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I can hardly believe we are already welcoming November, our Indian Summer is quickly changing into blustery fall weather with snow expected on Thursday.  On that note: please g uide your child to layer their clothing and to make appropriate clothing choices each day.  Please ensure your child comes to school with adequate outer layers to keep them comfortable during our morning outside time.  Licensing allows outside time to occur in temperatures above 20c. On mornings with below freezing temperatures please bring your child into the building; as the temperature warms children are escorted outside for outside time.  We spend a good amount of time outdoors & wish our friends comfortable.

I would like to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to two integral team members that I have had the pleasure to work with.  First, as many of you know Cari Spoonemore our PTO President will be relocating to Arizona by this month's end.  Cari was a Charter Founding Committee member as well as the main driver for the re-establishment of PTO.  Cari and her team have really moved our PTO into a new high functioning era.  Cari, you and your family will be missed by many including myself.  I am so thankful for all you have accomplished for our school and families; you are appreciated.   I have enjoyed working with you, listening to your ideas, collaborating with you over the last few years and watching your beautiful family grow.  Please keep in touch.  Next, I would like to acknowledge Josh Warinner, our Executive Director who will be relocating with his family back to Grand Junction. While Josh is not yet ready to say goodbye; I would like to extend my gratitude to him for working so hard for our children, families, staff, board and school.  Josh, like Cari you will be missed.  You are a true champion for children!

You will notice in our school calendar that school pictures are scheduled for November 11th at 10am; afternoon families may bring your children at 10am for their photo.  We ask that you remain with your child during the session then return at normal drop off time.  If you are unable to make the 10am session, please let me know as soon as possible; arrangements can be made to accommodate an afternoon session at a later date.  Order envelopes will go out by the Thursday.  

Be sure to check out the Fundraising Update section of this newsletter for information on revolving fundraising programs  These events are easy ways that you can help contribute to our school with out selling items from catalogs or hitting the streets.  

I will be out of the office Wednesday through Friday this week; I am traveling to Houston for training. Please see Yvonne in the office if you need assistance; if she is unable to answer your questions I am available via email.

November Calendar
  • Finance Committee meets Monday November 9th, 5:00 pm, Beech Campus. 
  • PTO Meets:  Tuesday November 10th, 5:30 pm, Children's House Free childcare provided.
  • School Advisory Committee (SAC) meets, Wednesday November 11th 4:00 pm, Beech Campus
  • Equal Exchange Fair Trade Fundraiser-Third annual fundraiser Nov.9th-18th
  • School Picture Day Wednesday November 11th, 10am.  Lapita Arviso, EMS parent is offering low cost student photos.  More information coming soon.  Keep an eye out in your parent folders. for details and order envelopes.
  • Board of Directors Retreat Friday November 13th (5pm-9pm) & Saturday November 14th (9-am-4pm), Beech Campus Community Room.
  • Stone Soup Wednesday November 18th 5:30pm Location TBA
  • Thanksgiving Break-NO SCHOOL, November 23rd-November 27th
Stone Soup, an annual event
F amilies, please join us for Stone Soup on Wednesday Nov. 18th at 5:30pm.  This year we will move this annual event to the evening so more families may attend. Parent volunteer assistance with chopping and soup preparation is always welcomed and appreciated! Look out for the location announcement in the coming weeks.  

What is "STONE SOUP"? There are many different interpretations of the folk tale "Stone Soup". We read a version written by Jon J Moth. In this story 3 monks are travelling the countryside when they happen upon a village that has suffered from famine, war, and floods. The villagers are very wary of the strangers. A curious little girl approaches the monks and the story begins. In the end, the villagers and the monks enjoy a glorious feast together that they create when the villagers slowly emerge from their homes with one or two items to contribute to the pot. After every family adds just one item there is eventually a huge pot of food for all to share. As the monks leave the villagers thank them and tell them "with the gifts you have given, we will always have plenty. You have shown us that sharing makes us all richer." This story is wonderful reminder of the true meaning of the holiday season and the idea of giving. We have many conversations around giving, generosity and sharing; how it makes us feel, how it makes others feel, and what it brings into our lives. We will be asking the children to bring in an item, (i.e.: a few carrots, bag of pea pods, a couple of potatoes, garlic, bouillon, meat etc.), for our soup. It's always an adventure to see what is created, and it's always a yummy lesson in community and the spirit of trust and cooperation.  We do not organize what is brought in, we may end up with a brothy potato soup, or a hearty vegetable stew! PLEASE Come join us to celebrate this special event!

Philosophy Corner:

The child is introduced to the Sensorial area of the Montessori classroom after he has worked in practical life, become familiar with classroom rules and correct handling of materials, and is used to the idea of a full cycle of activity. While the sensorial exercises no longer involve familiar objects, they are working with skills the child uses every day- his senses. READ MORE




Sensorial Exercises

PTO Press.....
Wow!  October flew by and it is about time for the next PTO Meeting!  November 10th at 5:30 at CH campus.  Free childcare provided.  This will be an exciting meeting with LOTS of changes! 

We will be discussing changes to PTO Fundraising and distribution of PTO monies, and current PTO president will officially resign her position AND hopefully a new president will be elected!  The newly elected president would commit to fulfill the remainder of the term which concludes the last day of the current school year.  Elections for 2016-2017 PTO officers will be held in May.  Anyone out there willing to take this on and keep this awesome parent group going?!   We need you!!!!!   Please, Please, Please with ice-cream and cherry on top! (yes I am laying on the ground begging at this point) if you are interested at all, contact the Kiva PTO TODAY and Cari Spoonemore will gladly meet with you and give more details about the job role and responsibilities of this position!   I will gladly be your right hand mentor until I move from the state the first week of Decmeber and will continue to offer my menoring services as needed via email and phone after that!  Trust me you will not be in this alone you will have great Officers (who do their jobs amazingly well) and are excited and willing to assist the new president anyway they can!!!!

Click on these links to access:    PTO AGENDA  FUNDRAISING MEETING OVERVIEW

I has been an honor to serve the Kiva Parent comminty!
Cari Spoonemore
Kiva PTO President 

From our Board of Directors.....
By this time we hope you have received and read the letter from the Board of our partner school, the Children's Kiva Elementary/Middle School, about the resignation of our shared Executive Director, Josh Warriner. The letter is very comprehensive about next steps that will be taken in the coming weeks to ensure that this transition is as smooth as possible.  The Board of the Children's Kiva Children's House will be assisting the Board of the Elementary/Middle School as needed and appropriate in this endeavor. 

Here at Children's House, however, we are very fortunate to have the continued leadership of our Children's House Director, Alexia Hudson.  Alexia has a long history of working at Children's House through many years and roles, and this seems an appropriate time to show our appreciation for everything she does for our children, from taking care of children who may need some time away from the classroom for a bit, to writing grants for thousands of dollars that are necessary for the operation of our school.  Thank you, Lexi, for your love and dedication to our school!

--Your Children's House Board of Directors

Children's House has a variety of everyday ways you can contribute to our organization by simply living out your everyday life.  Funds raised via these organizations support our Tuition Assistance Program thereby allowing funds to be funneled towards: building and grounds maintenance, classroom materials and supplies procurement and replacement, outdoor equipment replacement and so on.

City Market offers Community Rewards to non-profits and community schools.  Simply sign up and associate your City Market Value Card with The Children's Kiva to begin earning rewards for our school today.   Sign Up

Amazon Smiles rewards our .5% of your purchases to our school for by simply shopping Amazon Smiles.   Sign up

Mighty Nest is yet another website that donates (15% of your purchase!) to our school.  Mighty Nest offers a variety of environmentally safe lunch, kitchen and household products to your doorstep. Sign Up

Box Tops: Box Top collection continues.  For your convenience collection bags have been placed in the Parent Folder boxes near your child's sign in sheets.  Click here  for a list of participating products.


As always, your questions, concerns and ideas are important; please come see me.


Alexia Hudson-McGrath
Children's House