Nutrition Action Alert 
February 27, 2017
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CFPA's sponsored bills will be heard in their first policy committee hearings in March. Your support is needed to move these important policies through the legislature. Please send a letter of support for AB 164 and SB 138. Letters are due March 1st.
AB 164 (Arambula) - California Leads to Meet Food Needs

AB 164 (Arambula)  will create flexibility for California Food Assistance to be provided through the CalFresh EBT system. Now is the time for California to be proactive.  AB 164 would enable the State to respond to emergencies with food aid; to provide supplemental benefits that address health disparities; or to react to harmful changes in federal SNAP eligibility.
How you can help: 
Please use this sample letter or write your own letter in support of AB 164 and improving California's ability to effectively respond to food insecurity and hunger.  doc

AB 164 will be heard in the Assembly Human Services on March 7th.

To learn more, visit  CFPA's AB 164 page.

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Contact:  Tracey Patterson at  510.433.1122 ext. 101
SB 138 (McGuire) - Count Me In For School Meals

SB 138 (McGuire)  will expand Medi-Cal direct certification for school meals statewide, and ensure that children in very-high poverty schools have optimal access to school meals. SB 138 would improve school districts' ability to identify low-income students, reduce child hunger, and support student success with nutritious school meals.

How you can help: 
Please use this sample letter or write your own letter in support of SB 138 to improve California's ability to enroll low-income children into school meal programs and increase access to school nutrition.  doc

SB 138 will be heard in Senate Education on March 15th.

To learn more, visit  CFPA's SB 138 page.

Learn more about Medi-Cal Direct Certification and Universal Meal Provisions.  link

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