November 2011
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How Micromachining Patience Speeds Prototype Production 

This article written by Derek Korn, appeared in the November issue of Modern Machine Shop Magazine. 

Albright Technologies has become adept at micromachining molds for silicone parts such as the one to the right. This has enabled the company to become effective in quickly generating prototypes for medical device manufacturers pressured to speed new products to market. Many of the silicone components it creates are either tiny themselves or have miniscule features measuring just a few thousands of an inch. What's interesting is that the company has found it can produce prototypes faster by taking a slower, more conservative approach to micromachining molds using end mills that measure just a few thousands of an inch in diameter.


Plus, while one might assume that very high spindle speeds are needed to effectively mill molds using such small tools, the machine that performs micromachining at Albright-a 30-taper VMC-typically spins 0.005-inch-diameter tools at just 9,000 rpm. Although that means feed rates and cycle times are relatively slow, there are a number of reasons why a company focused on quickly turning prototyping work finds this acceptable. David Comeau, Albright's president, and Robert Waitt, vice president, explained why during a recent visit to the New England-area molder. Click here to read the rest of the article.


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How Micromachining Patience Speeds Prototype Production
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