackets of Patience, Richard, and John Abbe's three books:
1) Around the World in Eleven Years (New York: Frederick A. Stokes, 1936), signed inscription, 3 February 1969, by Patience Abbe to François Leydet, her second husband and the author of the Sierra Club Books...
* ALS to Henry Roe (Librarian at St. Thomas Public Library, Ont.), written in pencil, 19 June 1936,
* B&w photo of Richard, John and Patience Abbe...   Click for more information and photos  

Price: $ 900 USD OR $ 1,160 CDN        #7451

THOMSON, Edward William (1849-1924)
Edward William Thomson Collection contains 7 Ephemera (signed) and 1 Book dating from 1909 to 1917.
Some content;
1) Cabinet b&w oval photograph, SIGNED on reverse, "To Samuel Asbury, from his friend, E.W. Thomson." Taken in Ottawa, Canada circa 1904.
(2) TLS to Asbury, 4 pp., 27 Sept. 1907, Ottawa. Lots of personal information, including his life history. "...On both sides my people were reckoned gentry, my father was unfortunate in his money affairs, at 18 yrs I left school to earn my livelihood, at 18 I began to help my family, and though I married at 23, I stuck to the duty til I was just past 50. At 22 I was a land surveyor, later a civil engineer; at 29 I had an access of political devotion to a certain chief, now long dead, which led me to abandon my profession, and go into journalism, with the fantastic notion I could aid his return to power...[discussing himself] it is difficult for the man past 50 to stay with the bright and eager boys...your life has not been adverse to your aspirations respecting poetry, but the contrary. You have lived, done your duty, felt the noble emotions, studied, had joy in poetry..." He gives a critique of other's poetry and quotes other well-known poets, with brief handwritten note at end of the page....

The name of Edward William Thomson is a household word among Canadian literary men, and stands for a skilled craftsman in both prose and verse. . . . . The dramatic and thoughtful power of his stanzas, his finished workmanship, the gentleness and breadth of his love for humanity, all stamp his work as that of an artist of whom Canadians have good reason to be proud, and of the first rank of our litterateurs.- W. D. LIGHTHALL, F.R.S.L., in 'The Witness.'
...   Click for more information and photos

Price: $ 875 USD OR $ 1,125 CDN        #7452  

CODY, Rev. Henry John [1868-1951]
Rev. Henry John Cody collection contains 2 handwritten notebooks and 10 various ephemera most from his time at St. Paul's Anglican Church, Bloor Street, in Toronto. 1889-1937.

Two handwritten notebook and diaries
#1) Handwritten notebook and diary, [33] pp., 28 August-4 September 1909, in pencil. Black flexible cloth, 16.5 × 10 cm. Much of the notebook concerns meetings of the Commission of Missionary Society of European Immigration at Winnipeg.  Cody lists the names of the Committee members and how they did or did not agree with the committee findings. A Greek Orthodox priest, for example, objects to Greek children in his district attending school. He records his observations, the Committee resolutions, and how various churches manage the foreign situation. At the first meeting a letter is read from Rev. J.[S.] Woodsworth, who would become the first leader of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation...
#2) Black leather notebook 22 × 14.5 cm., circa 100 pp., slight chipping at the bottom of the upper board. With prayers written in the front by Rev. Canon Cody, D.D., L.L.D., followed by descriptions and synopses of his sermons written in another hand between 3 September 1922 and 27 March 1927 (some clippings from newspapers reports of the sermons).
...   Click for more information and photos

Price: $ 850 USD OR $ 1,095 CDN        #7447

JAMESON, Mrs. Anna Brownell, (née Murphy) [1794-1860]
1) #0476  Legends of the Monastic Orders, 1852

2) #0479 - Legends of the Madonna, 1857

3) #0480 - Sacred and Legendary Art, 1857, 2 volumes

4) #0478 - The History of Our Lord, 1864, 2 volumes

Anna Brownell Jameson (1794-1860) is the author of "Diary of an Ennuyée (1826), "The loves of the poets (1829)" Memoirs of Celebrated Female Sovereigns (1831) ", etc. This her major work, "Characteristics of Women discussing contemporary issues of female education & the differences between men & women via 23 heroines or women characters in Shakespeare's plays...   Click for more information and photos  

Price: $ 250 USD OR $ 322 CDN        #7410
12 BOOKS ...

VERNE, Jules (Gabriel) [1828-1905]

1873. Boston, George M. Smith & Company
2nd edition. 8vo - over 7-3/4 - 9-3/4 inches. xiii, [3], 303 pages. Green cloth. Black letters on gilt blocks. Gilt illustration on spine and front cover. Re-backed spine, cover and brown end papers repaired professionally. Overall a very good copy.

One Hundred and Ten Illustrations. Later issue of the Smith edition (without "The End" on page 303 at end of text), with the illustrations from the Osgood edition.

The second (preferred?) Smith issue - according to Myers, copies with 'THE END' on final page of text have damaged type. .. Click for more information and photos.

Price: $ 500 USD OR $ 645 CDN        #0937    

 ASTOR, John Jacob [1763-1848] (subject) & SMITH, Arthur  D. Howden

The value on this is the John Jacob Astor signed paper (4-7/8 wide x 2-1/8 high inches) which was originally  tipped in or glued and has now dried with paper loose and laid in. This paper is the end of a letter closing and signed John Jacob Astor. A  nice clean John Jacob Astor (1763-1848) signature uncommon in the market these days.

John Jacob Astor, Landlord of New York book;  8vo, 296pp, index, 16 illustrations book with no dust jacket. Book on John Jacob Astor contents include 6 sections...

John Jacob Astor, (1763-1848) born Waldorf, Germany, lived New York, N.Y.), fur magnate and founder of a renowned family of Anglo-American capitalists, business leaders, and philanthropists. His American Fur Company is considered the first American business monopoly... Click for more information and photos.

Price: $ 500 USD OR $ 645 CDN        #1318     

URBAN, Sylvanus [CAVE, Edward] [1691-1754]

 First edition. 8-1/4  x 5 inches, [2 blank, 6,[3]- 643, [17 index] pp. Full leather, with original spine, 5 raised bands, red leather label with gilt type.  1/8 inch missing for the top spine. Book contains all 23 maps as called for. Map conditions vary with most in very good condition with a number having very light offsetting. Otherwise, overall condition is very good.

Contents includes; 1. General Wolf'e's letter to Sec. Pitt on the taking of Quebec, 2. Proceedings of the army before the Taking of Quebec, 3. Brig. Gen. Townsend's account of defeating the French Army, 4. Articles of Capitulation, Lists of the guns, military stores, &c in Quebec ; Expedition against Ticonderoga in America including a map of the Country between Crown Point and Fort Edward, showing Ticonderoga and Lake George,  (New York) ... Click for more information and photos.
Price: $ 795 USD OR $ 1,025 CDN       #4317       

LEWIS, Sinclair Harry [1885-1951]
  1925. London, Jonathan Cape
First UK edition. 7-1/2 x 4-3/4 inches, (no Dust Jacket) in blue cloth, gilt spine titles. Some browning to front and back endpaper and very minor rubbing to top spine, otherwise very good+ condition. 480pp. Signed and inscribed. Presentation copy  from Lewis to Herman Scheffauer during one of his frequent trips to Paris during the 1920's. Written in blue ink. "To Herman Scheffauer with the warmest greetings of Sinclair Lewis. Paris. Guaranty Trust & Co. 3 rue des Italiens."  
Scheffaeur (1878-1927) was a San Franciscan, poet, playwright and translator ( esp. of Thomas Mann's works), member of the Carmel literary colony in California. 

LEWIS, Sinclair Harry [1885 -1951] was  an American novelist, short-story writer, and playwright. He became the first writer from the United States to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1926 for his 1925 book, [Martin] Arrowsmith however he refused to accept it... Click for more information and photos.

Price: $ 500 USD OR $ 645 CDN        #1562      


First Dublin edition. 4-7/8 x 8-3/8 inches. [2], l, [1]-459pp, [1] (directions to binder), A total of 9 folded leaves of plates: illustrations, maps. New full leather with older black leather label with gilt type on spine, new endpapers, beautifully restored. Half-title: Journey from Prince of Wales's fort.  Age-toned paper and light spotting on some text pages, otherwise a very good and nice copy.

Samuel Hearne  left on his first journey of discovery in November 1769, but returned only a few days later when his Native Indian guide abandoned him. The following February, Hearne left again in the company of two Hudson's Bay Cree Indian guides. They soon became disoriented and decided to turn back. Their return journey was one of difficulty and hardship: en-route all of their equipment, supplies and trade goods were stolen, and Hearne's octant was broken. They were back at Hudson's Bay by the end of November, 1770...  Click for more information and photos.
Price: $ 1,800 USD OR $ 2,315 CDN        #7668        

MOODIE, Susanna [Susannah Strickland] [1803-1885]

1829. New York, S & D. A. Forbes.
First US edition. 14cm x 9cm, (5-5/8 x 3.5 inches). 100p. Latimer; 80p., Adelaide Two books in one. "Forbes Juvenile Library" #2 in the Series. Hardcover with worn leather spine.   The front board is a combination of the two title pages. Back cover  an ad for the publisher,

The first edition of Hugh Latimer was the UK 1828 edition and reprinted in UK in 1834. Both UK editions are considered quite rare.
The one 1829 US edition copy located  from Rutgers University, 100, 80 p., [1] leaf of plates : 1 ill. ; 15 cm.  Rutgers note author as Strickland, Jane Margaret, 1800-88 incorrectly....  Click for more information and photos 
Price: $ 1,700 USD OR $ 2,1850 CDN       #2629            

TUPPER, Ferdinand Brock  [1795-1874]

Second UK edition. 4.5 by 7.25 Inches, xii, [1]-402pp. Original blind stamped professionally rebacked. Very little foxing present very clean text. Very good condition. Previous owners name and gift from a friend inscription March 6, 1884 on inside front cover end paper.  Nice copy of a scarcer book than the first edition published two years prior in 1845 with 468pp.

...many additional letters from Sir Isaac Brock are introduced, while a few others to him of little interest are omitted - and some new and graphic anecdotes and incidents are interwoven in the course of the narrative. (The additional matter in this volume amounts to about one third more than the first edition)..... Click for more information and photos.
Price: $ 800 USD OR $ 1,025 CDN        #1609         

DE LABARRE, Nicholas

1759-60. Barcelona, In Imprenta de Teresa Piferrer
First edition. First 3 volumes of 5 only. Text in Spanish.

Small 4to, 20.5 cm x 15 cm. All three volumes rebacked with new leather spines and preserving the original boards.
Vols. I, II [20], xxiv, 200; xvi, [8], 230 pp. With 15 folding copper-engraved maps and battle-plans, a few with hand-coloring. period calf.

Vol. III (12), 320 p. Sólo Tomo III, that contains books seventh, eighth and ninth from the work. In the end, torn drop-down plate (only it is left a fragment). Written by hand annotations to pencil in the guards. Old library stamp on back of title page.
... Click for more information and photos;  
Price: $ 330 USD OR $ 425 CDN     #1835        

FARIBAULT, George Barthélemi [1789-1866] edited by

1840. Québec, Societe Litteraire et Historique De Quebec
4-1/2 x 7-1/2 inches. , 1 v. (various pagings), ii, 7, 14, 32, 36, 24, 8, 8, 29. New burgandary cloth covers with gilt type on spine, new end papers. Collection of eight reports or relations each one having their own pagination. Xlibris with small stamp on back of title page only markings. Very good+ condition.

 Eight reports content  titles:
1. Mémoire sur l'état présent du Canada, attribué à M. Talon, 7 p.
2. Mémoire sur le Canada (1736), attribué à M. Hocquart, 14 p.
3. Considérations sur l'état présent du Canada (1758), 29 p.
4. Histoire du Canada par M. l'abbé de Belmont, 36 p...  Click for more information and photos.
Price: $ 150 USD OR $ 193 CDN        #3693      

ROLPH, Thomas [1801-1858]


1844. London, John Mortimer
First edition. 5-1/4 x 8-3/4 inches. xii, [1]-376pp.
In original dark green cloth neatly rebacked and with most of original back-strip laid down.
Inscribed: "To Brother Wyld from the Author Brother Rolph".
Rolph was the emigration agent for Upper Canada and the province of Canada from 1839 to 1843. Very good condition.
Thomas Rolph emigrated to Upper Canada in the summer of 1833 and settled in Ancaster where he began to practise as a surgeon in August. Rolph became known as a proponent of assisted emigration from Britain to the Canadas along the lines being advocated by Sir Robert John Wilmot-Horton and Edward Gibbon Wakefield.
He was appointed  the emigration agent for Upper Canada and the province of Canada from 1839 to 1843.

In 1844 he published his best-known work, Emigration and colonization; embodying the results of a mission to Great Britain and Ireland, during the years 1839, 1840, 1841, and 1842. The book contains detailed descriptions of his travels in the British Isles and in Upper Canada, reports of speeches (by himself and by others), and accounts of the societies he formed or helped to form.
...  Click for more details and photos;
Price: $ 750 USD OR $ 960 CDN        #0547             

BIBAUD, Michel [1782-1857]


1830. Montreal, Imprimés Par Ludger Duvernay,
First edition. Text in French. Small 8vo, contemporary plain cloth backed boards, half title, 3pl. [7]-178pp. [6]. Very good.
...the last 6 pages, there are 4 handwritten pages of the copy on pages, 99 to 102 which are hand-written copies of those printed pages in the book . Possibly Bibaud's own manuscript somehow bound in here?
French Canadian poet and historian in 1830. Designated in 1944; a plaque was dedicated in 1950. 
Old Lamps Aglow p.77

Bibaud's lyrical pieces sing of Amerindian chiefs and of Wolfe and Montcalm. His satirical verses target the lack of education and laziness he perceived among his contemporaries.
 ... Click for information and photos.  
Price: $ 750 USD OR $ 960 CDN        #2857              



[1847]. London, Thomas Dean & Son.
Later UK edition edition. 14.5cm x 11.5cm, (5 3/4 x 4 1/2 inches),  (4), [6]-62pp., with 7 hand-coloured full-page illustrations, including frontis - no ads.
Attractive hand-coloured plates. Illustrations by T.H. Jones after Whatman. Approximate date inferred from Brown, P. London publishers and printers c.1800-1870 and from Osborne (Worldcat). Very Good condition.

A circa 1845 in the Osborne Collection "first published by Dean and Munday about 1830.
Interesting to note the 4th edition [1847] is only numbered to 60pp. as the type is set tighter than our copy however it is noted in other descriptions there are numbering inconsistencies (Pagination error: pages 33,34 misnumbered 31,32 and pages 39,40 misnumbered 41,42.).  The 7 plates are not in the same sequence and ads included with one of them describing this book.
Osborne Coll., p. 236
 ... Click for information and photos.
Price: $ 500 USD OR $ 640 CDN        #4393               

BROWN, Moses (1738-1836)

7-1/2 x 10 inch autograph manuscript signed, no place or date but 1829. Overall condition very good

"...it is now the 23rd day of the ninth month 1829 the anniversary of my birth day, and being mercifully preserved to the age of ninety one years...my Heavenly Father, who hath graciously brought me through many trials and varied dispensations to the present time...."

Brown became an active abolitionist, an advocate for African Americans both slave and free.
He, together with his brothers, founded Brown University...   Click for more information and photos 
Price: $ 500 USD OR $ 640 CDN        #2884

LAZELLE, Henry Martyn [1832-1917]      

Remarkable military perspective written with a powerful pen commenting on The American Civil War.  
Autograph Letter Signed. Georgeville, Quebec Province, August 31, 1911. 5 pp. 7-3/4 x 10 inches. Superb content throughout: "The experiance (sic) of several years in charge of the publication of the records of the Rebellion convinced me that the history of the civil war can never be fairly written with good result as they are not traced to their real sources - campaigns may be described and battles gloried or mourned over, but minor fundamental can never be measured...Spotsylvania Court House and Kenesaw Mountain were unnecessary exhibitions of the slaughter of men - Chancellorsville of a great blunder by a half intoxicated Commander who provided neither scouts nor screen of cavalry... 
Henry Martyn Lazelle (1832-1917) Military officer. P.O.W. for over a year in the Civil War. Brevetted major in 1864.
In 1887, Lazelle was in charge of the publication of the official records of the Civil War....Click on for more information and photos;

Price: $ 600 USD OR $ 765 CDN   #3082

CARLETON, Sir Guy 1st Baron Dorchester [1724-1808]   
Document signed ("Guy Carleton"), one page (15 x 9-3/8 inches; 381 x 240 mm), Montreal, 19 June 1777, to John Powell, Deputy Paymaster General at Quebec, being an order for payment in the amount of five hundred pounds sterling made out to John Campbell, Commandant and Superintendent of Indians in the province of Quebec, countersigned by Powell on the verso; one short fold tear otherwise very good+

Sir Guy Carleton served in America beginning in 1758. He was governor of Quebec and commander of British forces in Canada (1775-77), during which time he repelled Montgomery and Benedict Arnold's attack on Quebec, defeated Arnold on Lake Champlain and re-took Crown Point. From 1782-83 he was Commander in Chief in Canada. General in 1793... Click for more information and photos
Price: $ 1,500 USD OR $ 1,920 CDN         #3432

FRY, Caroline (Mrs. Caroline Wilson) [1787-1846]        
9-1/8 x 7-1/4 inches.  
Hand written original poem (unpublished?)
Autograph manuscript signed "Caroline Wilson." One page. dated February 7,1839.
Draft of a poem titled Ex Gx or EG...died aged 18 years. Signed in fountain pen. The letter is neatly sewn, at the left edge, to 1/2 inch album page flap, small red was seal at top left half covered by this strip, otherwise very good condition.

Caroline Fry, later Mrs. Caroline Wilson can rightfully be considered a church theologian, a writer, a poet and a Christian educator. Fry has produced an impressive list of publications over her life. ...she wrote devotional meditations, prayers, poetry and recounted moral lessons one might learn from the life stories
...Click on for more information and photos;
Price: $ 1,000 USD OR $ 1,280 CDN   #5041

  DICKSON, Walter (1828-1890?)       
Two ASL  Winnipeg, 7th July 1879 (2 pages, 8v0); Lake Francis Manitoba, 24th December 1882, 3 pages, 8vo.
Each to Robert Bell of the Canadian Geographical Survey. Each has terrific content regarding explorations in the Manitoba wilderness.
Walter Dickson, Winnipeg based Canadian Geologist. He was a fur trader and later a farmer in Manitoba ....Click on for more information and photos;
Price: $ 400 USD OR $ 510 CDN   #3718

CAMPBELL, John George Edward Henry Campbell,  Marquess of LORNE and 9th Duke of ARGYLL [1845-1914]        
2 separate pages written on one side only. 5 x 8-1/2 inches. Letter from the Governor General Lorne from Rideau Ottawa 16th Dec '78 to Archibald Campbell Esq. of Thornhill Quebec. Relating to a social meeting, being Governor General  of of diversified nationality and their Scottish heritage.

John George Edward Henry Douglas Sutherland Campbell, Marquess of Lorne and later 9th Duke of Argyll, married Queen Victoria's fourth daughter Louise at Windsor in 1871. From 1878 to 1883, he was Governor-General of Canada ...Click on for more information and photos;
Price: $ 250 USD OR $ 320 CDN   #3391

MILLIDGE, Thomas (1735-1816)        
8 x 13 inch autograph 4pp with 2pp letter signed, (one and one-quarter pages and docket info on last page), Nova Scotia, June 25, 1802, to William Meredith.  
"...I do not understand to who, the 600,000 Sterling is to be paid if to those Creditors whose Debtors were Solvent at the commencement of the Revolution... it appears His Majesty is to authorize certain persons to receive the same...  If I must come to attend the prosecutions I had rather give all up than risque myself in Jersey considering the vile Treatment I received when in Morris County am apprehensive murder would be the consequence should I come carry on prosecutions not do I see any reason for my personal attendance...."  
Fold with a split at the bottom and a 1/2" hole in 2nd page not affecting any text. Overall very good condition otherwise.
Thomas Millidge  (1735-1816) Surveyor, judge, political figure in Nova Scotia. At the end of the American Revolution, he was granted land in the Annapolis Valley area in Nova Scotia ....Click on for more information and photos;
Price: $ 650 USD OR $ 830 CDN   #2720

MATANIA, Fortunino [1881-1963] (artist)
[1760]. [London] 
  circa 1760. Very early edition. This hand-coloured engraving was trimmed to the edges 295mm x  448mm  ( 11-5/8 x 17-5/8 inches) and mounted to a dark card stock. The English only title was mounted on the reverse on the reverse of the dark mounted card.  The trimmed mounted engraving has wear to the corners causing some minor rounding.  There is surface dirt and soiling on the engraving more so on the sky area. Good- condition...  Click for more information and photos  
Price: $ 195 USD OR $ 250 CDN   #3266

COCKBURN, Major-General James Pattison [1778 - 1847]    

Image: 49.5 x 63 cm. Paper: 50 x 63.7 cm.
circa 1789.  
Uncoloured engraving by Theod. Falckeysen after the painting by Benjamin West. This image depicts distraught Grenadiers standing and kneeling by the side of a fallen General Wolfe at the Plains of Abraham, Quebec ...Click for more information and photos: 
Price: $ 750 USD OR $ 960 CDN   #2708

CARLETON, Sir Guy 1st Baron DORCHESTER [1724-1808]    
1793. British Government

4 pages, 8 x 12-1/4 inch and 1 page affixed to page three, of detailed accounts, dated, Quebec, October 28, 1793, giving an account of money that is owed from October 25th to December 14th 1793.
Moderate soiling with tattered edges professionally repaired and minor browning, otherwise in very good condition. Exlibrary small stamp (W.C Putnam collection Davenport Public Museum) on p2, p4 and mounted insert page on p3
Sir Guy Carleton served in America beginning in 1758. He was governor of Quebec and commander of British forces in Canada (1775-77), during which time he repelled Montgomery and Benedict Arnold's attack on Quebec, defeated Arnold on Lake Champlain and re-took Crown Point. From 1782-83 he was Commander in Chief in Canada. General in 1793.... Click for more information and photos
Price: $ 900 USD OR $ 1,150 CDN   #4593

15-3/4 x 13-3/4 inches, was folded now flat, typed and handwritten manuscript and transfer document with docketing information handwritten on verso. Faded seal, agetoned, some spotting, some small 1/4 inch holes at top centre affecting printed letter E in Province and creases, otherwise very good condition. Some content and detail...
The Great Western Railway Company...Township of Harwich in the County of Kent...Fifty Seven dollar...

Great Western Railway. The London and Gore Railroad Co, incorporated 6 May 1834, changed its name to the Great Western Rail Road Co in 1845 and to the Great Western Railway in 1853...Click for more information and photos
Price: $ 250 USD   OR $ 320 CDN     #3126

Québec Chamber of Commerce


Six Commercial single page, two sided, Lists from Quebec, regarding the arrival and departure of ships, imports, exports and other news relating to this trade. Five are entitled "The Commercial List" and the other is "The Quebec Commercial List".  Approximate size is 12-1/4 x 7-3/4 inches except the 1817 which is smaller 11-3/4 x 7 inches).
Vol. 2 No. 11 Monday July 28, 1817
Vol. 6 No. 14 Thursday August 16, 1821
Vol. 6 No. 15 Thursday August 23, 1821
Vol. 6 No. 16 Thursday August 30, 1821
Vol. 6 No. 17 Thursday September 6, 1821
Vol. 6 No. 18 Thursday September 13, 1821... Click for more information and photos; 

Price: $ 600 USD   OR $ 750 CDN     #4359

1804. Province of Upper Canada
17 x 15-1/4 inches, was folded now flat, some angular trimming on the left and more so on the bottom left side and two small holes in top portion of the document, otherwise good condition.
Signed & initialed by Peter Hunter, also signed by Peter Russell and William Jarvis. Dated 17 March, 1804  and signed 20 March, 1804
HUNTER, Peter, (1746-1805), Lieutenant-General; Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces in Canada, 1799-1805; Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, 1799-1805.
RUSSELL, Peter (1733-1808); President and Administrator of the Government of Upper Canada (1796-99). He was also a member of the Executive and Legislative Councils and held the post of Upper Canada's first Receiver-General of Upper Canada, 1792-1808.
Price: $ 750 USD   OR $ 955 CDN     #3109

"John Holland may have have sketched this likeness of himself. Very little is known about him, apart that he was an amateur draughtsman an etcher."

John Holland (1734.1807) - printmaker; British (of Peterhouse, Cambridge. Etcher.) Pencil sketch or drawing on heavy paper, cut in an oval shape, 6" high by 5" wide approximately. On the bottom right quadrant of the portrait a tiny but,  visible  monogram, reading JH 1753. (John Holland?)
ON the reverse of the drawing is written, "John Holland Esq.  and farther below a date of 1753.
Some small areas of foxing otherwise very good+ condition... Click for more information and photos.
Price: $ 600 USD   OR $ 765 CDN     #3304

5-1/4 x 8-1/4, August 24, 1775, 32pp., disbound, VG. From the interior, 3-1/2 pages and signed in type by John Hancock, President, a complete printing of Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms.

 In part, A Declaration by the Representatives of the United Colonies of North-America, now met in Congress at Philadelphia, setting forth the causes and necessity of their taking up arms...

The document was prepared by the Second Continental Congress to explain to the world why the American colonies had taken up arms against Great Britain. It is a combination of the work of Thomas Jefferson and Colonel John Dickinson (well-known for his series "Letters from a Pennsylvania Farmer.").... Click for more information and photos; 
Price: $ 600 USD   OR $ 765 CDN     #3477

1798 Manuscript Document Signed as General Commanding the Southern District consisting of the counties of Kent, Sussex, and Surrey, two pages, 12¼ x 7¾ inches, Maidstone, Jan. 4, 1798. "Account of Contingent Expences for His Majesty's Service...from 1st to 31st December 1797...." fine condition. Grey's signature is bold

Charles Grey (1729-1807) was  a British general who served in the Seven Years War, the American War of Independence and the French Revolutionary War; 1st Earl Grey... Click for more information and photos;
Price: $ 400 USD   OR $ 510 CDN     #3648

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