Dear Friends;
At the Liberty Prairie Foundation, we believe that how food is raised has a whole lot to do with whether our communities are healthy, vibrant places where people and nature can thrive. So we can think of no better place for young adults to discover their place in the world than to spend a season on a sustainable farm.
I believe you, too, care about local youth and the future of food. So I want to invite you to participate in our first-ever public appeal to raise funds for our summer youth training and employment program - Prairie Farm Corps.
Since 2009, Eric Carlberg and his dedicated staff have given over 100 diverse area high school students transformative experiences here at the Prairie Crossing Farm in Grayslake. The students have grown certified organic produce and learned to cooked farm fresh lunches with that produce. They've sold their vegetables at farmers markets and shared the food with those in need at public health clinics and community agencies.  Along the way, they've developed skills critical to professional success like effective communication and collaborative problem solving. 
Some students come to us having never held a shovel.
But after a summer in our fields and gardens, our students leave knowing that they can transform a couple of seeds and good soil into the most delicious cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes they've ever tasted.
Some come to us not knowing how to use a can opener. 
But after a summer in our kitchen, our students leave knowing that with a recipe, a cutting board, a knife, a pot, and a stove, they can transform fresh produce and a few affordable ingredients into a feast for their friends, their family and their community.
They've come to know these things because they've done it themselves all summer long.
Fostering such transformations is a big undertaking. That's why we invite you to make a donation today through this link as part of our year-end campaign to raise $30,000 for 15 Prairie Farm Corps fellowships for 2017.
Each fellowship provides one area high school student:
  • 8 weeks of summer employment during which students earn $1600
  • 10 after school "Spring Training" sessions
  • 2 weeks of skills-based kitchen instruction 
  • 24 education sessions related to gardening, food policy & interpersonal skills
  • 8 weekly performance reviews
  • One personal garden plot with seeds, seedlings, and soil amendments
  • 5 field trips to area farms, restaurants, and produce distribution programs 
  • Program supplies, including our educational binder and organic cotton t-shirt
By supporting Prairie Farm Corps , you will make possible transformative experiences for young women and men from Round Lake, Waukegan, Grayslake, and other communities. Their parents and our staff see the changes unfold in the students each summer. And the impact continues in the students' lives. Many of our alumni have gone on to work for or even run other farms. Some are even studying sustainable agriculture and public health in college.
I hope you will help make the Prairie Farm Corps experience possible for 15 area students in 2017. Please join me in making a tax-deductible donation towards their fellowships.  We're happy to say we've already received over $9,000 in gifts thanks to the generosity of people in the area.
Thank you,
Brad Leibov
President & CEO

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Thank you,
Brad Leibov
President & CEO
Stories from the Field

From a student
"We will never outgrow this good farming and good food movement.  Because if there's one thing working on the Prairie Farm Corps has taught me, it's that we are the movement.  We are the change that is bringing fresh, local, healthy eating, and environmentally just farming to America."   Read more.

From a parent
"Our daughter was fortunate to be in the Prairie Farm Corps program this summer.  We were absolutely impressed by how she learned to respect a process, work hard, be patient and enjoy the fruits of her labor."  Read more.

Karina's story
"I don't think I'll get the job," Karina told her high school counselor immediately after her interview with me for a Prairie Farm Corps crew position.  "He probably doesn't think I can work hard.  I don't look like an outdoor person."  Read more.
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