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November 2017 Discovery Navigator
Giddy Up
I hope you've been enjoying the annual slideshows each Sunday during worship.  I also hope you've been enjoying our cowboy hosts for each slide show.
One thing I truly love about our church is a willingness to have fun.  Our theme this year, "Grace Spurs Us Forward," immediately has an element of fun to it and we've been particularly rocking that "spurs" angle.
Many of the slides have shown us having fun across the past year.  And as we've talked about before, fun is a part of our mission and ministry.  This isn't because we know life is all fun and games or that we only seek what is easy and comfortable.  It is because joy is a fruit, a by-product, a norm of life with Jesus Christ.
While we are having fun with the cowboy side of "spurs," you might also be noticing that when I'm preaching I'm thinking about another side of "spurs"--how discomfort is a part of sharing and growing in grace.  As Christians we don't want to get too comfortable.  In this season of thanking God for the past year of ministry at Discovery through slides we are reminded of all the ways God has sustained and inspired us.  It gives us hope and pluck for the year ahead.  I hope you will cowboy up in the invitation to pledge yourselves and your resources to Christ and ministry here in 2018.   Yee Haw, Partners!  Pastor Sarah Dickinson
Recent Ministry
Hosting Presbytery on October 26 - Thanks for all the help!

500th Anniversary of Protestant Reformation &  No Fear Sunday 10/29/17
Thanks for hosting Nora & PDA Training
Youth Snapshot
Wednesday Youth Fellowship Groups
November 8 & November 22
5:30-6:30 6th-8th graders
6:30-7:30 Shared meal
7:30-8:30 9th-12th graders
We meet in the new Lower Hall.
Youth are welcome to come early or stay late and do homework or practice instruments.
It's great when the o lder group a rrives early & helps get the meal and set up going.  And it's great when the younger group stays until all the dishes are done!
Our individual group time is spent in the youth lounge - next door to the nursery.
Are you on the Youth Email Newsletter List?
More pictures and information are there. 
For youth, households and youth ministry supporters
Contact the church office to get on this special list.
Body of Christ Notes and Thank Yous!
Don't forget to check the church office window for updates, notes, news stories of interest, and other tidbits! 
Discovery Calendar!
November 2017 Calendar     

Date Start Time Event Description
1 6:15 PM Chime Choir
  7:00 PM Chancel Choir
2 Noon-1:00 PM Bible Study
3 1:30-2:30 PM  Bible Study
4 Noon Seafarers @ Pizza Ranch in Papillion 
5   All Saints - No Excuse  - Set Clocks Back
  9:15 AM  Bible Study for All Ages
  10:30 AM Worship
    Fellowship after Worship
  3:00 PM Book Club
7 6:00 PM Fellowship & Fun Meeting
  6:45 PM Deacon Meeting
8 5:30-8:30 PM  Youth Groups
  6:15 PM Chime Choir
  7:00 PM Chancel Choir
9 Noon-1:00 PM Bible Study
  6:45 PM Session Meeting
10   Michelle is out of the Office
  1:30-2:30 PM  Bible Study
  6:00 PM Nicaragua Skype Call
11 9:00 AM Bread Making for Communion
12   Give Thanks to God Sunday
  9:15 AM Bible Study for All Ages
  10:30 AM Worship
    Chili after Worship - Give Thanks
  5:00-7:00 PM Young Adult Group @ Church
14 7:00 PM Finance/Stewardship Meeting
15 5:30-8:30 PM Youth Groups
  6:15 PM Chime Choir
  7:00 PM Chancel Choir
16 Noon-1:00 PM Bible Study
17 1:30-2:30 PM  Bible Study
19 9:15 AM Bible Study for All Ages
  10:30 AM Worship
  Theme Team Meets after Worship
    Band Practice Begins after Worship
    Fellowship after Worship
  PM Crossroads Ministry 
22 5:30-8:30 PM Youth Groups
  6:15 PM Chime Choir
  7:00 PM Chancel Choir
23   Thanksgiving Day
    23-24 Office Closed - Thanksgiving Holiday
23   No Bible Study - Thanksgiving Break
24   No Bible Study - Thanksgiving Break
26 9:15 AM Bible Study for All Ages
  10:30 AM Worship
    Fellowship after Worship
    Band Practice after Worship
    Fellowship Movie after Worship "Prince of Egypt"
29 6:15 PM Chime Choir
  7:00 PM Chancel Choir
30 Noon-1:00 PM Bible Study

December Up Coming Events
December 3- 1st Sunday of Advent, Potluck lunch & activity
December 24 - 10:30 AM Celebrate 4th Sunday of Advent
December 24 - (same day!) Celebrate Christmas
4:00 PM & 10:00 PM
"No Excuse" Sunday November 5
Set clocks back, enjoy extra sleep, see you in church!
Saturday night November 4
Remember to "fall back" one hour 
with your clocks.  Enjoy your extra hour of sleep and  see you 
Sunday November 5
There's no excuse to miss!  
10:30 Worship   
9:15 Study for all ages

All Saints Sunday is also November 5
We give thanks to God for loved ones (saints) who have gone before us and are now in eternal life with the Lord. Feel free to write the names of these loved ones on slips of paper and place by or near a cross in our commons area.

Sunday November 12 - Chili Lunch Provided
Give thanks to God!
Our annual event - 
All are welcome!
We dedicate our pledge to serve God across 2018 and give thanks to God for the gift of being in community.
You may also return financial pledges during a special time in worship this day.
Special Events
Advent, Christmas, Epiphany Preparations
November 19:  Theme Team begins after worship!
November 19:  Christmas Band begins after worship!

Movie Fellowship - Celebrate Exodus Study!
November 26:  Movie Fellowship Treats and then watch "Prince of Egypt" shortly after fellowship time.
Mission:  Crossroads Connection
-Clothing & Item Drive
-Extra Halloween Candy
-November 19 Meal help
We are collecting a wide range of items for 
Crossroads Connection Prison ministry.
A full and detailed list is on church bulletin boards, but in summary:
The ministry could use...
men's, women's, and children's clothes, shoes, coats, hats, gloves, bedding, small kitchen appliances, toasters, can openers, electric frying pans, and NEW bottles of shampoo, soaps, toothpaste, etc.
You may leave your donations in front of the main offices area by the piano. 

ALSO:  If you have leftover Halloween Candy, bring it in.  It will be used for those incarcerated.
ALSO, ALSO:  Be listening for how you can help with the meal that we are serving there on November 19.
Mission:  School Angel Tree
Angel Tree
Please keep a look out for our Angel Tree in the commons area coming up in November.
You can get tags for gifts or make donations for meal cards.
Thank you so much for your support of children and families in need at our local elementary school!   
Young Adults - November 19 5-7PM
Our next Young Adult gathering is here at church and will include a meal.  If you need childcare, please let Pastor Sarah know.  
Special Thanks

Thank you for all the support for this year's CROP Walk! 
We raised $550.00!

Exodus Study:  Remember and Keep Moving
We have now begun a study of the extraordinary Book of Exodus!

Everyone is welcome to take a study booklet.
Study on your own or join one of the study groups:
Thursdays 12-1
Fridays 1:30-2:30
Sundays 9:15 AM
Let Michelle know if we need to mail you a copy.
Mission Prayers
Nicaraguan Partners of the Month
Church Name                                            Name of Pastor
Eternal Rock JUAN CALERO
Akobo West Presbyterian Church - South Sudan. 
This is Samuel and Mary's home area.
For peace and healing amid violent situations near and far
Music Snapshot

6:15 Chime Choir practice
7:00 Chancel Choir practice
Christmas Band begins on November 19

Meet in the sanctuary
All are Welcome!
Discovery Book Club

November 5th
3:00 PM
For our next Book Club we will be reading
"Shadow Shaper" by Daniel Jose Older
Meet @ the Dickinsons' home.  
Come even if you didn't read the book.
Office Notes from Michelle

You are always welcome to e-mail the office or you can give me a call from 
10:15 AM until 3:15 PM 
Monday through Friday. 
If you have something on your mind, or when you would like to put something in the Navigator I'm here for you.

Thanks and God bless!!   

Michelle's Fun Side

November is the pearl-grey month, 
the changeling between warm crimson October 
and cold white December, 
the month when the leaves fall in slow drifting whirls,
 and the shapes of the trees are revealed, 
when the earth imperceptibly wakes, 
and stretches her bare limbs 
and displays her stubborn unconquerable 
strength before she settles uneasily into the winter. 
 November is a secret and silent.  
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