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Volume 21 Issue 1November 2014
Holiday Shopping
Do you have your shopping list ready? Have you mapped out your route through the store on Black Friday? If you have been budgeting and planning your spending throughout the year then your stress level shouldn't be too bad but if you have waited till now to even THINK about your shopping, well you might panic. This video helps you plan and not panic OR overspend.

Stocking Stuffers
So you have managed to buy gifts without emptying your wallet--Kuddos to you! But those little last minute items, those "stocking stuffers", can undermine all your hard budget work. Check the link below for some great ideas that don't blow your holiday budget. Some of the items could even be used for those gifts you need to give but sometimes forget to purchase.

Santa Approved Apps

Most everyone has a smart phone and there are some great money saving apps out there. Click below for the ones that are recommended for the holiday season!

Money Saving Apps


Gift Card Fraud

Gift cards are a great gift that is easy and almost always appreciated by the recipient. However, this time of year the "fraudsters" are out trying to get your money and give you nothing in return; 

very "Grinchlike" wouldn't you say?

This article has some very helpful hints for not becoming a statistic of gift card fraud.


Don't Get "Grinched" on Gift Cards 






There will be no Financial Education Class held in December. The January class will be on January 17, 2015 in McAlester. The new schedule for 2015 is currently available at our website and you can sign up for classes now. 



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12/3  Controlling Holiday Spending


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