November 2015
News from the Trail

Members of the PNNST Federal Advisory Council with Forest Service staff in   Sandpoint, ID. Photo: Phil Hough
Dear Friend,
As the heat of summer gives way to cool autumn days and cold winter nights, we at the PNTA go into planning mode.  Our focus turns from work parties to scheduling as we prepare for the 2016 trail season.  Volunteer days are set and program curricula updated, while meetings dominate our calendars.
As trail season slows down, winter rules come into play; if it's not raining, get outside!  Holidays govern our thought process, and  inboxes start to fill with deals and promotions.  We're humans too and recognize that even the most exciting Newsletter may go unread. 
As we strive for meaningful communications during this time, PNTA News from the Trail will be transitioning to a winter E-News schedule.  Expect to see News From the Trail on a bi-monthly basis, full of all things PNT. 
But don't fear, by connecting with us on Facebook you can stay updated with inspiring stories, blog posts, and new website features. 

We want to take this time to thank you for all that you do for our community.  So far, volunteers have given more 35,000 hours of service to maintaining the PNT, both on the trail and off.  With your help, we have a new interactive trail map, an updated Forum and beautiful new photo galleries.  Your membership dues support our youth programs, trail crews and daily operations.  Through your continual support, the PNTA is able to work towards our mission of protecting and maintaining the Pacific Northwest Trail.  From our hearts to yours, thank you. 

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season,

Staff and Board of the Pacific Northwest Trail Association
Thank you to all who were a part of the first meeting of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail Federal Advisory Council.  The meeting was a great starting point in the planning approach, process, and schedule for the PNNST comprehensive plan.  The group of 26 non-federal volunteers represented a wide range of interests and stakeholders from every state in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado and California.  

The purpose of the Council is to make "recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture about matters relating to the administration and management of the Pacific Northwest Trail." Over the next two years, council members will be working to create a comprehensive plan that will outline such topics as a nature and purpose statement for the PNNST, trail uses, establishing a trail corridor, and identifying potential reroutes or relocations.  This plan will then dictate the management of the Pacific Northwest Trail for the next 20 years.  

Creating a comprehensive management plan for a National Scenic Trail (NST) in the early 2000's is particularly exciting, as council members have the opportunity to determine if the PNT will be managed in a similar or different manner than other NST's.
The next meeting is roughly scheduled for March or April of 2016.  Read more about the meeting on our blog. 
New trail maps
The USFS recently released a new version of the PNNST map.

The Forest Service has released a updated Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail map. The beautiful new map is a high resolution planning tool showing the congressional route of the PNT.

A second interactive map has been added to the website.  The new map shows the preferred route of the PNT, a route mirrored in our strip maps.  The interactive map is great planning tool and can be prompted to show Wilderness areas, National Parks, National Forests, federal, public and state lands.  Explore the different overlays and basemaps to help plan your next trip.  

View both new maps at on our Maps page

Fall Hiker Fest and Trail Celebration
Join the PNTA, American Long Distance Hiking Association-West and Idaho Trails Association at a Fall Hiker Fest and Trails Celebration on November 7th in Sandpoint, Idaho.  Whether you're a long distance hiker, a local hiker looking for new destinations, or an arm-chair adventurer - this event will be an exciting and fun filled day!  

Where: Bonner County Administration Building, Sandpoint, Idaho
When: November 7th, 9AM - 4PM

Space is limited, so please sign up in advance.  For more information or to sign up, visit:  Or contact Phil Hough at, 208-946-9127.  
Lookouts for the Stars
Park Butte Lookout framed by the Milky Way.  Photo by Andy Porter.

An overnight at a fire lookout is a great way for day-hikers to experience the PNT in a new and exciting way.  Visiting during a new moon makes the experience that much more magical.  Read our blog post on the easily accessible Park Butte Lookout in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.
ALDHA-West events educate and inspire
In the 1990's ALDHA-West (American Long Distance Hiking Association West) was founded as a social group so that thru-hikers could stay in touch during the off season. Today they run educational events, hiker get-togethers, and support west coast National Scenic Trails.  Read more about ALDHA-West on our blog. 
New photo galleries showcase best of the PNT
Sunset in Olympic National Park.  Photo by Ashley Hill. 

Need some mountain inspiration?  Our new photo galleries showcase the best of the PNT. With photos from Montana, Idaho and Washington, the new photo albums will get you dreaming about the 2016 season.  Visit our Photo Galleries to see more of the PNT. 

Got photos or stories to share?  Contact Samantha at