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December 13, 2016
FAU Neuroscience Seminar Series: Morgan Barense
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January 27, 2017
Learning Project Presentation Day, from 1:30 p.m. - 4 p.m., in the Gelb Auditorium.  This is a mandatory activity for the M1 and M2 class to attend.

February 7, 2017
Faculty Recognition Ceremony and Development Presentation

February 24, 2017
Medical Student and Resident Research Day
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March 17, 2017
Match Day

April 28, 2017
Class of 2017 Commencement Ceremony and Reception
White Coat

FAU Colleges team up with 
Geriatrics Education Mentor

Students from the Florida Atlantic University Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, and the School of Social Work learned and worked collaboratively with a Senior Aging Geriatrics Education (SAGE) Mentor team visits at local independent living facilities on Nov. 15. During the visit, the students met the mentor and elicited a background history. The overall objectives of the SAGE Mentor visits are 1) to acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to healthy aging and geriatrics in an Interprofessional Education team framework and 2) to use interprofessional education and evidence-based collaborative practices to build and maintain effective communication by demonstrating the ability to listen actively, and encourage ideas and opinions of other team members and SAGE mentors.
Dr. Jo Ann Bamdas, director of the Office of Interprofessional Office at FAU, organized and supervised the activity, which was well received by all the students and mentors.  The students will meet with their SAGE mentors two more times during the next semester to complete other learning goals including: 1) eliciting geriatric medical screening and assessment and 2) conducting a home and medicine safety evaluation.  Faculty from the College of Medicine (Peter Averkiou, Dawn Sherling and Mario Jacomino), College of Nursing (Lenny Chiang-Hanisko, Beth King, and Lisa Wiese), the School of Social Work (Ellen Ryan, Georgia Brown, Everiste Ambris, and Joy McClellan) facilitated the activity with the students.  
Healthcare Careers Outreach Program Expands Its Reach in South Florida

To date this school year, the College's Office for Diversity and Inclusion has hosted four FAU campus events with our affiliate schools. About 170 guests from FAU High, Boynton Beach High School, and Lake Worth and Roosevelt middle schools have been guided through dissections and cases by 40 medical student volunteers. The Diversity Office is grateful for the medical students dedicating hours of their limited personal time to mentor these high-achieving, diverse students. This month, t he Diversity Office looks forward to beginning the Anatomy Lab PBL cases involving the cadavers. These labs are an unprecedented opportunity for middle and high school students to view the systems they are studying in school on a human specimen. The labs also enable medical students to reinforce their understanding of human anatomy through teaching.
Residents Compete Nationally on 
Quality Improvement Project

A Quality Improvement Project in Adult Immunization has been chosen as one of the resident programs to participate in the "I Raise the Rates Resident Program Competition." This is a national competition sponsored by the ACP Quality Connect, the American College of Physicians Center for Quality Division. Dr. Joseph Chang and Dr. Daniel Silovitz will be the resident leaders on the project. 

Dr. Henry Haire will be the lead faculty member and will be working with them on summarizing 2015 data, which led to the development of two single sheets for Men's and Women's Preventive Wellness. These sheets include immunization as a quality measure and since their implementation, vaccination rates have significantly increased at the centers in which they are being utilized.  
Honors & Awards

Haire to Represent Palm Beach County Medical Society 
in the Physicians Leadership Academy 
Dr. Henry Haire has been chosen to represent Palm Beach County Medical Society in the inaugural class of the Physicians Leadership Academy, a group of physicians from 3 counties including Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County who will gather for 9 months during selected weekends to discuss leadership within Medicine. It will involve developing multiple projects by the group to improve medicine at local, state, and national levels.

2016 Three Minute Thesis Competition Winners Announced

The final round of this year's Three Minute Thesis competition took place on Friday, Nov. 18. Two College students placed and received scholarship funds:

Stephanie Kelly won first runner up and received $1,500 for her project, "Integrative Biology of Flies and men: Insights from an Age-Related Stress Tolerance Assay."

Keith Murphy won second runner up and received $1,000 for his project, "Postprandial Sleep Mechanics in Drosophila."
Medical Students and Resident Receive Scholarships 

Third-year resident, Dr. Jonathan Powell, has been chosen as the first resident recipient of the David L. Wulcan Scholarship Award. The award includes a $ 5000 check to be used toward his education. 

In addition, two medical students were also chosen as recipients: Jessica Riley, fourth-year student and Rishabh Jethandani, third-year medical student. This is the fifth year this award has been offered. It was initiated to honor the late Dr. David L. Wulcan, a general surgeon at Boca Raton Regional Hospital who was well-known for his genuine passion for the care of his patients and generosity and service to the community.

Study Published in Molecular Basis of Disease

Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Brennan and Dr. Marc Kantorow. Their article, titled "Parkin elimination of mitochondria is important for maintenance of lens epithelial cell ROS levels and survival upon oxidative stress exposure," was published in the journal Molecular Basis of Disease. The manuscript is available online here.  

College Advisory Board Member Inducted into Hall of Fame

College advisory board member and donor Jack Laub was recently inducted into the Brooklyn Jewish Hall of Fame and the James P. Kelly University of Cincinnati Athletics Hall of Fame. A World War II veteran, a former professional basketball player, as well as a successful businessman, Laub was honored for his distinguished career and numerous contributions as a humanitarian. He was one of four former student-athletes inducted by the University of Cincinnati (UC) and one of 10 honorees inducted into the Brooklyn Jewish Hall of Fame. Laub also is an inductee in the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, as well as the City College of New York's Basketball Hall of Fame, where he played for two years. 

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