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Nov 15
Coffee Chat with Spanish translation
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 Nov 23
Free Parent Workshop presented by Jennifer Chen
Dec 6
Support Group with Penny

Dec 19
Open House at the BWF office

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Happy Thanksgiving!  

Dear Woodallkids Families and Supporters,


Thanksgiving is coming and we are reminded of the overabundance of dedication and support the Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children has received this year.


Supporters, we thank you for giving your helping hand to the Brent Woodall Foundation to support families of children with autism and developmental disabilities. You have joined us at fundraisers, sponsored children's therapy and parent training, sent kids to summer camp, and donated your time and energy to furthering our mission. Without your continued support, the Brent Woodall Foundation would not be able to continue to serve the community.


Woodallkids Families, thank you for putting your trust in us as we work with your children. They bring joy to our hearts and we love every moment working with your children. Thank you for always being there for your kids. In the words of Tracy, "the depth of a parent's love for their own child is the best indicator of who will work to make the biggest impact in a child's outcome."


Woodallkids Staff, thank you for your energy and enthusiasm that you bring to your work. You make the children smile and you guide them in their learning. Thank you to our volunteer receptionist, Annie/ Nana, for giving a warm welcome to the Woodallkids families every day. We could not do it without you all!


The Brent Woodall Foundation would like to thank you all for making our 10th Anniversary year a success. In 2003, the Foundation was a small team of people who provided free services to a small group of families. Today the organization has a therapeutic center and has expanded to include the Cristi's Outreach Foundation in Romania, the Woodallkids Outreach Program, and has served more than 1,000 families since 2003. With the help of supporters and Woodallkids families this year, the Brent Woodall Foundation has:

  • Provided free psychological assessments and parent trainings to 99 families through the Family FIRST program
  • Surpassed the Walkabout for Autism fundraising goal of $15,000
  • Launched the Outreach in the Outback remote consultation program that is dedicated to providing resources to families in Australia
  • Launched the Spanish Outreach Program that is dedicated to providing resources to Spanish- speaking families in the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex
  • Expanded the Remote Consultation program and currently service families all over the United States and Australia through online video consultation
  • Graduated 8 children from the Cristi's Outreach Foundation in Romania and integrated them into regular education classrooms
  • Enjoyed an overwhelming turn-out of supporters at the 'All in for Autism' Casino Night at the Omni Mandalay, the Woodallkids Carnival, and the Walkabout for Autism

Thank you again for your continued support. We cherish the opportunity to work with such amazing children and families every day. Words cannot express our appreciation.


Happy Thanksgiving!

The Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children


Cristi's Campaign 

November is International Children's Month

In honor of International Children's month and Thanksgiving,
consider donating as low as $10 to help provide life-changing
therapy to children with developmental disabilities in Romania.

$10 will pay for three social and language skills groups. 

$15 will pay for one educational toy or set of educational materials for Cristi's Outreach Children. 

$70 will pay for one week of one-to-one
ABA therapy for a child. 

$100 will pay for one month of the school preparatory program for a child. 

$280 will pay for one month of life-changing therapy for a child. 

Donate another amount:


Learn about Cristi's


 What is Cristi's Outreach?


Words from the Directors


Success Stories








Follow Cristi's Outreach on Facebook:



FREE Parent Workshop
How to Plan for Adulthood:
The Aging Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
November 23, 2013
5:30- 7:30PM 

Presented by Jennifer Chen,
Assistant Director of Behavior Services, BCaBA


Workshop-goers will learn  how to recognize stress and how it "works" from social, physiological and psychological, and familial perspectives. Participants will complete a stress questionnaire, after which they will review the results, discuss the implications behind them, and brainstorm ways to manage stress.  

A word from Woodallkids Outreach
"So you want me to fade myself out?"


Sometimes it's not easy to bridge the gap between the teaching our kids get at ABA therapy and the teaching we offer at home.  Our Remote Consultation program is set up to help kids generalize the skills they're learning in ABA to their everyday life. How? By helping parents learn what that looks like and how to do it!   


In the process of it all we talk a lot about teaching with independence as the goal, or keeping the end in mind, from the very beginning.  Doing discrete trials in a structured setting like a table can seem easier because we have procedure sheets, data and percentages all set up to let us see every teaching decision we're making.  Those act as a guide letting us know exactly what to do next. But what about the goals we're choosing to teach away from the table?  What do we need to remember when teaching new skills at home?    


Goals focused on independence at home are often embedded in to daily routines, such as eating, dressing, and playing.  But at home the trickiest part of keeping the end in mind, from the beginning is not only choosing prompts, but recognizing the prompts we're already doing. 


Read full post here.


From the desk of Bethany Covington

Assistant Director of Outreach
Brent Woodall Foundation 





BWF Books Now on Amazon!

Meeting Challenges, Making Connections
A Brent Woodall Foundation book series
Written by Carol Alexander
Illustrated by Richard Weinstein


These children's books are designed for the Brent Woodall Foundation's unique children and special families. Geared for children ages 4 through 9, these books feature lovable kids coping with vital issues and mastering important skills. 

Click on a book to learn more and purchase on Amazon.





  A Super Easy Way to Help 

Register yourself on www.GoodSearch.com and choose the Brent Woodall Foundation as the mission you want to support. Every time you use the GoodSearch search engine, the company will donate one cent to the Brent Woodall Foundation. This is an alternative to Google that will do a whole lot of GOOD for children with autism. It is free and easy to use. Fund-raise for the BWF with just a click of your mouse!
Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children


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