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Ask Peggy


Q: My sister-in-law insists on helping with the dishes after I serve a big holiday meal, but her rush to clean up cuts into that nice post-dinner lull. How do I turn down her offer to assist? 

A: Call her before the holiday to discuss plans and, as nicely as possible, let her know she's off dish duty this year. 


Read more of Peggy's advice each month in Good Housekeeping.     


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Read Peter Post's blog "The E Word." It's Peter's ruminations on civility, manners and etiquette.

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Dinner Party

Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning are monthly guests on The Dinner Party a weekly culture and arts show hosted by Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, produced by American Public Media.

You can listen to the whole show, or scroll down to pick and choose segments.

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Problem with a co-worker?



We have a week until Thanksgiving and that means we're all in prep mode! Decorating the outsides and insides of our homes as we get ready for guests. We're making lists, cooking up a storm and trying to create the best seating plan for a family friendly Thanksgiving dinner. Remember, if you have questions as entertaining kicks into high gear, feel free to ask them on our FaceBook page, Twitter pages, Etiquette Daily Q&A blog and, of course, you can always search our Etipedia at emilypost.com.

Here at the Institute we've been busy with interviews on holiday entertaining, holiday tipping, gift giving and re-gifting. Peter and Dan have been keeping busy with local Business Etiquette Seminars. Peggy has had some really great book signings in Florida. Anna has had a couple appearances on The Today Show and Lizzie just wrapped up shooting an etiquette web series. We're all looking forward to some family time this holiday season and we hope you are too!
Enjoy this month's newsletter, and if there's something you'd like to see in an upcoming newsletter, let us know: newsletter@emilypost.com.


To Re-gift or Not to Re-gift?
That is the question.
Emily holding a present for you!

For a number of years re-gifting was a hotly debated topic around the Institute. Some of us felt that since so many Americans did it in the spirit of "reduce, reuse, recycle," it was time to bring into the category of "appropriate". Others felt that re-gifting would always create a situation in which the person who had given the gift originally could be hurt that their gift was not kept and the person receiving the re-gifted item could feel slighted. After a couple of years of going back and forth on the matter and hearing what Americans today thought about re-gifting, we have come up with four rules for re-gifting and one very honest way to re-gift.

4 Rules for Re-gifting

1. The gift must be in its original store packaging.
The gift can't look like it's been opened, tested and rejected. It also cannot be in the wrapping or with the card that the previous giver had used. (You'd be surprised how often that happens!)

2. The gift cannot be: original, handmade or monogrammed. Your friend will notice if the painting she made or bought for you shows up in another friend's house. And the receiver will notice if the glasses you gave her have the wrong initials on them.

3. You have to be 99.9% sure that the giver and the receiver will not find out the item has been re-gifted. (This is touchy because this is where re-gifting steps into "white lie" territory.)

4. You have to genuinely believe that the person receiving the gift will actually like it.

With all that said and done, there is one way to re-gift that is honest and open. Should you receive two awesome copies of Emily Post's Etiquette 18th edition this holiday season (or perhaps another lovely duplicate gift), it is perfectly acceptable to pass one copy on to a friend, "I received two copies of this great book that I think you would enjoy, so this copy is for you."   
Announcing Professional Presence Boot Camp!

January 15 & 16, 2014 in Boston

Please join Anna Post of The Emily Post Institute, Kerri Garbis of Ovation Communication, and Dawn Stanyon of Professionality Consulting for Professional Presence Boot Camp: two intensive days of professional development held at The Langham in Boston, January 15 & 16, 2014.

Over the course of the two days, participants will train in business etiquette and relationship building, presentation and speaking skills, and personal branding.

The outcome will be polished, professional business people prepared for career success.

Click here for more information or please call Dawn Stanyon at 802-355-9991 for fees and more information.
3 Conversation Tips for Kids

Holidays can be a great time to help your kids learn good conversation skills, and build confidence in talking with others during a meal. Set your kids up for success with these three conversation tips.

1. Talk about something good that happened at school. Your kids may be on Thanksgiving break, but ask them to think about the good things happening at school this year. Was there a test they did well on? A project they just presented? A book they loved? Get them talking about it with you so that it's fresh in their mind. Then tell them, "This is the perfect thing to talk about when Uncle Steve asks about how school is going."

2. Remind your kids about how to be good listeners:
a. Look people in the eye
b. Make a comment or ask a question about what the other person has just said.
c. Wait until the other person is finished before you talk.

3. Have your kids come up with questions for the adults they're seated near during Thanksgiving dinner. They don't have to be serious questions. Find topics that your kids and the adults might have in common: sports, movies, hobbies, TV shows... Encouraging your kids to initiate conversation is a great way to get them comfortable with small talk and talking with adults.

Thanksgiving Video!
How to Set a Thanksgiving Table
with Tricia Post

Each year Tricia Post sets a beautiful Thanksgiving Day table. She traditionally uses the same table cloth her mother used, and special Thanksgiving china all surrounding a seasonal floral centerpiece. We all look forward to the comfort and elegance of our table. Please feel free to share in the video comments how you set yours. Or take a picture and share it on our Facebook and Twitter pages!
New Partnerships Announcement!

The Emily Post Institute is pleased to announce two new partnerships:

Survey Monkey
We will be working with Survey Monkey to develop surveys about American etiquette, manners and civility. We hope you, our true believers, will take part in a few of these surveys. Your opinions and input are always valued.

Watch this interview with Peter Post to find out more about our  partnership with Survey Monkey.

We have also teamed up with BizLibrary to distribute our Business Etiquette E-Learning programs. BizLibrary offers an extensive library of video tutorials and E-Learning programs. We encourage you to take a look into their service for you own professional development needs.

Coming January 2014! 
Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette 
6th edition 
by Anna Post & Lizzie Post

We are pleased to announce that Anna Post and Lizzie Post have co-authored a new edition of everyone's favorite wedding guide Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette!

New to this edition:
  • Heavily revised and greatly expanded wedding invitation wording etiquette and examples 
  • A fully revised chapter on technology, including all new questions of social media and smartphones, both during planning and the wedding itself  
  • A new chapter on photography, fully encompassing digital photography, scheduling crunches for photos on the big day, and the rise of "first looks"
  • A new chapter focusing on the perspectives of the "stars" (or main participants) of wedding planning: the bride, groom, and parents of the couple
  • New Q & As throughout, some based on reader questions from Peggy Post's New York Times wedding column  
  • An expanded section on the Jewish wedding ceremony and revised section on multicultural weddings
  • More and expanded references to gay marriage and civil unions  
  • New example of the A+ thank-you notes

Time honored advice you'll still find:
  • How to word invitations and address envelopes
  • The timeline of events throughout the engagement and wedding day
  • Who to include on your guest list
  • How to handle divorced parents and awkward family situations
  • Who should throw the bridal shower
  • The do's and don'ts of gifts and thank you's
  • Inspiration for blending family traditions and including elements that reflect you as a couple

Pre-order your copy today!
 It makes the perfect holiday gift for the newly engaged, or the mother of the bride or groom!

Holiday Ideas on Pinterest
Get inspired: Visit our Pinterest boards

The holidays are a time for your entertaining style shine! Let your imagination take flight with a little help from our Pinterest boards.

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To see more news stories with Post advice, visit our newsroom
Please visit our contact page to reach us. From our family to yours we hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving! Thank you for your continued interest in etiquette and The Emily Post Institute.      


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