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Medical Fact
 "I didn't know that!

In 1960, the FDA approves the world's first commercially produced birth-control bill-Enovid-10, made by the G.D. Searle Company of Chicago, Illinois.

Development of "the pill," was initially commissioned by birth-control pioneer Margaret Sanger and funded by heiress Katherine McCormick. Sanger, who opened the first birth-control clinic in the United States in 1916. 
In the early 1950s, Gregory Pincus, a biochemist at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, and John Rock, a gynecologist at Harvard Medical School, began work on a birth-control pill. Clinical tests of the pill, which used synthetic progesterone and estrogen to repress ovulation in women, were initiated in 1954.

Source: History.
February is American Heart Month, a federally designated event, and a great time to be reminded of heart health and to get your families, friends and communities involved. Valentine's Day is a symbolic way to represent the love in the air.

Our new,  on-site 3D Mammography Center  will officially open, allowing you to have both your mammogram and annual exam at the same visit.

This month, we share the incredible mission journey Dr. Romero took to the Philippines. We also provide information on a new law that protects breastfeeding moms. In addition, we highlight a new study in JAMA about the health benefits of birth control. In our Healthy Living section, we reveal the power of the grapefruit. Finally, we need you! Please join our crusade. And,  you'll find a new interesting "Medical Fact". 

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The Rubino OB/GYN Group
Dr. Romero - On A Mission mission
Dr. Romero had the privilege of traveling to Iloilo, Philippines in January to participate on a mission trip - something she has always wanted to do and finally came to fruition. 

After 27 hours of travel, 3 flights and 2 lay-overs (Hong Kong and Manila) the mission team arrived in Iloilo. They took 40 boxes of supplies, filled with medical necessities, soccer gear, clothes, toys and stuffed animals to help make the mission week a success.

"As a gynecologist, I had the opportunity to perform gynecologic surgeries on patients who might not have otherwise had the resources necessary for these surgeries to occur.  I saw women without adequate health care and hospitals without so many of the resources I routinely take for granted here in the United States.  Despite their sitution, every patient was vocally thankful for all we could do for them. I never heard any complaints and we were offered genuine smiles and hugs daily.," shares Dr. Romero.

Dr. Romero said the week was busy beyond belief but a truly amazing opportunity that she will never forget.

We applaud Dr. Romero for her incredible efforts and we are so happy she was able to have a significant impact on others that are less fortunate.

On-Site 3D Mammograms Onsite
Our  on-site,  state-of-the-art, advanced 3D Mammography Center
is set to open this month. We are the only OB/GYN practice in the state of NJ  to offer this service.

Patients will be able to have a mammogram the same day as their annual check-up. All mammograms will be read by leading radiologists who are experts in breast imaging interpretation. 

Please visit our new Mammography Center page on our website for more details. 

·        Scheduling for mammogram appointments are available now. 
Call today to schedule an appointment: 973-736-1100.
Protection For Breastfeeding Moms breastfeeding
Governor Christie signed into law on January 8, 2018, a bill amending New Jersey's Law Against Discrimination, N.J.S.A. 10:5-12 (NJLAD), which adds "breastfeeding" as a protected category from harassment, discrimination and retaliation.  

This means that employers may not refuse to hire or employ or to discharge a breastfeeding mother or to discriminate against such individual in "compensation or in terms, conditions or privileges of employment."

Notably, the NJLAD was also amended to require employers to make reasonable accommodations for breastfeeding mothers by providing both break time during the day and a suitable private location in order to express milk.  The private location cannot be a bathroom stall and must be reasonably close to the work area.  Employers would need to comply with this new law unless they could show undue hardship on business operations.  Determining undue hardship includes consideration of the following factors:
  • the overall size of the employer's business with respect to the number of employees, number and type of facilities, and size of budget
  • the type of the employer's operations, including the composition and structure of the employer's workforce; the nature and cost of the accommodation needed, taking into consideration the availability of tax credits, tax deductions, and outside funding
  • the extent to which the accommodation would involve waiver of an essential requirement of a job as opposed to a tangential or non-business necessity requirement.
Many large employers are already required to provide these accommodations under the Affordable Care Act (ACA); however, this amendment means that all employers in New Jersey, regardless of size, will be required to provide accommodation to breastfeeding mothers returning to the workplace following the birth of a child.

Source: Emily J. Bordens, Esq., Emily J. Bordens Counsel, BRESSLER, AMERY & ROSS, P.C>; P: |
Can The Pill Help Prevent Cancer?pill
A recent article in TIME Health cites a new study published in JAMA Oncology in which researchers found that women taking the pill lowered their risks of ovarian and endometrial cancer - a known benefit of the pill. The researchers also analyzed other factors that might affect the risk, including obesity, smoking status and physical activity levels.

The article states:

In addition to finding that the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancers were lower among women who used the pill, the study found that the longer women were on oral contraceptives, the lower their risk. 

For those taking the pill for 10 years or more, the risk of ovarian cancer was 40% lower compared to women who had never used the pill or used them for less than a year, and 34% lower for endometrial cancer.

That confirms what earlier studies found, but the current study also delved deeper into how oral contraceptives and cancer risk differed among women with different risk factors for cancer. 

When the scientists looked at lifestyle factors that might affect the cancer risk among pill users, for example, they found that women who used the pill and were obese, smoked or did not exercise had among the lowest ovarian cancer rates. It's not clear why, but the researchers speculate that in the case of smokers, there may be some interaction among the hormones associated with oral contraceptives and tobacco.
"We found long-term oral contraceptive use reduced ovarian cancer risk universally - it didn't matter how healthy you were later in life or if you had a family history of the disease; all women experienced the benefit," said Britton Trabert, the study's senior author and epidemiologist from the division of cancer epidemiology and genetics at the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

For endometrial cancer, women who were obese and used the pill for 10 years or more lowered their risk of developing the cancer, while women who were normal weight and used oral contraceptives did not.

The study's findings about breast cancer were less conclusive and found no significant change in breast cancer risk among oral contraceptive users compared to non-users, but the researchers say that may be due to the fact that most of the women in their study were older and past menopause, meaning they had likely stopped using birth control for many years.

T hough the results don't establish the pill as an anti-cancer therapy quite yet, the authors say, they are intriguing enough for women to start discussing with their doctors their personal risk factors for cancer and how going on the pill could potentially affect that risk. 

Read the full article.
Healthy Living: National Grapefruit MonthHL
Grapefruit is a citrus fruit that is rich in nutrients and antioxidants and has many scientific based health benefits. It is loaded with vitamin C & A, and also includes potassium, thiamine, folate, magnesium, fiber and even some protein. 

Benefits include:
  • Low in calories, it's loaded with water and has more than 15 beneficial vitamins and minerals.
  • Vitamin C helps fight and prevent the common cold and help reduce fever.
  • The vitamins and minerals in grapefruit can boost the immune system and form a protective skin barrier to fight infection.
  • It contains fiber, which can promote fullness and control appetite.
  • Grapefruit can prevent insulin resistance and lower your risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Helps protect the heart by regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Bioflavonoids and other plant chemicals that protect against serious diseases like cancerheart disease, and the formation of tumors. 
  • Citric acid in grapefruit can help reduce the formation of calcium kidney stones.
  • Improves your energy level and metabolism .
  • Treats indigestion by reducing acid in the stomach, improving the flow of digestive juices and help facilitate bowel movements.
  • Tryptophan which can help promote sleep.
  • Helps with urinary issues.
Grapefruits are a healthy, easy to incorporate, fruit that has wonderful health benefits.

Source: Healthline; Organic Facts
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