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BLC14 Registration is Open
You're Never Too Young to Go Global - An Interview with Kathy Cassidy
Introducing Prism, Hot Literacy Tool for the Common Core
Revolutionizing the Library
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BLC14 Registration is Open
We are thrilled to announce that registration for our 2014 Building Learning Communities (BLC) summer conference is open! We have already received registrations from six countries, including Thailand, Russia, Luxembourg, Australia, South Africa, Singapore and from across the United States. This year's conference promises to be the most dynamic and influential conference we've ever put together, as we continue to assemble an all-star lineup of the most creative and innovative minds in education today. We are excited to announce our keynote speaker, Dr. Michael Fullan, an international authority on educational reform and organizational change. Dr. Fullan is professor emeritus at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. He is engaged in training, consulting and evaluating change projects around the world and is the author of the bestselling books Leading in a Culture of Change and Turnaround Leadership, among others.

You're Never Too Young to Go Global - An Interview with Kathy Cassidy

In this episode of the November Learning Podcast Series, Alan speaks with Kathy Cassidy, a first grade teacher in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Since 2005, Kathy's first grade classes have shared their learning with the world through a class blog. Kathy shares how this opportunity has expanded the boundaries of learning with classrooms around the world, and has helped her students become leaders in building online community. Additionally, Kathy shares the thoughtful process she uses in keeping her students safe as they share in this online environment.


Kathy will be a presenter at this year's Building Learning Communities Conference, being held in Boston, Massachusetts in July. We certainly hope you will join us in this one-of-a-kind global learning experience.


Click here to listen, and then share your thoughts.


Introducing Prism, Hot Literacy Tool for the Common Core

The November Learning team is excited to share a hot new literacy tool, introduced to us by a brilliant teacher, Laura Robertson, from The St. Anne's Belfield Studio School in Virginia. This intuitive and multi-functional digital literacy tool can transform the way

 teachers approach close reading with their students, while sparking lively text-based discussions. Prism is a tool for "crowdsourcing interpretation." Students are invited to provide an interpretation of a text by highlighting words according to different themes or categories. Each individual interpretation then contributes to the generation of a visualization which demonstrates the combined interpretation of all the users. Prism helps to reveal patterns that exist in the subjective experience of reading a text and can serve as the launching pad for any number of common-core aligned activities, projects and learning experiences. 


Revolutionizing the Library

As the wave of digital literacy continues to inspire leaders to re-think the purpose and contents of the traditional school library, some schools are finding creative ways to re-brand them in powerful and thought-provoking ways.

Irina Bogantseva, School Head, European Gymnasium, Moscow
This image adorns the entrance of one such a school library in Moscow. The "451� F" emblazoned on this character's jacket is a clear reference to Ray Bradbury's dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451, in which books are burned, learning is barred and teachers are dismissed.  
The message here, however, offers an accurate portrayal of today's reality: at a time when technology seems to be growing in prominence on a daily basis, the role of the teacher and librarian is more important than ever, as they are entrusted to guide students to utilize that technology effectively and responsibly, all while designing authentic learning experiences that capitalize on the technological tools now at our fingertips.

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