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October 13, 2017
Associated Press/CBS | October 13, 2017

South Korea said it detected another earthquake near  North Korea 's main nuclear test site, the fourth since the country's  sixth and nuclear test explosion  in September. Some experts suggested the area is now too unstable to conduct more bomb tests.

 Abraham Denmark | Wilson Center | October 11, 2017

To avoid a conflict that would threaten the lives of millions, the United States has an opportunity to refocus its diplomatic strategy and find a way to peacefully end the crisis before North Korea is able to present a nuclear "fait accompli." 

Hacking North Korea Is Easy. Its Nukes? Not So Much.
 Andy Greenberg | Wired | October 10, 2017

Getting anywhere close to disrupting or even delaying North Korea's nuclear capabilities through cyberattacks will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, according to security experts.

 Kim Jae-kyoung  Korea Times  | September 29, 2017

The US-North Korea chicken game is increasing the chances of miscalculation that could lead to a military conflict, and m any analysts think that now is the time to stop trading barbs and seek ways to start talks for a peaceful resolution.
Anthony H. Cordesman  |  CSIS  |  October 13, 2017

Analysis of today's White House announcement and President Trump's speech on a new Iran strategy. 

Scott Neuman |  NPR |  October 13, 2017

President Trump on Friday is expected to announce a tough new approach to Iran that could result in eventually unraveling the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Navid Hassibi  |  Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists  |  October 12, 2017

If Trump refuses to recertify the deal, could it carry on without the United States? 
Terry Sforza  | Orange Country Register  | September 27, 2017

Electricity ratepayers have poured some $46 billion over the years into a fund to pay for nuclear waste disposal and gotten nothing in return.

Gary Martin Las Vegas Review Journal | September 26, 2017

Energy industry officials and lawmakers vented their frustration over the federal government's failure to open Yucca Mountain as a permanent storage site for the nation's high-level nuclear waste.

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