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With all of the great shoes out there, it is no wonder people come in asking which running shoe will take away their pain or which will help them increase their speed or distance quicker. There are also those who come in well prepared stating they over-pronate and need a shoe to control this motion or those who wear the famous minimalist shoes that have become all the rage. Bottom line, a shoe is not going to be the deciding factor in your walking or running success.

In a recent article written by Jay Dicharry, MPT, SCS, he discussed 3 common myths of running shoes.

1) Shoes prevent injury. Bottom Line: One particular shoe type will not solve everyone's problems. You are better off finding a shoe that fits your foot. Seek the help of a knowledgeable PT if you have questions (Dicharry).
2) Shop for your foot type. Bottom Line: There is no research proving that a certain shoe will decrease your faulty mechanics. According to the article, research has shown that arches are dynamic and that different types of arches move more similarly than differently (Dicharry).
3) Energy return makes you faster. Bottom Line: No material within a shoe will transfer the force of impact to speed (Dicharry). Until Nike puts jet packs in their soles, it's up to you and your training routine to improve your speed.

The 3rd myth leads to my favorite part of physical therapy, educating patients on what they can do to improve themselves. Exercise is the best way to increase your speed or prevent injuries from walking or running. Below are a list of exercises that you may find helpful. Consider adding them into your warm-up and strengthening routine. Building a stronger body will open more doors or shoe boxes and get you out on the trails sooner.

Happy Exercise!

Single Leg Bridge: Perform abdominal brace and then lift pelvis up. Strengthen abs and glut muscles. 2 sets of 15 reps


Side Plank: Perform abdominal brace and left hips, maintaining neutral alignment of pelvis and rib cage. Strengthens abdominals and glute muscles. Hold side plank for 60 seconds total, both sides.


Lunges: Performs abdominal brace and step forward, bending both knees into a lunge. Strengthens hip and legs. Perform 2 sets of 15 reps watching for proper foot, knee and hip alignment.

Monster Walk: Wrap theraband around legs as shown and perform abdominal brace, squat and side step keeping toes pointing forward. Strengthens hips and legs. Perform 2 sets of 15 reps.

Mandy Johnston, B.S., PTA, CCI

Earlier this year, I was planning on my next Eblast article being titled "Vaginal Muscle Exercisers - Are They Helpful?" I was going to investigate and report on various vaginal muscle exercisers on the market, for example, the GyneFlex, the Kegelmaster, and the K-Goal (advertised as "a FitBit for your vagina). I was going to discuss how most pelvic floor PTs are very wary about pelvic floor muscle exercisers in general, because those exercise devices tend to focus on one thing only - strength - whereas for healthy pelvic floor function, you need three things - strength, flexibility, and coordination. However, before I had a chance to write that article, I attended a lecture that introduced me (surprise!) to the perfect vaginal muscle exerciser. It's called a jade egg.


Jade eggs are just what they sound like - a piece of jade carved into the shape of an egg. Jade eggs have been used for thousands of years as a tool to promote self-awareness and good health and function of the vagina. Unlike exercising with a modern vaginal muscle exercisers that only focuses on strength, exercising with a jade egg improves tone (a.k.a. strength), suppleness (a.k.a. flexibility), and dexterity (a.k.a. coordination) - all three things needed for healthy pelvic floor function. In addition, jade eggs provide proprioceptive (sensory) input to the brain from the vagina, which improves the brain's sensory and motor maps of the vagina, which in turn improves vaginal awareness and motor control. This is very important for all women, but especially for those with pelvic pain or overactive pelvic floor muscles, who are learning how to relax chronic vaginal muscle tension.


Some of the benefits of exercising with a jade egg that I learned about were: increased vaginal lubrication in postmenopausal women, decreased menstrual cramps, increased vaginal sensitivity and lubrication, release of local tension and trauma held in the vaginal tissues, and improved sexual function and satisfaction, just to name a few. In contrast to the shape of modern vaginal muscle exercisers, the egg has a rounded, soft, feminine shape, and the egg is a feminine symbol. As such, jade egg exercise is a uniquely feminine, holistic self-care practice that is physically, psychologically, and emotionally empowering.


The lecture I attended was by Kate Petre, a gemologist who makes jade eggs. She has more information on her website: »


In addition, Saida Desilet has both beginning and advanced books about jade egg exercise, with specific instructions on cleaning and other issues, on her website: saidadesilets.comm »


If you are interested in learning more about jade eggs, I encourage you to follow that interest - you may be pleasantly surprised where it leads! If you have any specific questions about how jade eggs fit in with a pelvic rehabilitation program, please contact one of the pelvic PTs at CTS.


by Katherine Dahl, PT, MPT, CD(DONA)


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