Aerial view of colorful autumn golf course
The 2017 Season is coming to a close.
Set up your winter plans now!
Hello SWG Adults and Juniors!

The outdoor golf season may be ending soon but we can help you build on your 2017 progress INDOORS this winter!

Keeping your game sharp when it gets cold and the courses are closed can be challenging.  Indoor lessons can keep you fit and in the game all winter so you can hit the course in great condition come spring. Why indoor lessons?
  • For newer/less experienced golfers, indoor winter lessons can help you feel more comfortable with the fundamentals that make up a good foundation for your golf swing.  Also, the indoor environment reduces the pressure of having other people watch you hit the golf ball at a course or at an outdoor range.  You can work on your swing without worrying too much about where the ball ends up.
  • For intermediate level golfers, this is great time to focus in the fundamentals of your full swing.  Grip, aim, stance and posture are all areas of your swing that can improve greatly over the course of the winter to help start off the spring strong. 
  • For more experienced players, this is the best time to make significant changes to your swing.  This allows you plenty of time to feel comfortable with the changes you are making without worrying about score and the pressure of having to perform in a tournament. 
Finally, having the ability to play many different golf courses on a simulator with the supervision of a Suzy Certified Instructor can be very beneficial to golf course management and a lot of fun. We can determine areas of strength to build upon and areas of weakness to improve upon for spring. Book your lesson now and we look forward to getting you started on your path to winter success!

Do you want to make your high school team this spring?  Do you want to strengthen your skills so you can be more competitive come the high school season?  

Join SWG for Get Ready for High School Golf Clinics this Winter!

Strengthen your grip, posture, stance and swing the SWG Way this winter.

Saturdays 4:30pm-6pm
90 Minute Classes

1301 Torringford West Street
Torrington, CT 

Dates: November 17, December 9, January 13, February 3, March 10 and March 24

$50 per class; attend one or all of the clinics
24 hour cancellation notice required due to simulator reservations

SWG Top Ten Holiday Gift List!
Click through on any item or photo to purchase:

1. Our own cozy Pullover.  Men's and Women's Sizes.  $45

Many other SWG Items Available!


3. Golf is Not a Game of Perfect -   A great way to prepare your mind for 2018!  

Helping you track your progress on the course.

Teaches and develops an ideal grip- the Golf's most important fundamental.

6. Eyeline Putting Alignment Mirror -  Align your shoulders and your stroke.

7. Straight Trax Putting SystemImprove Alignment, Eye and Ball Position, Stroke Path and Length of Stroke!  

8.     Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch - Check your distance on the course.

9. Emoji Practice Balls - A fun way to enjoy putting practice!


Attaches to bag for easy and convenient club cleaning!


Why SWG? by Seth Frank
" I have always loved being able to be with Suzy Whaley Golf. Every coach is very helpful and always make learning golf very fun. I have worked with Coach Nick, Coach Jim, and Coach Suzy and they have all worked with me to help improve my game by a lot over the past 2 years. Without all the work they have done, I would not be at the point I am today. Overall, Suzy Whaley Golf doesn't just teach the game, but help you as an individual to improve your own game. I can't wait to start the 2018 season with all the coaches again." Seth Frank
Age- 14, 9th grade, Farmington
Years Playing Golf- About 6
Favorite Part of the Game- Irons
Favorite Golfer- Jordan Spieth
Favorite Dessert- Oreo Cookie Cake
Favorite Golf Achievement- Playing in my first tournament
Aspirations- To be a Computer Scientist or something related

Thank you to Seth for sharing his story with us!


293 Oakwood Ave.
Glastonbury, CT

Winter Session A:
Mondays 4-week Class
Nov. 27, Dec. 4, 11, 18

Winter Session B:
Mondays 4-week Class
Jan. 22, 29, Feb. 5, 12

Winter Session C:
Mondays 4-week Class
Feb. 26, Mar. 5, 12, 19

We will cover Irons, Woods, Putting, Chipping and On-Course Strategies.
Loaner Clubs available.

Keep Your Game Strong to Come our Swinging this Spring!

293 Oakwood Ave.
Glastonbury, CT

New Golfers Ages 6-14:

Adv. Beginner to Intermediate Golfers Ages 7-17:

Winter Session A:
Mondays 4-week Class
Nov. 27, Dec. 4, 11, 18

Winter Session B:
Mondays 4-week Class
Jan. 22, 29, Feb. 5, 12

Winter Session C:
Mondays 4-week Class
Feb. 26, Mar. 5, 12, 19

Trying to make your team in 2018?  Want to improve your performance on the team?

Open to 7th-12th graders

1031 Torringford West Street
Torrington, CT

Saturdays 4-530pm

Attend any one or more of the following dates:

November 17
December 9
January 13
February 3
March 10
March 24


Girls 16-18: Avery Laberge

Girls 13-15 Elena Spangle

Girls 13-15: Camille Richmond 

Boys 13-15: Cullen Laberge

Boys' 13-17 9-Hole Div.:
Sean Driscoll

Girls 13-17 9-Hole Div.:
Jessica Hua

Girls 10-12:  Libby Dunn

Boys 10-12:  Caleb Smith

Girls 7-9: Ariana Petrovic

Boys 7-9: Brayden Grossman

Questions on any of our programming or registration or anything Suzy Whaley Golf?
Please email us at or call Kerry at  (860) 463-9411.