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November 7,  2016                                                   Remember to vote tomorrow!
GW-MacArthur Congressional Nuclear Security Fellowship
Deadline approaching! November 18, 2016 

The Nuclear Security Working Group at the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs is seeking applications for a new, full time, paid fellowship program in the US House of Representatives, sponsored by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.
Fellows will spend one year working on nuclear security policy issues in the office of a member of Congress. Fellows will also organize briefings and events on nuclear security issues and work to develop relationships with the broader professional and policy community in and out of government.

Stanton Nuclear Security Fellowship
Application deadline: December 15, 2016

The Stanton Nuclear Security Fellowship Program, made possible by a generous grant from the Stanton Foundation, offers younger scholars studying nuclear security issues the opportunity to spend a period of twelve months at the Council on Foreign Relations' offices in New York or Washington, DC, conducting policy-relevant research.

Department of Energy Scholar's Program
Application deadline: December 15, 2016

The DOE Scholars Program offers unique opportunities that introduce students or post-graduates to the agency's mission and operations. Participants in the DOE Scholars Program gain a competitive edge as they apply their education, talent and skills in a variety of scientific research settings within the DOE complex. Opportunities available for undergraduates and graduate students. Must be a US citizen.

The Nuclear Ban and Our Wobbly Nuclear Order
Arms Control Wonk
October 30, 2016 

Michael Krepon on the UN vote to pursue a nuclear ban treaty.

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A Nuclear Arsenal Upgrade
The New York Times
October 26, 2016 

What should an appropriate modernization of the US nuclear arsenal include or exclude? How can the United States safely stick to its goals of deterring nuclear war? A debate between five experts in the New York Times.

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In the Nuclear Order, What Role for China? 
Hua Han, Gregroy Kulacki, Rajesh Rajagopalan, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
October 25, 2016  

A new Development and Disarmament Roundtable addresses China's role in the nuclear arena, asking questions such as, "How should Beijing address disarmament and nonproliferation as its power and confidence increase?"
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North Korean and Chinese Nuclear Weapons Development:
Two Peas in a Pod? 
Charles Lee, 38 North
November 1, 2016

North Korea's rapid nuclear and missile development has intensified the debate over the efficacy of US and South Korean policies toward Pyongyang. Comparing North Korea's weapons development to China's can contextualize these discussions.

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October 31, 2016 

Pakistan continues to expand its nuclear arsenal with more warheads, more delivery systems, and a growing fissile materials production industry. 
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India-Pakistan Conflict News: Hundreds of Nuclear Weapons Could Be Produced by India, Claims New Study
October 26, 2016 

A new study by the Pakistan think-tank the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad claims India has the capacity to produce between 356 and 492 nuclear bombs.
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