The staff of Pollock Dining Commons have demonstrated their commitment to sustainability at Penn State by recently completing the 4th and final level of Green Paws, a green certification program at Penn State. Pollock Commons joins the ranks of only 14 other groups to have completed Level 4 out of a total of 202 participating units. They were also one of the fastest groups to complete the entire program, taking only a year and a half. Many found the checklist's actions effective and less daunting than they had imagined. "A lot of stuff is easier than you think. "I was afraid to find out how bad we were at conserving energy, but I realized we already do a lot of it," according to one of Pollock's staff members.  As a Level 4 certified unit, they received a certificate as well as a letter from President Barron personally thanking them for their efforts.

To bring you the holiday spirit and celebrate the time off from work, our staff at the Sustainability Institute has written the the best version yet of 'Twas the Night Before Closure

Along with this poem, we have included the Holiday Shutdown checklist to help guide your office through the necessary steps to reduce the waste of electricity and money while you are out of the office enjoying time with friends and family. Thanks to your individual efforts and OPP's actions, the University has saved approximately $225,000/year with the holiday energy reduction program and could save even more with your help! Please nominate one member of your office to be the "shutdown elf" to be responsible for ensuring all the steps on the checklist are followed by Thursday, Dec. 22.

Hunter's Sharing the Harvest (HSH) venison donation program has coordinated the processing and distribution of donated wild game from hunters and municipal herd reduction sources to hungry families throughout Pennsylvania. HSH's goal is to help nourish the more than 1.8 million Pennsylvanians who are classified as food insecure. 

The question of whether it is environmentally correct to buy a real Christmas tree has been asked repeatedly in recent years, and an expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences wants to lay it to rest permanently. The answer, according to Ricky Bates, associate professor of ornamental horticulture, is an emphatic, "Yes!"

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