´╗┐One of the coolest thing for the new Commodore and their spouse is the Annual Tree Trimming Party . Our ABYC Commodore gets to pick the theme of the tree and the whole Social Advisory Committee has fun gathering ornaments and decor to match the desired theme. I can't spill the beans and let you know what theme was picked ... you'll have to come down and learn that yourself ... But I will guarantee you a great time with awesome people, fantastic food (soups, rolls and holiday cookies) and our "ABYC family" that is truly indescribable!

This year, our beloved SAC has also added a LIVE Barbershop Quartet! YUP! FOUR AMAZING GUYS, known as the BeachNuts Quartet singing LIVE to all of us. How cool is that? The musical merriment is gonna be on steroids tomorrow night! You're not going to wanna miss it!

Although reservations were due yesterday, I spoke with Julissa this morning and guess what ? ... We have a few spots still available. So pick up the phone and make your RSVP. Then grab up that ugly sweater and let's see who can embarrass themselves, their spouse, significant other or their children the most!

See you tomorrow night!

Stacy Massey
Your ABYC Communications Cheerleader   *\0/*