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      CPY Newsletter                                                                                   November 2014



Coalition for Placer Youth along with Blue Sky Counseling, Mental Health America, Full Circle Adolescent Treatment and Community Recovery Resources (CoRR) will be presenting the film, Anonymous People, along with an expert panel on Wednesday, November 19. 

The film talks of the  23 million +  Americans living productive and successful lives in long-term recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. 

The thrust of the film is to say:
1.  Recovery happens 
2.  Addiction can happen to any family regardless of social or economic status, and the addict or alcoholic could be our friend, neighbor, or family member. 

We no longer have to remain silent as many families suffer shame and stigma about addiction and have fear of reaching out for help thinking----"someone may find out if I talk about this or reach out for help."   

This film is a catalyst to change the conversation from the problem of addiction to the solutions for communities and families.
Please join us on November 19 for the film and to hear from the expert panel.
To view a trailer of the event go to:

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  Research shows that parents are the number one influencers on their children's decisions about drugs and alcohol.