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Refer a New Member and You Could Win $1,000

Michael Webb & Dava
PCCU Member Michael Webb was our Third Quarter winner! He was surprised and excited when he learned that he'd won. He plans to use the money on Christmas this year and said that it's really going to help!

We'll draw another $1,000 winner from all the PCCU members who refer new members through the end of the 2017. That leaves you plenty of time to make referrals and qualify for the Fourth Quarter drawing that will be held at the end of January.

Now You Can Refer New Members to PCCU Digitally

Refer PCCU with your favorite mobile device...

When you need help and you're looking for recommendations where are the two places you're likely to turn to first?  Either friends and family, or by searching online. You might ask your best friend where they take their car for repairs or use a search engine to find a good service provider you can trust. Now when someone asks where you bank you can send them a digital referral.

Have questions? Email or call Dava Dale, your  Credit
Union Concierge today at 765-969-8675. She'll answer your questions  and help you get started. 

Dava Dale
NMLS# 932401
The Holidays Are Coming, 
and PCCU Has Solutions 
Because sometimes Santa needs a little help...
Need some extra money for the holidays this year? PCCU is ready to help make the holiday season shine just a bit brighter this year. Learn more about PCCU's options to stretch your holiday budget on our website at www.pccu.com.
Member Appreciation Days 

Brittany, Chelsea, and Lisa were ready to serve!
Thank you to all the members who came out and joined us for Member Appreciation Days. We hope you enjoyed the pie and cider. There are still some 2018 PCCU calendars at the branches, and we also have decorative gift envelopes for you. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve you, it's our pleasure!
PCCU's 30-Day Loans Beat 
Payday Loans Hands Down

Because emergencies can't always wait until payday...

Did you know 46% of Americans would have a tough time coming up with $400 in an emergency? Although $400 may not seem like that much money to some people, what would you do if your car broke down and it's still a week until payday? Or you child needs money for picture day or a field trip that all of their friends are going on? Many people see no option but taking out a Payday Loan.

The problem is when you pay back that Payday Loan, including the interest and fees, you're back in the same boat  - short on cash with their next payday a long way off. Caught in this catch-22 many people take out another Payday Loan. It's a vicious cycle, and once you get in, it's hard to dig your way back out. If you're stuck in this cycle PCCU may be able to help you break free. Our loan officers are trained to find solutions and make plans to help you break away from Payday Lenders and breathe easy again.

For those of you who've walked this path before and don't want to go back, or for those that want to avoid it in the first place but don't feel like you have much of a choice, PCCU offers our 30-Day Loan as a lower cost alternative to Payday Loans and overdraft charges. 

Have questions? Email or call Dava Dale, your  Credit
Union Concierge today at 765-969-8675. She'll answer your questions  and help you get started. 

Dava Dale
NMLS# 932401
PCCU Staff Profile:
Briana Jett
Member Service Representative
Briana Jett
Years of Service: 2 Months

Years in Current Role: 2 Months

Hometown: Richmond, IN

Favorite Meal: Steak

     Favorite Book: Lifetime Books

What should every PCCU member know: The most rewarding part of working at PCCU is helping members.

Why should everyone join a CU?: Credit Unions put members first!
Dava Dale: 
Your Credit Union Concierge

Dava Dale 
NMLS# 932401

Have a question about your finances, but you're not  sure where to start looking for an answer? From HSAs to Mortgages, Dava is your guide to the many products and services that PCCU offers. She'll listen to your needs and answer your questions, or introduce you to the perfect person to help.

Financial Education at Your Fingertips: PCCU's Financial Resource Center

Part of PCCU's Mission Statement is, "Committing ourselves to continuing financial education for everyone's success". We want to help you have better control of your lives and futures by helping you educate yourself to better manage your finances. Your life is busy and we want this opportunity to be accessible to you when and where you have time. So PCCU is now offering our Financial Resource Center, available online when you want it, 24/7/365. 

If you have more questions, or want help getting started, you can contact your Credit Union Concierge, Dava Dale by email at ddale@pccu.com or by phone at 765-969-8675. She can either answer your question or connect you with an expert.
We're Available 24/7

You can always visit us online at PCCU All Ways: Home Banking or from the browser on your mobile device at  www.pccu.mobi, or via our Android and iOS apps. They're all available 24/7 to make PCCU available to  you on  YOUR  schedule!
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