New Life Christian School 
Dustin Starcher
He is always kind and considerate to his classmate and is respectful to adults. He has amazing manners. He is kind, polite, thoughtful, and a hard worker!!! He always tries his best. 

Kloey Natt    

     She stays on task, turning in assignments on time. She always has work to do in study hall and works in a quiet manner!!! 

November 2--- Operation Christmas 
November 3 ---Girls' Basketball                                       Game @ Fortuna                                     Middle School  JV                                   @ 5:15 V @ 6:25
November 4---  Report Cards Go                                      Home  Chapel              November 7 ---  Girls' Basketball                                        Game @ 
                             Cuddeback School                                     JV @ 4:00 V @ 5:00
 November 8--- Girls' Basketball                                       Game @ Hydesville                                 School JV @ 5:00 V                                 @ 6:10
  November 8-10 Parent Teacher                                         Conference   
                             12:00 Dismissal
 November 11- --No School
                             Veterans Day
November 15--- Girls' Basketball                                       Game 
                             JV ONLY @ Toddy                                  Thomas School @                                    5:00 Playing Red.                                    Prep.
                             V ONLY @ Rio Dell
                             @ 7:20 
November 17---  Girls' Basketball                                      Game @ Fortuna                                      Middle School JV @                                5:15 V @ 6:25
November 18---Pilgrim & Indian                                      Dress Up Day                                            Thanksgiving Feast $4
                            12 P.M. Dismissal 
                            All Together Chapel
November 21-25 Thanksgiving Break
                             No School
November 28---Girls' Basketball                                      Game @ Cuddeback                                JV @ 4:00 V @ 5:00
November 29---Girls' Basketball                                      Game @ Home                                          (Skating Rink)                                          playing Ferndale 
                             No JV   V @ 4:00

Click here  to download or print the updated Preschool May Calendar. 
Click here  to download or print the updated NLCS May Calendar. 
Our school worship team has finished their Christmas album! CD's are $12 each and will be ready to purchase by November 1st. 
NOV. 7, 6 P.M. at Hot Brew
The NLCS Worship Band was at Hot Brew in Fortuna signing their Christmas CD Nov. 7th from 6-7:30 PM.                                       Working hard in the studio
Winners of our art contest.
Their artwork was featured in our Fall Auction program. From left to right 3rd place, Taylor Brooks; 2nd place, Caleb Seitz; and 1st place, Finnigan Holmes.

                Operation Christmas Child
On Wednesday, November 2, at 6 p.m. we had our Packing Potluck. We met at our school with the Nazarene Church for a fellowship potluck and packed boxes for Operation Christmas Child. It was a fun night of coming together. We packed almost seventy boxes! Thank-you for all who were able to come! 
            Parent/Teacher Sign-Up Sheet
   Parent/Teacher Conferences are November 8th-10th. 
                 12:00 Dismissal 1st - 8th Grade Only

Veterans Day
No School - Friday, November 11
   Ice Skating
        At Newberg Park
   Thursday, November 17th          
        9:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.
    Kindergarden - High School

Friday, November 18 
Pilgrim & Indian Dress-Up Day
Thanksgiving Feast $4
12 P.M. Dismissal

                   Thanksgiving Break :
                                  No School : November 21st - 25th
                                       Have a wonderful break!!  
A Servant's Heart

Honoring our Wednesday lunch ladies. They serve us graciously, often with babies attached! They are unstoppable. Thank you.

First & Second Grade
The first and second graders are so amazing!! They work super hard every day to finish their papers and pay close attention during lesson times. These students were able to pick prizes out of our class treasure box for filling up their reading charts, memorizing their monthly Bible scripture and filling up their star student charts! Way to go!!

             Thank you, Molly and Nati, for sharing Lily with us.
Emily Keller sharing her kitten.
First grade working on patterns and shapes.   Working out math word problems can be tricky. Bryton and Charleigh make a great team!

1-4 Grade Field Trip
We went to Shakefork Farm in Carlotta. It was amazing! We learned about farm rotation and how useful oxen can be.
Fifth & Sixth Grade
Many of our Fridays are spent together during math class playing math games. The most recent one has been "Hit the Target." Students must use critical thinking to add, subtract, multiply, or divide the cards they have been given to hit the target number.
Students gathering information online for their "Adopt a Mammal" posters. 
       Our science class has just finished their science boards. Each student presented their "Adopt a Mammal" report and answered questions from the class. Ryder Leaton even shared pieces of cheese during his presentation of cows. We learned a lot about the different mammals that were chosen.
Fame Baird during her class presentation of Mustang horses.
Nathaniel Holmes's poster                           Taylor Brooks's poster
 Students enjoying cheese.

The 5/6 grade students are creating a one of a kind "Get Well" card for a classmate who has been sick for too long. We love you. Jaxon!
Seventh & Eighth Grade
In Junior High there has been a lot of celestial activity! The science boards are only part of the project. Stay tune for more planetary projects on a grand scale.

High School Biology
           Mr. Bice and his Biology class dissecting an apple.

High School Retreat
    On Thursday, September 29, the high school students left after school for their annual High School Retreat at the "Johnson Ranch." After settling in, they ate dinner and explored the ranch. The next morning after breakfast, they started preparing for the 1st-8th grades who were to arrive soon. They all came together for a barbecue lunch, a scavenger hunt, and made caramel apples. Later that evening, after the 1st-8th grades left, the high school played games, went swimming, and hung out. 

Field Trip to the "Johnson Ranch"
It was an amazing field trip for the students, teachers, and parents. The students divided into their teams and had a scavenger hunt. There were hay rides, hand paintings, caramel apples, and a great barbecued lunch. Lot of parents' friendships were made and reconnected. It was an amazing day! Thank You Ralph and Karen Johnson!!!