Cedar Hill Prep receives 2017
National Blue Ribbon Award
in Washington D.C.

Preschool - Kindergarten News
Election Day for Preschool

Adults are not the only ones who participate in the election process. On Election day the Preschool class conducted their own election. 

Preschool Thanksgiving

The Pilgrims and Native Americans celebrated Thanksgiving in Preschool. The students made beaded necklaces for their friends and dressed in clothes that resembled the Pilgrims and Native Americans.

Pre-Kindergarten Thanksgiving

The Pre-Kindergarten classes enjoyed learning about the first Thanksgiving. We learned that the people of the 1600s lived very differently from the way we live today.
Election Day in the Kindergarten

Election Day in the Kindergarten
Both Kindergarten classes learned all about Election Day! The candidates for us were Chocolate Chip cookies, Oreo cookies and Animal cookies. Oreo cookies won!  

Kindergarten Thanksgiving
Kindergarten children learned the true meaning of Thanksgiving. They learned why it was important for the Pilgrims to risk their lives and set sail on the Mayflower in hopes of a better life and religious freedom. 

Elementary News
Learning about Military Life and Thanking Veterans

In preparation for Veterans Day, First and Second Grade invited parents of two military families, D’Agostino, mother of Alex (Gr 2), and Mr. Williamson, father of Maya (Gr 2), to talk to students about the military.

First Grade Thanksgiving

First Graders’ Thanksgiving celebration centered around two memorable Thanksgiving texts. We read Cranberry Thanksgiving by Wende and Harry Devlin. We also learned Grandmother’s secret cranberry bread recipe, which we made and shared at our Thanksgiving luncheon.

Grade 2A Visit to Assisted Living

Mrs. Sheridan's second-grade class took a trip to the Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence. The theme of their visit was "Celebrate the Season."

Grade 2B Visit to Assisted Living

Mrs. Busby's 2nd grade class visited the Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence. They delighted their audience as they sang songs, read stories, and conversed with the residents. 

Second Grade Engineers

In Science class, 2nd grade engineers were charged with a problem to solve. They had to design a hand pollinator to minimize the effect a dwindling bee population was having on a garden of flowers. 

Second Grade Thanksgiving

Second Grade celebrated Thanksgiving by performing a Reader's Theater based on the book, Thanksgiving at the Tappletons' , by Eileen Spinelli. 

Third Grade Visit with Assisted Living Residents

Clap, clap, clap! The sound of applause filled the room as the budding poets in third grade read their Onomatopoeia (sound), Diamante, and Bio poems to the residents at the Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence in Somerset.

Static Electricity

Have you ever unloaded a dryer and found two socks stuck to each other? Third graders investigated the reason for this...a build up of one type of charge, also known as static electricity.

Electromagnets Lab

Third graders made their own electromagnets, not strong enough to lift a car but strong enough to lift a few paper clips!  The students wrapped a wire 20 times around a nail. Then, they connected both ends of the wire to a battery. This made a circuit.

What is a Pilgrim?  

According to the book, Molly's Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen, "Pilgrims came to this country from the other side for religious freedom." Third graders completed their novel study of the book, Molly's Pilgrim , just in time for Thanksgiving. 

100,000 Thank-You’s
Grade 4 joined the NASH Radio initiative called “100,000 Thank-You’s,” whose mission is to send thank-you cards to our troops overseas. The 4th grade students composed beautifully designed cards with letters of thanks, complete with inspirational quotes that they felt would help to motivate the troops. 

Grade 4 extends a special thank- you to our entire CHP community for contributing to our annual UNICEF Drive!  After collecting all of the boxes,
the 4th graders sorted out the contributions by each House and then counted up the totals.

The breakdown of House points earned is as follows:
1st Place: Ramapo: $400.14 - earned 20 House Points
2nd Place: Lenape: $373.49 - earned 15 House Points
3rd Place: Cherokee: $368.66 - earned 10 House Points
4th Place: Shawnee: $269.43 - earned  5 House Points

Please know that your donations will make a difference in the lives of so many children around the world. These donations help to provide life-saving nutrition, medication, as well as clean and safe water, emergency relief, and the opportunity to receive an education. 
Middle School News
Sterling Hill Mining Museum

Fifth-grade students enjoyed the day at Sterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg, N.J. The students learned the role humans play in changing ecosystems in a permanent way and compared the need for the zinc with the change to the natural environment.

Egg Drop Challenge

As part of the 8th graders' lesson on the properties and uses of polymers and composites, the students put their knowledge to the test as each lab group designed a contraption that would protect a raw egg from a 10 foot drop. They were thrilled as they observed that none of the eggs broke after being dropped off the roof
by their volunteer lab tech...Mr. Seeley!

Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

Grade 8 students had the privilege of touring the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab. After recently learning about plasma and nuclear fusion, our students had the unique opportunity to witness first hand how scientists who have dedicated their careers to this field apply these concepts to research in the real world.

Legends of Learning

Congratulations Grade 6 Science Classes! Mrs. Galiano and Mr. Mirot want to thank all CHP Grade 6 Science Students for entering the contest for Legends of Learning! These young Science Students have collectively tied three other schools across the nation for second place standing.

House Elections
CHP students campaigned for office in their respective House elections. Students who were campaigning presented themselves to their House mates.
Swearing in Ceremony
On Friday, November 17th, students representing the positions for all four Houses, raised their right hands and took the House Oath, promising to support the rules and regulations of Cedar Hill Prep School and the policies of their Houses. 

Scholastic Book Fair
CHP had a very successful Book Fair. With our sales total at $3,341.00, we earned a profit in Scholastic Dollars valued at $1,657.84. This will be used to purchase books and supplies for our classrooms.

Day of the Dead
El Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a special Latin American holiday that takes place November 1-2. As part of the 7th and 8th grade Spanish cultural project, students worked in groups to research the history and create an ofrenda honoring a famous Hispanic.

CHP Students collected for the Franklin Food Food Bank

Zero Tolerance for Bullying
Smart phones, social media, student group chats, and social media posts ~ Cedar Hill Prep school has a zero tolerance policy on any form of bullying!

On November 21st, Cedar Hill Prep School held two seminars for students and parents. Franklin Township Police Department and their Cyber Security Staff conducted the seminars.

Upcoming Events

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December 15
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