Are you ready for 2018?

A new year can bring new beginnings. We use this time to reset, to figure out what we want for the upcoming 365 days, and put our faith and hope into what we intend is a bright future.

There is no doubt, 2017 was a crazy year. I've heard more than a few times, "I can't wait for 2017 to be over!" I remember that feeling ten years ago, the year J.T. left. I could not wait for 2007 to be done. I used the new year to give myself permission to make changes in my life I might not have felt strong enough to make in 2007.

I am so happy I did! I was determined to find my son again, and here I am, ten years later, working with my son and others' angels, guides and loved ones, bringing healing to those who come into my space.

No matter what happened in 2017, know there is a new beginning waiting for you, too. Open your mind and heart to the possibility that 2018 can be a very special year for you! Putting the past behind you and looking ahead to the future, you can say, "I deserve more! I bring more goodness, abundance, light, love and happiness into my life. And I believe in me!"

Please read on for ways to make your 2018 a successful, fabulous year!

Numbers Don't Lie

My father was very much into metaphysics when I was growing up. Back then, they called it the Occult. Funny now how that word has taken on a completely different connotation. Some of the gifts he would give me were Linda Goodman's astrology charts for the new year, fun candles, and, one of my favorites, a numerology kit.

I must have been nine or ten when he got me the kit pictured here. The copyright is 1973! I guess even at that age, I wanted to believe there was more to life than random happenstance. I wanted to believe there was order in the chaos.

I immediately set out to find my numbers. Of course, being that young, I would read the meanings of the numbers but didn't understand how they applied to me. No, that would come much later.

Numbers are still a huge part of my life, which brings me to the numerology of 2018. While 2017 was about new beginnings and, for some, the beginnings of what appeared to be insanity, 2018 is about inspiration, intuition and connecting to the Divine.

The way we calculate the numbers is adding up the digits in the year. 2+0+1+8=11. Ordinarily, we would continue adding the digits until we arrive at a one digit answer, but in the case of 11, which is considered a Master number, we leave it as is. Technically, 2018 is also a "2" year, which is about unions and partnerships, but I want to focus on what it means to be in an "11" year.

We are universally affected by this 11 year. There is so much more in numerology than just what year it is (I know some great numerologists if you want to pursue this further!), but for me, being in a Master year means I have no limits! I can create what I need in my life, bringing Divine wisdom and Universal Love into all areas of my  life. More than this, when we connect with that Divine Wisdom and Universal Love, the possibilities are endless! There are no restrictions in the Divine. All things are possible.

Now for the fun part: Learning how to bring all of this into your reality!

First and foremost, believe you have that Divine connection, even if it's a little bit rusty. We are all Divine sparks. We are all connected to the Universe and everything in it. I have a new session I am offering for the new year called, "Divine Connection Session." It is one way to oil up those rusty wheels and reconnect with the Divine. These sessions can be done in person or by phone, so it doesn't matter where you live! You can read more about this new session at this link. (Scroll down for special savings for this session, too!)

I also have a few spots left in the 2018 New Year Intention Setting Workshop on Sunday, January 14th. During this workshop, we focus on bringing our intentions into alignment with our purpose. We connect with our Purpose Guides and, again, oil up that rusty connection between us and the Universe. Here's the link if you are interested!

Another way to connect with the Divine Wisdom and Universal Love is through our own healing abilities. I am offering a Reiki I class on Sunday, January 21st. Reiki is bringing that Universal Life Force Energy through us to heal ourselves and others. A Reiki attunement (which is waking up the Reiki energy inside of you) raises your vibration permanently, allowing clearer connection with the Divine. At the end of this class, you will be a Reiki Practitioner, able to do healing on yourself and others. It is a great way to bring in that Universal Love and Divine Wisdom! Here's the link if this is calling to you!

As you can see, there is no one way to do this, and no "right" or "wrong" way either. Use your Divine connection to figure out what will work for you!

2018, a Master 11 Year, is screaming, "I am Love, I am the Divine, I am here for you!" I hope you will use this incredible opportunity to move closer to who you truly are, a beautiful spirit having one hell of an adventure!

If I can help in any way, please don't hesitate to ask! Special thanks to my dad for opening me to these kooky ideas at such a young age. Today, January 1, is his angelversary. He left on 1/1/1995. He certainly had his new beginning! Thanks, Dad! I love you!

Wishing you good times, good cheer,
and a Master 11 new year!

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