Center for Student Professional Development
Spring 2018 Graduate Workshop Schedule
Professional and career development support designed to help
COB Graduate Students advance their careers.
Networking Boot Camp
Networking is critical for all stages of your career. Get information on crafting your elevator speech, updating your LinkedIn page, creating your personal brand, and building your digital portfolio so you are ready to network. 2.5 hours
Your Perfect Elevator Speech
Your elevator speech – a brief summary of your strengths, your purpose and your goals – is the basis for not only networking, but your LinkedIn summary, your resume and cover letter, even how you negotiate a job offer. Learn how to craft an elevator speech that shares critical information in a clear and memorable way. 1 hour
Get LinkedIn
Whether you just want to expand your professional network or you are looking for a new career, LinkedIn is an essential part of networking. Get valuable tips on building and optimizing your LinkedIn profile. 1 hour 
Resume & Job Search Boot Camp
A strong resume and a targeted search are critical when you are looking for a job. Get valuable information on perfecting and customizing your resume and the latest resources, techniques and tips for a successful job search. 2.5 hours
Your Winning Resume
Learn about VMock, our exclusive new resume feedback system, and craft a resume that will help you win over both human reviewers and online filters. Learn how to tailor your resume and cover letter to a job description, increasing your chances of getting an interview and a job. 1 hour
In-Depth Interviewing
Be ready to handle all types of interview questions and situations. Get strategies for answering behavioral and curve-ball questions and tips for quick rapport building to help you make a connection with the interviewer. 1 hour 
Interview & Negotiation Boot Camp
Preparation is key to a successful interview. You’ll get comprehensive info you need on preparing for all types of interviews, including presentations and group interviews, and how to negotiate the whole package when the offer comes in. 2.5 hours
Negotiating a Job Offer
Are you ready when the job offer comes in? This session will help you prepare with research, tools, and a step-by-step framework for negotiating. 1 hour
For more information, please contact:
Jenna Wallace, Assistant Director
or the CSPD
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