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September 5, 2017
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SB 138 (McGuire) Moves to Assembly Floor!

Thanks to your support, we are just a few steps away from hunger free schools in California! SB 138 (McGuire) passed out of Assembly Appropriations Committee with a unanimous, bipartisan 7-0 vote today! SB 138 would more effectively identify low-income students and increase access to school meals.

We are grateful for Senator McGuire's leadership on SB 138, and thankful that the Assembly Appropriations Committee recognized SB 138's ability to fight the devastating effects of child hunger while increasing the fiscal viability of school nutrition programs.

Perhaps most of all, we are thankful for all of  YOU and the tireless advocacy we have seen across the state to ensure that our children have the nutrition they need to thrive. SB 138 needs your continued support as it moves to the Assembly Floor, and hopefully on to the Governor's desk!


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Read the Sacramento Bee op-ed:  Kids can't learn if they're hungry. Here's a bill that will help.  link

To learn more, visit CFPA's SB 138 page.

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Contact: Elyse Homel Vitale at 510.433.122 ext 206
AB 164 Held in Senate Appropriations:
What's Next for California Food Assistance?

9.1.2017   Today, AB 164 (Arambula)- California Food Assistance, was held in the Senate Appropriations Committee. A great thank you to all of you who supported the bill and brought it this far. 

While AB 164 will not advance further in the legislature this year, CFPA has set the stage for advocacy in the coming year to achieve  the goals of this effort.

CFPA remains committed to creating more effective systems that fight hunger, promote health and mitigate poverty in California. We can build upon the successful initiative in the 2018 State Budget that will provide much-
needed California food assistance to households without safe water.  link

We will continue to hold State leaders accountable for this much-needed effort to provide CalFresh food assistance when federal assistance is unavailable or inadequate. Please stay tuned for more news and next steps.

To learn more, visit   CFPA's AB 164 page.

Contact:  Tracey Patterson at 510.433.122 ext 101
Join CFPA in Support of Key Legislation 

SB 54:  The California Values Act  
In order to reduce hunger and break the cycle of poor health and poverty, we must work hard to maintain a level of trust in the institutions that serve all Californians, particularly schools and health care facilities.

CFPA supports SB 54 because it will protect the safety and health of all Californians.  Schools and health facilities must be accessible to all, and our local resources should not be used to fuel deportations.
California must stand up to protect inclusion and equality. Fear will not stand between our residents and our commitment to education, health, and access to justice for all.   If we are to build a safe, healthy, and more just California, we must do so for all of our residents- regardless of immigration status. 

Voice your support in solidarity with California immigrants:

California Immigrant Policy Center's Social Media campaign  link

ACLU of California's SB 54 Advocacy page link

SB 623:  The Safe Drinking Water Fund 
More than one million Californians are exposed to unsafe drinking water in their homes, schools, and communities each year. For our health and safety, California needs a safe and affordable drinking water fund.

SB 623 would provide more than $100 million of funding each year to ensure all Californians have access to safe and affordable drinking water. SB 623 was released from the Assembly Appropriations Suspense file and moved to Assembly Rules.  To advance, your Assemblymember needs to hear from you!

We are appreciative of the Speaker and the Appropriations Chair for recognizing the importance of SB 623 and for the opportunity to continue to work together on this critical effort -- safe drinking water for all. 

Voice your support for safe drinking water for all:

Take Action to Support SB 623 in the Assembly link

Contact:   Tracey Patterson  at 510.433.122 ext 101
CFPA in the News...

CFPA's work to improve school meal access for low-income Californians was recently highlighted by California Schools magazine.

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