November 2016 

Living the Dream Annual Fundraiser
Thursday, November 10th, 2016, 7 PM

We invite you to attend Dream in Green's 10th Annual Fundraiser at T he Palms Hotel & Spa . Please join us to celebrate your school's success in environmental education . Learn more and purchase your ticket now using the 60% off promotional code: TEACHERS.
Get Your Free Miami Heat Tickets
Dream in Green partnered with The Miami HEAT to offer Green Teams a recognition for participating in our programs. Green Team student members that accumulate a minimum of 45 points by November 11, 2016 will receive a special certificate of completion and free tickets from The Miami HEAT. Refer to page 16 of the guidebook for all the details.
Submissions - How To Get Points
Has your school completed any of The Academy's September and October activities and challenges? Remember to submit the following items to your program coordinator to obtain points by the end of each month.

Green Schools Challenge:  Mabe
WE-LAB: Alexandra 
Green City Challenge: Angela
  • Training Video (5 points): To teachers that did not attend the Professional Development Training workshop - have you watched the  training video ? Please submit the evaluation form for points.
  • Four Core Pillars (35 points): (1) Create a Green Team: send a picture of the team members; (2) Take a 'Green' Pledge: send pictures of how the Green Team took the pledge; (3) Energy & Water Walk-through Survey: once completed, scan or take a picture of the checklist provided on pages 25 - 28 of the guidebook and submit it; (4) Take Action: once completed, scan or take a picture of the action plan provided on page 31 of the guidebook and submit it.  
  • October Monthly Challenge (10 points): (1) Green Schools Challenge schools: select 1 out of the first 4 activities; (2) WE-LAB schools: refer to activity #5 on page 35.
Social Media Bonus Points
On page 18 of the guidebook, you can read information about the guidelines for social media mentions and hashtags to receive bonus points. Send the links of your school's ***Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts to your program coordinator, as well as screenshots of any messages you post. If taking screenshots is not easy, yo u can send the program coordinator a message to alert us about the post and we will look for it.  

***Note: schools are not required to have a profile on all three platforms. One is good enough.

Dream in Green has $22,750 available to award as grants to schools this year. Vi sit our website  to learn about the different types of grants.

The deadline to submit proposals for the November monthly challenge -Waste Reduction & Recycling - is  Monday, Oct. 24. Remember, the grant is for $550! Download the guidelines for the proposal.

The next deadlines are:
  • Water Conservation - Monday, Nov. 28
  • Eco-hubs - Friday, Dec. 9
  • Alternative Transportation - Monday, Dec. 19
November Monthly Challenge
Waste Reduction & Recycling 
Guidebook Activities 
  • Green Schools Challenge schools: select 1 out of the first 4 activities
  • WE-LAB schools: refer to activity #5 on page 39
  • Green City Challenge schools: refer to activity #6 on page 40
*Green City Challenge schools contact Angela 
to book upcoming field experiences

Get Points
Download the submission form ,  fill out all the sections and submit it to your program coordinator by Nov. 30.

Educational Resources for Students 
Video: One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Home 
By 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. With 7.3 billion humans in our planet, we can consume 2.66 trillion plastic bottles a year. Check out this video of a man who built a well insulated home and earthquake resistant from discarded plastic bottles. The project creatively addresses the "throwaway culture" that Pope Francis discusses in Laudato si'.
Recycling Services for Schools  
At the September Professional Development Training, we hosted a special session to discuss recycling issues. If you have any questions please contact Victor Alonso from MDC Public Schools at 
schools that are in need of a recycling vendor can contact 
Sean Williams, Education Account Representative for Waste Management, at

Give Miami Day  is  one of the many activities the Green Team can engage in to support Dream in Green through the Building Students Leaders through Fundraising initiative. The school that raises the most funds by May 15 wins prizes! Review all the details here.

Awards & Grants for Special Projects
Apply now for the Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators, w hich recognizes outstanding K-1 2 teachers who employ innovative approaches to environmental education and use the environment as a context for learning. Visit their website for more details. Deadline to apply: March 1, 2017.

The Nature Works Everywhere program provides grants of $2,000 to K-12 schools to support projects that implement 'green' infrastructure to address local environmental challenges Visit their website  for more details. Deadline to apply: Oct. 31.  Contact  Angela Brisson  with questions.