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The months are falling away at a rapid pace, where exactly did October go? Enter November, the season of gratitude, one of my favorite times of the year.  In November, we begin to slow down and settle into our "normalized" pace, and our true work begins. A collective sigh of peace is felt all around. These next months are a special time for learning, growing and friendship building at Children's House. 

Many thanks to families who were able to make it to Mom & Dad Night last week.  Staff appreciate your attendance to these evening events, and your children do as well.  Remember, evening events at Children's House count towards your Parent Partnership hours, check your Parent Folder for your log sheet and fill out the hours you have accumulated thus far.  

This month's calendar is low key due to Thanksgiving Break, please note our Board of Directors will meet one week earlier than usual this month in order to accommodate break.  

On signal, the last day of October brought wind gusts and slightly cooler temperatures compared to last week's balmy Indian Summer days.  As always, please guide your child to make appropriate clothing choices daily.  Layer up.  

Be sure to check out the Fundraising Update section of this newsletter for information on revolving fundraising programs  These events are easy ways that you can help contribute to our school with out selling items from catalogs or hitting the streets.  

November Calendar
  • School Advisory Committee (SAC) meets, Tuesday November 1st, 4:00 pm, Beech Campus
  • PTO Meets:  Monday November 7th, 5:30 pm, Children's House Free childcare provided.  PLEASE NOTE NEW DAY.  
  • Finance Committee Meets:  Friday November 11th, 5:30 pm, Beech Campus
  • Board of Directors Meet:  November 14th, 5:30pm, Beech Campus
  • Thanksgiving Break-NO SCHOOL, November 21st-24th
  • Giving Tuesday, all day:  Online giving campaign for Children's House Tuition Assistance Program-more details coming soon.  
Stone Soup & food drive, an annual event
Families, please join us for Stone Soup on Thursday, December 1st.  Parent volunteer assistance with chopping and soup preparation is always welcomed and appreciated! Look out for the location announcement in the coming weeks.  

What is "STONE SOUP"? There are many different interpretations of the folk tale "Stone Soup". We read a version written by Jon J Moth. In this story 3 monks are traveling the countryside when they happen upon a village that has suffered from famine, war, and floods. The villagers are very wary of the strangers. A curious little girl approaches the monks and the story begins. In the end, the villagers and the monks enjoy a glorious feast together that they create when the villagers slowly emerge from their homes with one or two items to contribute to the pot. After every family adds just one item there is eventually a huge pot of food for all to share. As the monks leave the villagers thank them and tell them "with the gifts you have given, we will always have plenty. You have shown us that sharing makes us all richer." This story is wonderful reminder of the true meaning of the holiday season and the idea of giving. We have many conversations around giving, generosity and sharing; how it makes us feel, how it makes others feel, and what it brings into our lives. We will be asking the children to bring in an item, (i.e.: a few carrots, bag of pea pods, a couple of potatoes, garlic, bouillon, meat etc.), for our soup. It's always an adventure to see what is created, and it's always a yummy lesson in community and the spirit of trust and cooperation.  We do not organize what is brought in, we may end up with a brothy potato soup, or a hearty vegetable stew! PLEASE Come join us to celebrate this special event!

Last year, Children's House thought celebrating Stone Soup may also be a good time to introduce community giving on a larger scale to our young friends, and requested families to bring a non-perishable food item in addition to Stone Soup items the evening of the event.  We were able to collect several boxes of food that were donated to the Good Samaritan Food Bank in Cortez.  We hope to exceed last year's giving.  
Philosophy Corner:

The child is introduced to the Sensorial area of the Montessori classroom after he has worked in practical life, become familiar with classroom rules and correct handling of materials, and is used to the idea of a full cycle of activity. While the sensorial exercises no longer involve familiar objects, they are working with skills the child uses every day- his senses. READ MORE




Sensorial Exercises

PTO Press.....

The next meeting for Kiva Parents and Teachers Organization (PTO) is scheduled for Monday, November 7th from 5:30 - 6:30 pm at Kiva Children's House.  All parents and teachers are invited to come.  Free childcare is being provided.   

At this meeting we will be discussing upcoming plans for the Veteran's Day Parade on November 11th.  Anyone who is interested in helping with this event please contact Kiva PTO at  We will also be discussing status report from the Building and Location Committee and are looking forward to some reports from teachers about the special events they have been doing with the children. 

PTO would like to publicly thank the parents who volunteered to bring meals to our teachers at Kiva Charter during the parent teacher conferences.  A BIG thanks to Angie Seeley, Stacey Weyand, Alex Prime, Erin Tanner and Wendy Daniel.

Kiva PTO has been hard at work for our schools.  This last month we funded a dry erasable white board with musical staff lines for Ms. Brooke's music classes at Kiva Charter.   We also funded "Bat Snacks" for a special education event with teachers Ms. Lindsay and Ms. Whitehead at Kiva Charter.

If you have a suggestion or a question, please come to the Kiva PTO meeting.  We have so many amazing parents and teachers in our school.  We look forward to getting to know each other.  If you are not able to attend but have something that you would like to ask please email it to  Thank you.

Dena Thomason
Kiva PTO President

From our Board of Directors.....
Hello, Children's House Kiva parents!  The Board of Directors of Children's Kiva Children's House changes every year by a member or two.  We are made up of both current and recent Kiva Children's House parents and community members. Allow me to introduce you to your board this year:
  • President Matt Clark is an architect and has a son, Owen, in Amy's class.
  • Vice-President, Gabi Morey is an environmental educator and is mom to two sons, Sam and Leo, who are both now in the Kiva Elementary School.
  • Tamia Hurst, our amazingly organized Secretary has a son, Landon, in Susan's class, and two other boys in the Elementary School.  She is also the secretary for the Kiva Elementary/Middle School board.
  • Our Treasurer, Chad Fish works for BP and is dad to 6 children - 4 Kiva students and 2 High School students. He is also a joint board member on the Kiva Elementary/Middle School board.
  • Shamai Buckel, Member at Large, is a Wellness Educator and is mom to Kalyn and Cy who are both now at the Kiva Elementary School.
  • Andrew Campo is the Band Director at Cortez Middle School. He is a Member at Large, and is dad to TJ, now at Kiva Elementary, and a young daughter.
  • Another Member at Large is Eric Ikenouye.  He has a toddler at home, and is the Director of the Cortez Public Library.
  • Our most recently joined board member is Cayce McCain.  She is a speech therapist with San Juan BOCES and has twins, Ole and Elsa, in Angela and Susan's classes. 
As always, we welcome you to join us at our monthly board meetings.  This month's meeting is Monday, November 14th, 5pm at the Children's Kiva Elementary/Middle School at the Beech Street campus. 

Children's House has a variety of everyday ways you can contribute to our organization by simply living out your everyday life.  Funds raised via these organizations support our Tuition Assistance Program thereby allowing funds to be funneled towards: building and grounds maintenance, classroom materials and supplies procurement and replacement, outdoor equipment replacement and so on.

City Market offers Community Rewards to non-profits and community schools.  Simply sign up and associate your City Market Value Card with The Children's Kiva to begin earning rewards for our school today.   Sign Up

Amazon Smiles rewards our .5% of your purchases to our school for by simply shopping Amazon Smiles.   Sign up

Mighty Nest is yet another website that donates (15% of your purchase!) to our school.  Mighty Nest offers a variety of environmentally safe lunch, kitchen and household products to your doorstep. Sign Up

Box Tops: Box Top collection continues.  For your convenience collection bags have been placed in the Parent Folder boxes near your child's sign in sheets.  Click here  for a list of participating products.


As always, your questions, concerns and ideas are important; please come see me.


Alexia Hudson-McGrath
Children's House