Almost 200 governments signed an unprecedented agreement last year to phase out fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy in the second half of the century.

This agreement, signed in the French capital and seen as a turning point for global climate policy, comes into force on Friday. Here's why it matters.

The class of 2017 has selected a permanent, annual source of funding available to Lion's Pantry, the student food bank, to help in-need and at-risk students by providing free food to any student with a Penn State ID. Annual funding will be proportional to the initial amount given, so make your gift today to support food security at Penn State!

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Thanksgiving is generally about three things: tradition, food and family, all of which can make it seem like a difficult time to change behavior and go green.  But new traditions begin some time or another, so what better day than Thanksgiving? Try going green (or greener) this year by incorporating some eco-friendly changes to your holiday shopping, food, decorations and travel with these easy and fun tips.

Scientists are clear about the reality of climate change and we should be too. It's more critical than ever that we support leaders who listen to scientists and are committed to making climate solutions a reality. Climate change throws natural systems out of balance - to often devastating effect. What does that mean? Here's a helpful 101-style refresher on climate change.

Sustainability issues are often civic issues and now is the time to use your voice by voting. Your polling location may have changed; find your polling location and let your voice be heard. 

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