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November 2016
Announcing New COO Membership! 

We know that COOs face many of the same challenges as our CEO members, and will benefit greatly from the ability to network with and learn from our existing members.  It is also true that COOs face unique situations in their roles, and having their own group of trusted peers to bounce ideas off and discuss decisions with can add a great deal of value.  We are excited to be able to offer opportunities to this new group of Executives in the eco-system to develop personally and professionally by participating in AceTech's programming and events plus having Conversations That Create Value with a group of like-minded peers.

This new membership is for you if you're a
Chief Operating Officers or Presidents of a technology companies with $5 million or more in revenue.

This group will be lead by Noam Tomczak, COO at Iotum and their first meeting is coming up on November 16th at 6PM with guest speaker Pete Smith.  Pete will be speaking on "Scaling your business. What goes wrong on the journey from a small to a large business? (and how you can prevent it)". 

For more information, email our Director of Growth & Development, Cinthia Nemoto at  

In This Issue
Fall Summit Series Part Three: Strategy & Master Planning

On November 25th from 8am to noon,  AceTech Ontario will be hosting the third and final Fall Summit Series on Strategy & Planning. The Fall Summit Series is designed to help each of our member CEO's improve different areas of their business.This meeting is designed for all CEO's and Executive Members.

Master Planning is the art and science of discovering insight and developing comprehensive strategy in a participatory journey. A system where insight, creativity and strategy meet and work together.  Join Wahn Yoon & Penelope Fridman of  L'Institut as they present The World is Unfair to Today's CEO,  In this session, Wahn & Penelope will share:
  • How our world has changed, to the detriment of traditional leadership models and approaches
  • The importance of creativity for success 
  • How to uncover the secrets of success
  • How to be a successful brand for the 21st century consumer
The presentation will present the Structural Mapping Process™  as a strategic tool for leaders, and the workshop will provide an opportunity to apply the map to strategies for participants' businesses.   You will leave understanding
the strategic implications of the map and get some useful information for your own businesses

If you did not receive your invitation, please contact Nomi at


Quarterly Dinner November 29th: Time 2.0 Counterclockwise - How to Unwind Cognitive Time and Live Forever
John K. Coyle , Founder of The Art of Really Living , and one of the world's leading experts in innovation and Design Thinking. He is a graduate of Stanford's " " where his academic advisor was David Kelley, the founder of IDEO and Steve Jobs' right hand man.

John will be speaking on Time 2.0 Counterclockwise - How to Unwind Cognitive Time and Live Forever.  We know about the time value of money, but do we truly understand the investment value of our time? In this unique mind-bending talk, John shares breakthrough ideas on how to re-think your relationship with time. He will demonstrate that our brains process time in a non-linear manner, and hence, the value of an increment of time is unrelated to its duration. Using both story-telling and data, John explores how to slow, stop and reverse the perceived acceleration of time, and live summers longer than when you were a kid. Click here to view his Chicago Ideas Week talk, and here for a more complete description.

ohn was one of the highest rated speakers at the ACTECH symposium in Vancouver in April. You won't want to miss this last Quarterly Dinner of 2016!
If you did not receive your invitation, email Nomi at
Community Partners

CIX ( Canadian Innovation Exchange) Nov. 21st - 23rd, will be launching the Xchange Program soon. Registered delegates will be able to book 10 minutes facilitated meetings with investors and strategic partners, who are all leaders in the Canadian Innovation space. Register today and YOU will be able to pitch your ideas to the most influential investors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. Ace Tech Ontario members are eligible for an exclusive discounted rate. To save 15% off the current rate, use promo code 'ACETECHCIX' on our registration page
( ). This limited time offer gives you access to the full three days of CIX. Register now and reserve your spot to book meetings. See you in November! 
New Members
Sandra Skrypko, Director, Finance and Operations, Altus Dynamics
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