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Michal Chelbin
Text by A.M. Homes
Sailboats and Swans by Michal Chelbin

12 x 13 inches, casebound

62 four-color plates
120 pages, $65
ISBN  978-1-936611-03-4
Limited edition of 30 with a choice of two prints signed and numbered in a clamshell box.

Sailboas and Swans Limited Edition
Michal Chelbin's latest body of work, made in prisons in the Ukraine and Russia, explores what it means to be locked and constantly watched.

"The images are about a kind of discomfort-theirs, hers, mine and ours. It is like an old fashioned staring contest-one guy looks at the other and the first one who blinks is the loser, except Michal Chelbin never blinks. Instead she captures with the click of a shutter. Chelbin is always looking, drawing what is hidden to the surface. She captures-we shudder."
- A.M. Homes
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