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THE PHOENIX BEAKIN'             
November 4th
Springfield, VA
Adam Patterson
Zoo Knoxville
November 5th
Rockville, MD
Did You Know?
November 18th
Alexander, NC
November 18th
Fairfax, VA
No Place Like Home
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2018 Wellness Retreat  ~  May 5-6, 2018
Registration for our 4th Wellness Retreat in Asheville, NC. is now open!!   Please join us for another phenomenal variety of veterinarians, scientists, and teachers who know how to make learning fun! The theme for 2018 is  Problem-Solving Some problems we can't avoid - such is life. Other problems we can prevent, and that's always the best solution. In both cases, knowing how to address these i ssues can make all the difference for birds, both in the wild and in our homes.  

Our guests include Dr. Rowan Martin, Africa Program Director with the World Parrot Trust; Stephanie Edlund from Sweden for behavior and enrichment; Sheron Hagelston for toy-making; Dr. Jason Crean for nutrition; and avian veterinarians in alphabetical order for many other health topics: Drs. Bob Dahlhausen, Keven Flammer, Susan Orosz, Giacomo Rossi (from Italy), Frank Rutowski, and Scott Stahl.  To register, go to:

We recommend making hotel reservations soon for the best rates
Adam Patterson, Lead Avian Trainer, Zoo Knoxville 
Adam is the lead bird show trainer at Zoo Knoxville, so he has learned to be super savvy about behavior, positive reinforcement, and training. These are skills all of us can learn and put to use every day in our relationships with our companion parrots too.  
Adam is going to talk about what his birds do in the shows, some of the husbandry behaviors he teaches (weighing, shifting, etc.), and then tie this back to how we live with our companion parrots.  Here is a photo of Adam with Einstein the famous African grey. They make for a great team at Zoo Knoxville!
I t's also Adam's birthday weekend, join us for cake and celebration afterwards!  More information about place and time at
2018 Membership Program and Calendar Now Available!

Each level has its own benefits, and all memberships include a 2018 calendar and tax deductible donation. The bamboo limited edition 2018 membership shirt features a photo by Kevin Blaylock, taken at the Buraco das Araras sinkhole in Brazil. Many of the photos in the calendar were taken by Kevin as well.  He was a great friend to parrots and Phoenix Landing, so we are dedicating the shirt and calendar to his memory this year.
Join any time, benefits are good for one year thereafter. Your support helps the many parrots of Phoenix Landing.  Click here to join! Or here to buy only the calendar.
For those of you that participate in the Combined Federal Campaign,  our code is 3 1469.  Your sup port is immeasurable, and makes it possible for us to provide adoption and education services in many places!  Thanks to you and everyone else that helps the parrots of Phoenix Landing via your workplace donation programs!!
Some of Our Many Adoptable Birds
2,782 birds have entered the Phoenix Landing adoption program since 2003, many of which have already been adopted more than once. Birds can live a long time and deserve to have a succession of good homes. There are currently 113 birds in foster, and 132 others waiting for our help.  Please consider adoption first!  Here are just a few of our many adoptable birds. Learn more about our process here:
HOUDINI  is a male goffins cockatoo of an unknown age.  He came to us from a North Carolina shelter several months ago. Due to limited space at The Landing, he has been sharing an outdoor aviary with a couple of other cockatoos.  Now that winter is soon upon us, we would prefer he find a home environment. Houdini is a very good flier, and this is a great skill to maintain in our homes, when possible. He relishes his fresh and healthy foods, also something we want him to maintain. He is very cautious around people, but that is actually a positive trait; some male cockatoos are the opposite! Are you interested in slowly making friends and building trust with a spunky, beautiful cockatoo?
SOJI  is a 16 year old male lesser sulphur crested cockatoo. He also currently lives in the outdoor aviary at The Landing. Soji flies well, but he's mostly a hopper - he busily hops from perch to perch, or all over the aviary ground. Many cockatoos are natural ground feeders, but we have to be careful about this in our homes - as birds on the floor can easily get hurt or into trouble chasing people or other pets.  Nothing is absolute, but we're thinking Soji would do best in a home with one person. If you think he's cool, and he thinks your cool too, he's very receptive to a relationship. Soji enjoys unshelled walnuts as his big reward, and we thank the Parrot Posse for the recent 50 lb bags of walnuts and almonds!
TANGO  is a 27 year female yellow naped Amazon with a huge personality. She loves to talk and knows many words. Tango absolutely loves when you mimic what she is saying. She is very smart and often repeats back the names of the dogs and cats she has known during her life.  She eats Harrison's pellets and other fresh foods like peas, carrots, apple, etc. Almonds are her special treat. Tango likes to shred wood and wicker toys, but takes her time destroying them. She also likes to play with water. For example, she likes it when you spray her with water while she dunks her head in the bowl.  She loves having her head scratched and she is also stick trained.  Want to be entertained? Tango is ready!
KNOX was abandoned in an apartment and apparently lived only on sunflower seeds and in a small, dirty cage. Thanks to the maintenance staff, he was delivered to someone who made sure to find him help. He's now on a path to better living, and is especially glad to have more space, a wide variety of perch sizes and types to run around on, and lots of healthy food choices. We do not know how old he is, but he appears young. Thanks to Dr. Katherine Baine of the Animal Emergency & Speciality Center in Knoxville - not only for hosting our educational workshop last weekend, but also for helping little Knox get the immediate medical attention he needed and deserved.  
RILEY is a 14 year old black capped Lory. He is a bit shy at first but once he gets to know you and trust you he is happy just being together. Riley certainly loves his lory nectar powder along with a bottle of water apple juice beside it. He also likes to perch on your finger eating a green apple. Riley likes hanging out on his hut and chattering.  He wants to migrate to your shoulder upon occasion, but having parrots on our shoulders is generally not recommended since we can't see their body language or predict when something may startle them.  This poses risks for us. Riley is missing some feathers on his chest, but otherwise he's gorgeously colored!

Our Wish List
Sponsors for travel for our event  speakers, especially for the 2018 Wellness Retreat - maybe you have a special interest in meeting one of our speakers and would like to sponsor their travel or use air miles for their ticket; copy paper; flax seed; large wood blocks with holes, kamut, and quinoa. And we really appreciate your support by shopping with us at

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2018 "Step-Up" Workshop Dates
2018 workshop dates now set: March 23-25 and August 10-12. This intensive 3-day event is designed to give people an abundance of information about parrot care,  from behavior and health, to nutrition and enrichment. In addition to lectures, there will be hands-on  training sessions, cooking classes, and time to discuss issues of specific importance to you. We will work with  the adoptable birds at the Phoenix Landing facility, so you can teach behavior, foraging and feeding new foods first hand. All of us can learn new things to improve our relationships with our parrots. Anyone with parakeets to macaws will benefit!  More information at: