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November 2017 
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Dealing with Dysfunction in the Boardroom & Building a High Performing Board
Thursday, November 9th, 8am - 10am  
We have all heard horror stories of board meetings going off the rails, and difficult board members that distract CEOs from the important work of scaling their business.  A great board can have significant impact on your company's success and can provide important leadership, direction and value for you and your business.
Please join us on November 9th as our experts
tackle the tough questions surrounding both how to deal with dysfunctional boards and how to build high performing boards.  
In This Issue
Guy Beaudin, Senior Partner, Regional Leader, RHR International  Mark Burton, Managing Director, NINEFOLD  Kevin O'Neil, President & CFO, 360insights  Deborah Rosati, Co-Founder & CEO, Women Get On Board 
Winter Quartly Dinner - Navigating Disruption with Bruce Croxon
Wednesday, November 29th, 5:30pm
Join us for our last event of 2017, not to be missed! At our Winter Quarterly Dinner we'll be joined by guest speaker  Bruce Croxon.  Bruce has the unique perspective of being both an operator and an
investor, and will discuss the times we now find ourselves in with disruptive technologies and what it means to different sectors. Bruce will share the lessons he learned in scaling and exiting Lavalife, and how important it is to have a vision. He will also share the identifiable system that they used to surround yourself with the right people as you scale your company.To read more about Bruce, click here.
Our evening will kick off with our CEO  Jodi Kovitz  sharing a long anticipated project: Vision 2020, a snapshot of our plan for AceTech Ontario and the long term vision for the organization.
Do you have executives in your organization, or peers in other tech companies, that would be excellent contributors to the AceTech Ontario community? You can help make our community even better! Please send referrals to Stacy at
In the Community:
#TorontoHR Event with Doxim
Join the #TorontoHR community on Wednesday, November 22 for the next in our series, How to Speak CEO.

Doxim Founder and CEO Chris Rasmussen will take you inside the corner office and help bulletproof the business plans you're trying to get approved internally.


SecTor 2017 Conference Schedule
The full 2017 conference schedule of Canada's largest IT security expo is now live . Featuring over 70 speakers, 60 sessions and 50 conference hours, SecTor is IT security training at its best.
As a proud sponsor of this year's conference, we're excited to offer you 10% off the full conference pass rate when you register using Acetech2017. Better yet, groups of five or more can save 20% by emailing . Can't make the full conference? Acetech2017expo will get you a free expo pass.
New Members
Marie Chevrier, CEO & Founder, Sampler
Patrick Forbes, Director, Sales, Askuity
Jon Marsella, CEO & Founder, Jasper
Chris McDowell, VP Enterprise Sales, SoapBox