A Message From Greg 
Arthur Gordon in his book Return to Wonder tells a story about strolling down a busy street in Manhattan on his way to work early one morning with a friend, Glenn Kittler.  They turned a corner and there was a street person, a woman, asking for help.  When the woman approached the two men Kittler pulled out some money from his pocket and handed her several bills.  Arthur Gordon chastised his friend for doing so.  He said, "You know that woman is at this street corner everyday when I walk along here.  She's probably just going to take that money and buy booze."  "Perhaps she will," said Kittler, "but, you know, I think God sometimes sends people like that to test our charity."  "We walked a little further," said Gordon, "and not a word was spoken between us.  Then Glenn Kittler, as if talking to himself, said this:"
" The act of giving is more important than the merit of the receiver."
I believe that is something worth remembering today and everyday.  God Bless You!  See you Sunday!   Peace,  Greg


Scripture of the Month  
and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
God's Blessings
John Prewett, FCC Board Chair
Last October was clergy appreciation month.  Our Body of Christ is blessed in many ways, not the least of which are our Pastors Greg and Nancy Eberhard.  Please take some time to personally thank them for the guidance we receive from them here at First Christian Church.   We are also blessed to be part of God's mission to assist the less fortunate in the Lafayette area and beyond.  Some examples are our hosting of the LUM after school program, Mitten Tree mission to assist in providing warm clothing for school children, our Jubilee Christmas which provides Christmas presents and "goody" bags of food for those in need, our Pastor's Discretion Fund of which Rev. Greg is able to help others in need, our Dental Help Fund which comes from loose change in the offering plate, the Food Pantry Fund and volunteers we provide, Food Resource Bank which helps sustain good agricultural practices beyond our shores.  The list goes on and forgive me if I left one of your favorite missions out in this text.  The main thing we must remember is that WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST and we are blessed to be able to give of ourselves as God has given himself in the death and resurrection of Christ for us .  So as we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, please do not look at your bank account to see how you might help, rather l ook into your heart in prayer and give back in a most generous way. 
St Anthony's: Lynn Mann, Martha Oliver; University Place: Don Smith;  NormaSue England - Ben Hur in Crawfordsville # 66        
Cumberland Pointe: Harriett McDowell
Signature Healthcare:  Mary Bogan- broken hip       GreenTree:  Suzie Mounts   Westminster:  Frances Britt
Rosewalk Commons: Vernetta Lynn; Verne & Rosemary Comer  St. Mary's   Jim Sipple (now in secure area) see person at desk
At Home: Jeanne Dible, Marilyn Galloway; Ruby Ward at home of son, Marcus Haley 8415 Turner Rd. West Point, IN 47992
Loretta Lowe - Louise McDole's niece - cancer; Barbara Jones - Louise McDole's sister - pulmonary fibrosis       
Ami - friend and client of Sandie Hauser - uterus cancer     Rhiannon Garvey in relocation back to Lafayette
Virgene Skiver  Rachel Roudebush Becky Britt:  2106 S 7th St.  Lafayette 47905 Rosalee Prewett (Florida) - John's mother - health issues Charles Sterling - Jeanne Dible's brother in law - Connecticut

Our sympathy to the family of Vera Idle on her death on Sunday, October 23rd.     
Pastoral Care News  
A Pastoral Caregiving Training Class will begin on Monday, January 9, from 2-4pm at the church. The group will meet every Monday for six weeks, and participants are asked to pray during that time to discern if they would like to be a caregiver, which is a once/month visitation of an individual who can not make it to church on Sundays.   We need a minimum of 4 folks to sign up for the training to run. If you are interested, or curious, please contact me at 463-7985 or rybjan@gmail.com.   Blessings,  Jan Rybka
The CWF Fall Rummage sale was a huge success, bring in $937.+.   Many thanks to all of you who made donations of clothing, household items, etc. that greatly benefit so many in our community.  In addition, the money is contributed to missions, both locally and internationally. I want to thank the Rummage Sale Committee who organized the items and worked so hard:  Juanita Hobaugh,  Eulene Cory and her son, Matt Stewart, Carolyn Henry, Deb & John Prewett, Carolyn Weedon, Pat Smith, Mary & Nelson Mosson, Dave Kelsey, Mary Ann Pontius, Lou, Harriet Beeler, Sandi Hauser , Donna Adams and her family, Jane Kenny, Wanda Sharp, Ann Prather, Kathy Kremer, Dave Schluttenhofer, Linda Edqwards and Chuck West. Many thanks to those who also brought in snacks, soup, and sweets. 
I apologize is anyone's name was omitted.  We are all so appreciated of you donating your time and energy for this cause.  Again  THANK YOU!  
Cay Long, Rummage Sale Chairman 

Join us for conversation and coffee in Fellowship Hall at 6:30pm.
November Diaconates
Nov. 6th
1st Service
Team Leader: Hilgediek
Serving: Hilgediek
Serving: Don Lindstrom
Serving: Lou Hill
Serving: Marsha Hill
Set Up & Clean Up: Marsha & Lou Hill
2nd Service
Team Leader: Donna Adams
Serving: Susie Nelson
Serving: Mike Nelson
Serving: Juanita Hobaugh
Serving: Carolyn Weedon
Set Up & Clean Up: Juanita Hobaugh & Carolyn Weedon
Nov. 13th
1st Service
Team Leader: Hilgediek
Serving: Hilgediek
Serving: Don Lindstrom
Serving: Lou Hill
Serving: Marsha Hill
Set Up & Clean Up: Hilgediek & Lindstrom
2nd Service
Team Leader: Dave Schluttenhofer
Serving: Kathy Kremer
Serving: Gery Kremer
Serving: Crystal Cover
Serving: Sue Dismore
Set Up & Clean Up: Kathy & Gery Kremer
Nov. 20th
Team Leader: Kathy Stirlen
Serving: Melanie Davis
Serving: Michael Davis
Serving: Christina Tully
Serving: Josh Tully
Set Up & Clean Up: Christina & Josh Tully
Nov. 27th
Team Leader: Kathy Stirlen
Serving: Paula Floyd
Serving: Letcher Floyd
Serving: Harriet Beeler
Serving: Greg Smith
Set Up & Clean Up: Harriet Beeler & Greg Smith
Technical Arts Report - Hearing Loop Update 
The project to purchase and install a hearing loop in the Sanctuary is moving forward and is on schedule to be completed in late November or early December.  At this time, it appears that the Community Foundation grant ($ 7,639) and contributions from the congregation should be sufficient to cover this expense.  On behalf of the Tech Arts Team and the Church, I wish to thank all who contributed toward this project!   I also wish to recognize and thank Daryl Killian for the work that he did to run the plenum wire from the floor of the Sanctuary up to the balcony.  I know that he had to overcome some interesting and surprising challenges!  Please join me in thanking Daryl for sharing his time and talents!
Once this project is completed, the hearing loop should allow anyone who uses a hearing aide with a t-coil to pick up the same sound in the current Williams monitors in their own hearing device.  This includes not only the sermon and the prayers, but also the music, choir, and projector audio.  
Jim Rybka, Chair of Technical Arts  

It's turkey time!  We need 30 turkey's for the "Community Thanksgiving Lunch."  Have your turkey to the church by November 20th.  You can put it in the kitchen downstairs.  Please keep the turkey 12 lbs or less.  Thank you!
Food Pantry
November is our month for donations.  The dates for working are December the 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th .  Times to work are 11:45-3:00.  Sign up at the Gathering Place.  Thank you!
Thank You to all who work and donated time and items to make our Celebration Sunday, October 23 rd , truly a Celebration Sunday.  It was well done and enjoyed by all.  Worship Committee:  Jeff Goodspeed; Carolyn Kanehe; and Donna Adams
We are missing one of our new round tables!  The cost is $100.00.  Please help us
Find this table!  Donna Adams

To My Church Family,
It doesn't seem to be quite enough but thank you for the visits and cards.  Sue England
December 10th is the date to save.  We will host 35 families this year and are expecting this will include 90 children ages 12 and under.  Shopping for food items for the family baskets is encouraged and included in this article are some food suggestions that we are looking to fill the baskets.  As you are shopping, remember to pick up a few extra items for the baskets.  Suggestions for food items are: mac & cheese, boxed potatoes, pasta, rice noodles, tuna, spam, pop tarts, paper towels, jelly in plastic jars, tuna helper and hamburger helper.  Please do NOT buy any canned foods, as the weight of them make the baskets to heavy.  Non food items which seem to be a big hit in the family gift area would include laundry soap, fabric softener, window cleaner, kitchen cleaning supplies, bathroom cleaning supplies and floor cleaning supplies.  Your monetary contributions are also needed and your help on Jubilee day is also much needed.  Watch for the sign up poster in the very near future.  Please help make Christmas a special day for everyone in need.  Please call me at 427-2672 with any questions you might have.  Thank you for your help and support.  May God Bless Each and Everyone of You.  Sandie Hauser
Kids Club (K-5th grade)
Nov. 6th     Youth in Fellowship Hall 5-6:30pm.  Pizza, devotion and Blessing Bags.  
Nov. 13th   Game Night at Pizza King (Veteran's Mem. & 18th St.) 5-6:30pm.  Pizza provided
                   Bring money for a drink and a friend.
Nov. 20th   NO YOUTH MTG
Nov. 27th   Bowling at Arrowhead Bowling Alley @12:30pm.  Cost: $7
We will have a float in the Lafayette Christmas Parade on Dec. 3rd at 5:30pm.  THIS IS A CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS YEARS!  We will meet at the church at 3pm to decorate and have a light snack.
Nov. 6th     Kids Club in Fellowship Hall 5-6:30pm.  We will be working on 
                     a mission project called Blessing Bags.
Nov. 13th     Game Night at Pizza King (Veteran's Mem. & 18th) 5-6:30pm
                     Pizza provided bring money for a drink and a friend.
Nov. 20th     NO MTG
Nov. 27th     Bowling at Arrowhead Bowling Alley @12:30pm.  Cost: $7
The Christmas Parade is on Dec. 3rd at 5:30pm.  We will meet at church at 3pm to decorate and have a light snack.  Bring a friend!

Music Ministry upcoming events:       
Sunday,  November 20      Celtic Thanksgiving Sunday -  featuring bagpiper 
                                          Hope Oak  one service - 10:00am
Sunday, November 27      Hanging of the Greens  one service - 10:00am
Sunday, December 11       Combined Christmas Musical - 10:30am  with Congress
                                          Street UMC, First Baptist, and University Church 
Sunday, December 18       Steven Spencer & Jeffrey Goodspeed piano/organ 
                                          concert - 4pm  Mitten Tree Celebration - 5pm
Click on this link to see the calendar.   http://www.fcclaf.org/#/calendar
First Christian Church | office@fcclaf.org | http://www.fcclaf.org
329 North 6th Street
Lafayette, IN 47901